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News Archive for October 2015

31st October 2015Soundiron releases Sick 6: Cinematic Horror Stinger and FX Library for Kontakt

31st October 2015Jagernot releases DIN Is Noise 22 for Windows and Mac OS X

31st October 2015Sound.Artenuovo Offer: Up to 30% off Halloween Sale for all sound sets

31st October 2015Rast Sound expands "Ethno Bundle" with Ethnogroove and introductory price

31st October 2015Nova Sound releases All Hallows' Eve For Music Production & 2 Halloween Themed Sound Libraries

31st October 2015EKO1 Creative Innovation releases "Bounce Ohio" in Maschine and WAV formats

30th October 2015MusiKernel Team releases MusiKernel 15.11.0 for Linux and Windows

30th October 2015Minimal System Group offer 75% off all VST Plugins over the Halloween Weekend

30th October 2015GrooveBits Halloween Sale - Up to 70% Off

30th October 2015Future Loops Halloween Sale - Up To 50% Off

30th October 2015YummyBeats releases YummyBeats Collection 3

30th October 2015Plugin Boutique Exclusive Sale: 40% off Air Music Expansion pack

30th October 2015Plughugger offers Pop! for Strobe 2 - 35% off until end of November

30th October 2015Ueberschall releases Guitar Ballads II (Elastik Soundbank)

30th October 2015Time+Space offers new Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Collection

30th October 2015ModeAudio Launches 'Deals' Section

30th October 2015ModeAudio releases 'Elements - Field Recordings'

30th October 2015The Unfinished releases Omnisphere Colossus

30th October 2015D16 Group updates Antresol to v1.0.1

30th October 2015SPC Plugins updates Gater-Pro to version 4.0

29th October 2015VirHarmonics 25% off Halloween Sale is now on

29th October 2015Plugin Alliance Halloween Sale - Save 80% on Mystery Plugin

29th October 2015Tritik updates tkDelay to v1.3.0

29th October 2015Audiomodern releases Sync 3 - Intelligent Polyrhythms for Kontakt

29th October 2015November Guitar Month at Dream Audio Tools: all Guitar Libraries 35% Off

29th October 2015Noise Makers updates PANO to V1.6

28th October 201530% off Sale at Aiyn Zahev Sounds

28th October 2015Zenhiser releases "Antiutopia SFX" Sample Pack

28th October 2015Xenos Soundworks releases "Minimalist Textures" for NI Massive

28th October 2015FrozenPlain releases "The Chordophones" - Plucked and Hammered Strings for Kontakt

28th October 2015MOTU adds iPad Support to Microbook IIc

28th October 2015Shpitz Audio Releases 75 Free Presets for Dune BE

28th October 2015Plogue updates sforzando to v1.844 - Now includes TableWarp2 Digital Synth as 15th Anniversary Gift

28th October 2015unEarthed Samples Halloween Flash Sale: 50% off select creepy Kontakt libraries for 1 week only

28th October 2015Sample Magic release 'Deep & Dark Patches 2', 'Ableton Synth Instruments' and 'Future Trap and Footwork'

28th October 2015Sonoris releases Sonoris Multiband Compressor

28th October 2015Resonance Sound Halloween Sale - 30% Off

28th October 2015HoRNet updates HDD1 to v1.0.2

28th October 2015Photosounder updates SplineEQ to v1.2 for Mac & Win

28th October 2015UVI announces Falcon - Hybrid Instrument with Introductory Price

28th October 2015VSP releases Blue Diamond for Omnisphere 2

28th October 2015True Trance Recordings offers 30% off True Trance Sounds vol.2 for u-he Hive for two weeks

28th October 2015ZenSound releasess "Avant Koncept" - From edgy and sinister to relaxing and ethereal Soundset for Chromaphone

27th October 2015Tru-Urban releases Urban-Pro Guitar 2.0 for Kontakt

27th October 2015Strezov Sampling announces Rhodope: Ethnic Bulgarian Choir Legatos & FX Expansion

27th October 2015IK Multimedia releases iRig Pro Duo

27th October 2015Time+Space offers Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Collection

27th October 2015AudioThing Halloween Sale: 15% Off Plugins and Sample Libraries

27th October 2015Biome Digital Halloween Sale - Get Up To 75% Off

27th October 2015apulSoft updates apTrigga3 to v3.1.1

26th October 2015One Week Only: Get Psychic Modulation Cerebrum Drum Machine for $15

26th October 2015Muletone Audio releases "Brazilian Series: Cuíca and Tamborim" for Kontakt 5.5

26th October 2015Particular-Sound releases free version of Aphelion v1.5 cinematic tool kit for Kontakt

26th October 2015Dance MIDI Samples release "DMS Anthemic Trance Pads Vol 7"

26th October 2015Wagsrfm releases sound library for Waldorf Nave

26th October 2015Vintage Synth Pads offers Blue Diamond Omnisphere 2 Expansion and Presets for $22

26th October 2015MusicLab Halloween Promotion - 30% Off All Products

26th October 2015Native Instruments Daniel Haver and Mate Galic Interview

26th October 2015MeldaProduction offers 50% off MMultiAnalyzer, MDrummer Large, MMultiBandDynamics, MMultiBandFreqShifter, MMultiBandDistortion

26th October 2015Zynaptiq Releases UNMIX::DRUMS – Boost Or Attenuate Drums In Mixed Music

26th October 2015discoDSP Halloween Week Sale 30% off selected plugins and sound banks

26th October 2015Frank Rittberger releases freeware variant of Smidy MIDI sequencer

26th October 2015Sound Factory release "Oli Furness - A Machine Soul" Sample Pack

26th October 2015Heavyocity releases "Master Sessions: Ensemble Metals" for Kontakt 5.5 with Intro Offer

25th October 2015Amazing Machines releases AM102 Programmable Wavetable Oscillator for Reaktor Blocks

25th October 2015Realitone Halloween Sale: Realivox Ladies Lite for $129 and more

25th October 2015CL-Projects Halloween Sale: 25% Off On Everything

25th October 2015Black Octopus releases Behemoth - "Ultimate Drums & FX" - 4000 Drum & FX Samples

24th October 2015Hidenori Matsuoka updates Piano Kit to v3.0 and Guitar Kit to v6.1 for iOS

24th October 2015Noise Makers updates Binauralizer to v1.1

24th October 2015Sample Diggers releases Label Sampler 2015 - 600MB+ of free loops and one-shots

24th October 2015Jeremiah Pena updates Photosynthesis Vol 1 - Sphere and Vol 2 - Mystic to v1.4 for Kontakt

24th October 2015Audentity releases "Deep House Las Vegas" Sample Pack

24th October 2015Collected Transients releases free version of MaK - Mouse and Keyboard Foley Kontakt Instrument

24th October 2015Dotec-Audio updates "DeeComp" to v1.1.4 and "DeePanpot" to v1.0.4

24th October 2015Karoryfer releases free Scarypiano horror piano library for Plogue Sforzando

23rd October 2015WNP sounds offers Producer Pack Vol 4 for $24.99

23rd October 2015MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v6.02

23rd October 2015OverTone DSP Updates 500-series plug-ins - adds AAX support

23rd October 2015Apple updates MainStage to v3.2.2

23rd October 2015Synthblitz Audio updates VA RAXS Mastering Rack Multi-FX VST Plugin for Windows to v1.6

23rd October 2015Plugin Boutique Sale: 40% off "Sasha Soundlab" Kontakt Instrument by AudioRaiders

23rd October 2015Sonic Visualiser for Mac, Win & Lin updated to v2.5

23rd October 2015Time +Space Offer: 25% off Positive Grid Bias Amp Desktop & Bias Amp Pro until 5th November

23rd October 2015Kuassa updates Amplifikation Creme (v1.3.2) and Amplifikation Vermilion (v1.1.1)

23rd October 2015Soundethers updates Space Evolutions for Kontakt to v1.1

22nd October 2015Sound Magic releases iDynamic Intelligent Microphone and Supreme Piano 3 CME Edition

22nd October 2015Raw Loops releases "NI Massive Deep Tech Synths", "G House" and "Expressive Synths"

22nd October 2015D16 Group releases Devastor 2 (Mac & Win, VST & AU) introducing AAX and RE formats

22nd October 2015Bitwig Studio updated to v1.3

22nd October 2015Digital Brain Instruments offers 30% off on all products: Voxpat, Multiplex Vocoder & Talkie Box

22nd October 2015PechenegFX releases AutoSwell Pro for Windows VST

22nd October 2015Function Loops releases "Masters of Moombahton" and "VIP Trap" sample packs

22nd October 2015Tritik updates Moodal to v1.0.2

22nd October 2015Air releases free updates for all instruments

21st October 2015VB-Audio updates VB-Cable Virtual Audio Cable for Windows

21st October 2015VSTBuzz: 75% off "London Symphonic Strings" by Aria Sounds

21st October 2015Diginoiz releases Trap Roses construction kits

21st October 2015Monocasual Laboratories release Giada Loop Machine 0.10.2 for Linux, Windows and OS X

21st October 2015Alan ViSTa releases Clog Boxes - Free Woodblocks Plugin for Mac and Windows (VST & AU)

21st October 2015Sound Radix releases Muteomatic - Free Auto-Cue Plug-in

21st October 2015ModeAudio releases 'Raw Material - Found Percussion Samples'

21st October 2015MeldaProduction updates all effects and MPowerSynth to v9.12

21st October 2015Sonic Faction releases Archetype Kontakt Bundle

21st October 2015Orange Free Sounds releases "Halloween Creepy Sounds"

21st October 2015Zenhiser releases "Vital: Techno Hi Hats" Sample Pack

21st October 2015True Trance Recordings releases Cosmic Plucks vol. 1 for u-he Hive

21st October 2015Frederikson labs updates vosyr Free volca Sample Manager to v2.1

20th October 2015Devil Soundz releases Devil Bazz Pro and updates Devil to v1.2

20th October 2015Toontrack releases Two Sound Libraries for EZKeys

20th October 2015Eventide releases Anthology X for AAX, AU and VST - 40 Years of classic gear

20th October 2015Oxe FM Synth updated to v1.3.3

20th October 2015Igor Vasiliev releases FieldScaper - Sound warp field recorder and scape constructor for iOS

20th October 2015Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.2.3

20th October 2015HoRNet updates Chorus60 to v1.1.0 - Adds AAX support on Windows

20th October 2015Matthieu Brucher releases first stable release of Audio Toolkit 1.0.0

20th October 2015HOFA releases IQ-Analyser V2 Standalone on the Mac App Store

19th October 2015Human Touch Technology releases "Sika Oriental Scale" - Free library for Kontakt

19th October 2015Sample Tools By Cr2 Release Bass Music Megapack

19th October 2015Tritik Moodal Introductory price: 50% off regular price

19th October 2015Kuassa Updates Cerberus Bass Amp to v1.0.5

19th October 2015ProducerLoops releases 'Liquid Drum & Bass: The WAV Sessions Bundle (Vols 1-3)', 'Essential Tropical House: Vocal Edition' & 'Instrumental Pop Vol 2'

19th October 2015zplane updates Elastique Pitch to v2.0.4

19th October 2015IK Multimedia releases iRig Keys USB range for Mac and PC

19th October 2015Noisebud updates "Slow" Mastering Compressor for Windows to v1.2

19th October 2015MeldaProduction offers 50% off MCompare, MVocoder, MAutoEqualizer, MMultiBandChorus, MMultiBandDelay

19th October 2015Sample Magic release 'Disco & Funk Keys 2' and 'Synthwave 2'

18th October 2015Dotec-Audio updates "DeePanpot" channel tool / VST plug-in to v1.0.3

17th October 2015Boyss-Sound-{e}-scapes releases "Dark designs: TTF Horror" in Multiple Formats

17th October 2015Boyss-Sound-{e}-scapes MIDI Song Starters (MIDI Construction Kits) 17% Off

17th October 2015Nyrv Systems AGENT $99 for limited time only

17th October 2015Bela D Media offers a "50% savings on all downloads"

16th October 2015ViaDSP releases Crush Filter VST/AU for Mac & Win

16th October 2015MeldaProduction updates Effects and MPowerSynth to 9.11 and releases MTransformer

16th October 2015PatchPool releases "2nd Thoughts" Soundset for Zebra

16th October 2015FXpansion releases BFD Modern Retro by Chocolate Audio

16th October 2015SIR Audio Tools updates StandardCLIP to v1.1

16th October 2015Voxengo updates PHA-979 to v2.5

16th October 2015KVR Audio 8Dio Giveaway Winner Announced

16th October 2015Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio for iPad to v2.4

16th October 2015HoRNet Offer: 40% Discount

16th October 2015Rast Sound offers "All Bundle" with introductory price

16th October 2015UplandToys updates Midular Max for Live MIDI Effects Modules to v1.3

16th October 2015Jesse Jost updates Arpist for iOS to 1.4 - Advanced Features Now Free

16th October 2015Leap Into The Void Absynth sound sets "The Abyss Extended path" 30% off and "Absynth Abyss bundle" 40% off

16th October 2015Plugin Boutique Exclusive Sale: 60% off Air Music Synth Bundle

15th October 2015Audentity releases 'Sylenth Super Bundle' for Sylenth

15th October 2015Save 50% on latest titles Sonivox at Plugin Boutique

15th October 2015Rogue Amoeba updates Audio Hijack, Nicecast & Airfoil

15th October 2015Tritik releases Moodal v1.0 for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

15th October 2015Navi Retlab Studio releases "Impulse Exploration 2" - IR library for Convolution Reverbs

15th October 2015Synthblitz Audio updates DNX03 Multiband Compressor to v2.1 for Windows

15th October 2015Pulsed Records releases 'Complex Progressions' Construction Kits

15th October 2015Bob Perry Audio updates free "Gate" VST3 Plugin to v1.1.2

15th October 2015Muse Research announces the "SSD for free" Promotion

15th October 2015dezzer music releases "Level One" - Sound Set for Steinberg Prologue

15th October 2015Strezov Sampling releases StormChoir 2 Update

15th October 2015Audified updates the U73b Compressor to v1.1.2

14th October 2015Zenhiser releases "Timeless Chords & Stabs" Sample Pack

14th October 2015MODWHEEL releases "Angklung - The Bamboozler" - Tuned Bamboo Percussion for Kontakt

14th October 2015e-instruments updates Session Keys Grand S & Y to v1.2

14th October 2015KVR Audio Survey Waves Software Winners Announced

14th October 2015Drumdrops releases "Rogers Big R Dub Kit" for BFD with a special offer (free for first 15)

14th October 2015Exponential Audio announces Bricasti M7 Control Plugin

14th October 2015SampleTraxx releases Electronic Drain for Kontakt

14th October 2015Biome Digital Releases Detroit Techno Construction Kits for Live, Reason, Battery and Logic

14th October 2015Toontrack updates EZkeys to v1.2.2

13th October 2015Cinematique Instruments releases Ensemblia flavors: "Metallique" and "Stringed" for Kontakt

13th October 2015123creative.com launches October deals 2015 for producers of House music and all sub-genres

13th October 2015SubBass students return to play Ministry of Sound 6th November

13th October 2015123creative.com releases "Bass music" presets for Serum software synthesizer

13th October 2015SubBass students play Ministry of Sound - 6th November

13th October 2015Expert Sleepers updates Silent Way to v2.5.0

13th October 2015MuTools updates MuLab and MUX Modular to v6.5.36

13th October 2015Bitwig Studio updated to v1.2 (v1.3 release candidate also available)

13th October 2015Xenium Audio lowers XR-1 reverb price

13th October 2015Straight Ahead Samples releases "Straight Ahead! Jazz Horns" for Kontakt

13th October 2015Audiority releases Scattered Grains for Omnisphere 2

13th October 2015UVI updates UVI Workstation to v2.5.16 - now compatible with OS X 10.11

13th October 2015XLN Audio releases Addictive Trigger & DS-10 Drum Shaper

13th October 2015True Trance Recordings offers True Trance Sounds vol. 1 for Xfer Serum - 30% until November 1

13th October 2015Waves Audio Now Offers MultiRack SoundGrid in Surround

13th October 2015Toontrack announces end-of-sale date for EZdrummer 2 Upgrade

13th October 2015HoRNet releases SongKey MKII - Key and realtime chord detector

13th October 2015VSL releases Vienna MIR RoomPack 5 and MIRx The Sage Gateshead

13th October 2015Native Instruments releases free Stem Creator application

13th October 2015Modartt releases Hohner Pianet N for Pianoteq (+updates to v5.4.2)

13th October 2015Focusrite audio interfaces now shipping with Softube's Time and Tone Bundle

13th October 2015iZotope Releases RX Post Production Suite and RX 5 Audio Editor

13th October 2015TwistedWave updated for Mac to v1.14.3 and iOS to v1.20

13th October 2015Tone2 release Electric Soundset for Nemesis

13th October 2015Native Instruments announces major updates to Komplete Kontrol (v1.5)

13th October 2015LSR audio releases VLB902 - De-esser plugin emulating a classic from the '80s

13th October 2015Cockos updates REAPER to v5.04

13th October 2015Sample Magic release 'Deep House Sessions', 'Soulful Vocals' and 'Soma Records Samples'

12th October 2015Softrave Discounts Kalimba VSTi Until December

12th October 2015Soundtoys releases Soundtoys 5

12th October 2015KV331 Audio updates SynthMaster Player for iPad to v1.0.11

12th October 2015Oxe FM Synth updated to v1.3.2 - native Mac OS X version released

12th October 2015Nova Sound unveils "Build Your Own Drum Kit" feature on website

12th October 2015Babylonwaves updates Art Conductor with over 200 New Articulation Presets

12th October 2015Dream Audio Tools releases MBD (Marching Bass Drums) for Kontakt

12th October 2015GBR Loops releases "Reverse Guitar" for Kontakt & WAV

12th October 2015Eplex7 releases Psytrance / Hitech FX & Drum Kit

12th October 2015Ample Sound updates Ample Guitar and Ample Bass to v2.2.0 with Cycle+ Feature

12th October 2015Minimal System Group offers 80% off Tri-Comp Multiband Compressor VST Plugin

12th October 2015Zero-G Autumn Sale - 50% off most sample libraries until Oct 31

12th October 2015Sounds And Effects Halloween Deal on Dark Sounds

12th October 2015MeldaProduction offers 50% off MPowerSynth, MSpectralDynamics, MDrumEnhancer, MMultiBandLimiter, MAutoDynamicEq, MMultiAnalyzer, MAutoAlign, MAutoVolume, MVintageRotary, MMultiBandHarmonizer

12th October 2015brunsandspork's Grooove CM free with Computer Music magazine (Issue 223)

12th October 2015discoDSP releases Bliss Sampler / VSTi Recorder Beta 5 and launches theme contest

11th October 2015ASL Soundlab releases "Surge Vol.2" - Neuro Bass Soundset for Xfer Records Serum

10th October 2015Audiofier updates SEQui2R for Kontakt to v1.2

10th October 2015Resonance Sound Virus TI Sound Sale

9th October 2015Future Loops releases Zardonic - Reinventing The Bass

9th October 2015u-he release updates for many products

9th October 2015ModeAudio Releases 'Smoked Synths - Massive Hip Hop Presets'

9th October 2015Soniccouture releases "Imogen Heap: Box Of Tricks" for Kontakt Player

9th October 2015Noisebud updates Smile De-harsh plugin for Windows to v2.2

9th October 2015HoRNet announces 40% discount on every plugin

9th October 2015Leap Into The Void releases "The Abyss Extended path" for Absynth

9th October 2015Cluster Sound releases Algorithm Techno loop collection

9th October 2015Acoustica releases Mixcraft 7.5 - includes advanced Windows 10 support

9th October 2015Diginoiz releases #Producersdiary Z3ta 2 Urban Vibe

9th October 2015UVI offers 50% off PlugSound Pro (through October 12th)

9th October 2015Beatskillz updates "That Thing" to v1.1

9th October 2015Air launches Air Collection for MPC

9th October 2015New Software Drivers Available for Audient iD22 and iD14 - Windows 10 & OS X El Capitan Support

9th October 2015VSP releases "Liquid Sound" for u-he Hive

9th October 2015AAS Offers Time-limited Ultra Low End Theory Bundle

9th October 2015HeadlessBuddha Samples Offer: Buy "Lo-Fi Wurly", get "Toy Piano" for free

8th October 2015First JUCE Summit to be held in London in November

8th October 2015Madrona Labs updates Kaivo to v1.2 - Performance & Usability Improvements

8th October 2015AAS release Low End Theory for Ultra Analog VA-2 and AAS Player

8th October 2015Syntheway updates Realistic Virtual Piano to v3.0 for Windows

8th October 2015Orchestral Tools offers Pre Order for "Berlin Percussion"

7th October 2015Plughugger releases "Event Horizon" - Ambient Space Expander for Omnisphere 2

7th October 2015Produce RNB releases Chordz & Melodies "Trap-R-N-B" Edition

7th October 2015Soundethers releases "Free Fall" - Free Underscoring Library for Kontakt 5

7th October 2015VSTBuzz: 50% off "Magic AB Plugin" by Sample Magic

7th October 2015eXtream releases Audio Evolution Mobile 4 for Android

7th October 2015Replika Sound releases V6 Classical Guitar for Kontakt 5

7th October 2015Akai Pro announces MPC Touch

7th October 2015Alonso Sound releases "Morgan Page Spire Soundset" for Reveal Sound Spire

7th October 2015AudioThing updates "Vinyl Strip" to v1.1.0

7th October 201599Sounds Releases Free "MGF Audio" Library for Kontakt 5 and Ableton Operator

7th October 2015Function Loops releases Halloween sample packs "Fear! SFX" and "Dark Vocals"

6th October 2015Plugin Alliance to distribute Unfiltered Audio Plugins

6th October 2015Congratulations to the Cakewalk Double Giveaway Winners

6th October 2015Klevgränd releases Esspresso - De-esser for iPad, Mac & Win VST & AU

6th October 2015HoRNet updates Multicomp Plus to v1.2.0 adding AAX support

6th October 2015Taiga dsp updates Gravel to v1.1 for Windows

6th October 2015Buy "VPS - Phalanx" (Premium version) and choose a Free Vengeance-Sound Plugin

5th October 2015Zenhiser releases "Designer SFX" Sample Pack

5th October 2015123creative.com releases "DJ Bey Dubstep Massive presets"

5th October 2015dezzer music releases "X-Power" Vol. 2 - Sound Patches for Novation V-Station

5th October 2015Wagsrfm releases sound library for Mpowersynth

5th October 2015Heavyocity releases Gravity Pack 02 - "Vocalise" for Kontakt Player

5th October 2015MeldaProduction offers 50% off MMultiBandComb, MWobbler, MReverb, MEqualizerLinearPhase, MMultiBandTremolo

5th October 2015OverTone DSP updates PTC-2A Pultec EQ Plug-in to v2.4.0

5th October 2015ProducerLoops releases 'Commercial Hip Hop Vol 3' Sample Pack

5th October 2015NUSofting updates Peti Harmonium/Accordion to v2.1 incl. 64-bit for Mac and Windows, AU and VST

5th October 2015Sample Logic retires A.I.R. Expanded, The Elements EXP, and Synergy X with Deep Discounts

5th October 2015Cmusic Production releases "Weltmeister Royal Standart" Free Library for Kontakt

4th October 2015Precisionsound releases "Persian Daf" for Kontakt and Logic EXS24

4th October 2015Amazing Machines releases Colorful Noise for Reaktor Blocks

3rd October 2015Sinevibes updates Cluster, Hologram, Inertia, Multitude, Octagon, Shift and Switch (Mac)

3rd October 2015PlugInGuru releases MegaMagic PADS for Omnisphere 2, Kontakt 5, Serum, Reason and EXS24

2nd October 2015Noisebud releases Curello - Mix and Mastering Filter for Windows

2nd October 2015discoDSP updates "Vertigo" Additive Synth to R3.6

2nd October 2015discoDSP offers 40% off Vertigo Additive Synthesizer

2nd October 2015Dance MIDI Samples releases "DMS Anthemic Trance Pads Vol 5"

2nd October 2015Sonivox Re-launches Hip Hop Series at Lower Price

2nd October 2015Air Offer: Save 60% on Transfuser and Structure

2nd October 2015HoRNet HDS1 40% off for just 48 hours

2nd October 2015Dotec-Audio updates "DeeComp" Compressor VST plug-in to v1.1.3

2nd October 2015apulSoft updates apTrigga3 to v3.1.0

2nd October 2015M-Audio Offer: TFP Air Instrument Expansion Pack Bundle

2nd October 2015Bayou Media releases "Drum Gator" Noise Gate Plugin for Mac OS X

2nd October 2015Audiffex enters Mac App Store with ampLion Free and inTone 2

1st October 2015Novation announces "Circuit" Music Box

1st October 2015Westgatesounds 2015 Fall/Halloween Sale: 50% Discounts

1st October 2015Abletunes releases free "Mixing and Mastering Tools" - Ableton Live racks

1st October 2015Sounds And Effects Pure Acoustic Special Edition One Week Sale (33% off)

1st October 2015Sample Magic releases "Sylenth Cinematic Patches", "Ultra Trap" and "Subliminal Tech-House"

1st October 2015Toontrack releases "Post-Rock Grooves" and "High-Octane MIDI 6 Pack" Drum MIDI Content

1st October 2015Biome Digital Flash Sale: 60% Off Rhymes With Rogue - Leads for Kontakt, Ableton, Reason and Soundfonts

1st October 2015UVI offers 40% off Urban Suite (through October 5th)

1st October 2015Save 50% on Mixmeister Studio now including Air FX

1st October 2015Sonivox Offer: WOW Autumn Sale - Save 50% on TimewARP 2600

1st October 2015Devil Soundz releases Devil, Devil Reverb, and Vocal Reverb