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News Archive for November 2020

30th November 2020Zenhiser releases "Lure - Deep" Sample Pack

30th November 2020Mix Challenge Competitions in December 2020

30th November 2020Rayzoon Holiday Sale - Up To 60% Off

30th November 2020Decent Samples Black Friday Sale: 50% off until December 1st

30th November 2020zplane updates deCoda to v1.1.2

30th November 2020TBProAudio releases gEQ12 v4.0

30th November 2020Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.8.8

30th November 2020Spektralisk Deal: Two sound libraries for $20 (50% Off)

30th November 2020Tom Wolfe releases Premier Collection - Cinematic Synth Toolkit for Omnisphere, Pigments and Zebra

30th November 2020ujam Virtual Drummer Solid 70% off at Time+Space

30th November 2020Mastering The Mix Black Friday Sale

30th November 2020sonible Cyber Monday deal: Save 45% on smart:reverb

30th November 2020Black Octopus Sound, Preston & Roland release Out of the Ashes

30th November 2020Output Deal: 35% Off All Software

30th November 2020A Sound Effect 1-day Cyber Monday Sound Deals (+ includes free sound library with all orders)

29th November 2020NatLife Sounds releases "Progressive & Deep Vol.1" for SynthMaster One

29th November 20202B Played Music full catalog overhaul to celebrate anniversary

28th November 2020HoRNet updates MasterTool to v1.0.3

28th November 2020KINDZAudio updates DDZynth to 1.83

28th November 2020Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio updates all its macOS plugins for the M1 ARM based CPU

28th November 2020MeldaProduction updates all plugins to 14.13

28th November 2020ThaLoops Black Friday - Samples, Loops and Instruments 80% Off

27th November 2020Hypersamples Stratos for Kontakt 25% off

27th November 2020Toontrack announces final phase of Black Friday Week sale

27th November 2020PCAudioLabs Cyber Weekend Offers a free PreSonus AudioBox or ATOM Controller with Pro Audio PCs

27th November 2020MeldaProduction Cyber Monday Sale - 50% Off Everything

27th November 2020Acoustica Mixcraft 9 Holiday Sale - Up To 50% Off

27th November 2020nuVibrations Black Friday Sale: 50% off all products for Windows, free upgrade when available

27th November 2020Cherry Audio Holiday Sale - Up To 65% Off; Surrealistic MG-1 Plus released for Free

27th November 2020Revealed Recordings releases MIDI Anthems Vol. 6

27th November 2020EarMaster 50% Black Friday Sale

27th November 2020Sound Magic releases Piano One 6.0 and announces Black Friday Sale

27th November 2020Waves releases free CLA EchoSphere plug-in for Black Friday only

27th November 2020Bitwig Studio updated to v3.3

27th November 2020LVC-Audio Holiday Sale 2020 - 50% Off

27th November 2020Bingoshakerz releases Melodic Lo-Fi Worx

27th November 2020Wavparty releases 2020 Mega Bundle Sample Pack - 50% Off

27th November 2020SketchSamples Black Friday Sale: 20% off Sketch Nylon

27th November 2020Ilio releases "Elevator - Bi-Directional Sonics" for Omnisphere 2 - available for $10 for November 27th 2020 only

27th November 2020Sample Logic Offer: 75% Off Motion Keys

27th November 2020Dustons Thanksgiving Sale 2020 - 60% Off

27th November 2020AudioThing updates Speakers to v1.1

27th November 2020Chicken Systems announces Translator 7.1 64-Bit

27th November 2020discoDSP Black Sale - 50% Off Storewide

27th November 2020The Unfinished releases Diva Phenom Vol 3 & 4

27th November 2020W. A. Production "5in1 2020 Production Bundle" 95% Discount

27th November 2020Myloops Black Friday 2020 - 60% Off

26th November 2020Fanan team updates Boo boom arp 2 and Yumbu drum machines

26th November 2020Quiet Art Black Friday Sale - Up To 60% Off

26th November 2020CMP Black Friday Sale - Up To 70% Off

26th November 2020Tone Projects Black Friday Sale - 40% Off All Plug-ins

26th November 2020YummyBeats random deals on Black Week (incl. Free Deals - up to 100% off)

26th November 2020SPC Plugins Black Friday Sale

26th November 2020forward audio Black Friday Sale - Everything 50% Off

26th November 2020Inertia Sound Systems Black Friday Offer - Up To 80% Off

26th November 2020Ilya Efimov Production Black Friday Sale: Up To 75% Off

26th November 2020ModeAudio Black Friday Sale: 50% Off All Sounds

26th November 2020Ample Sound Winter Sale - Up To 65% Off

26th November 2020Audiaire Black Friday Sale - 40% Off Everything

26th November 2020Akai Black Friday Deal: Three MPC Expansion Packs for $9.99

26th November 2020RealtimeOnly Reverbical 50% off in the Black Friday to Monday Sale

26th November 2020Sonivox $9.99 3 Synth Bundle

26th November 2020Air Black Friday $9.99 3 Synth Bundle

26th November 2020Ample Sound releases Ample China Zheng with Winter Sale

26th November 2020Sonic Scores Black Friday Sale: Up To 40% Off

26th November 2020Hypersynth Black Friday Sale - Up To 50% Off

26th November 2020Softrave 50% Winter Discount for Glockenspiel VSTi

26th November 2020Tom Wolfe's 'F**k Black Friday, It's My Birthday' sale on now with up to 50% off

26th November 2020Drumdrops Black Friday Sale - 50% Off Everything

26th November 2020London Acoustics Black Friday - 30% Off

26th November 2020Sononym Black Friday Sale - 50% Off

26th November 2020IK Black Friday Software Deals - Big savings on T-RackS 5 MAX, SampleTank 4 MAX, ARC 3, and more

26th November 2020Rast Sound releases 'Ritual Vocals' for Kontakt with Intro Offer

26th November 2020Empirical Labs Black Friday Weekend Sale - Up to $70 off

26th November 2020Sononym Sample Browser updated to v1.2

26th November 2020UVI Black Friday Sale - 30% Off Storewide

26th November 2020Sonarworks Reference 4 Flat Friday - 40% Off

26th November 2020APD Offer: 77% Off IK Multimedia Syntronik

26th November 2020FabFilter Black Friday: 25% off all plug-ins, bundles and in accounts until Cyber Monday

25th November 2020SOUND7 Black Friday Sale: 25% Off Everything

25th November 20202MGT/Metamusic Generative Tools releases Etheric Fields - Virtual Soundscape Generator

25th November 2020Incognet releases Groove Mania Sample Pack

25th November 2020Intimate Noise Black Friday Deals - Up to 64% Off

25th November 2020Dustons releases "Trance Classic vol.1 Roland JP 8000 / JP 8080 SoundSet"

25th November 2020Goodhertz Anniversary Sale - Save up to 51%

25th November 2020Xhun Audio Cyber Week Super Offer 2020 (50% Off)

25th November 2020Tritik Black Friday Sale - 35% Off

25th November 2020Sugar Audio Black Sale Week - 30% Off Everything

25th November 2020SampleScience Complete: 2020 Edition available until January 1, 2021

25th November 20202getheraudio releases OpZilla - FM Synthesizer VST, AU, AAX Plug-in for Mac & Win

25th November 2020Positive Grid Black Friday Deals - Up To 60% Off

25th November 2020Boz Digital Labs El Clapo Handclap Generator Intro Offer

25th November 2020Numerical Audio Super Cyber Sale - Up to 75% off Instruments & Effects

25th November 2020HoRNet Black Friday - Up To 70% Off

25th November 2020Big Fish Audio Black Friday Sale - Up To 80% Off Loops & Virtual Instruments

25th November 2020Strezov Sampling Black Friday Sale - Up To 50% Off

25th November 2020Reveal Sound Black Friday Sale

25th November 2020Soundiron releases Musique Box 2.0 for Kontakt with intro offer

25th November 2020Boz Digital Labs releases El Clapo Handclap Generator for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

25th November 2020D16 Group Black Friday - All Products 50% Off

24th November 2020Chicken Systems - Black Friday Weekend 50% Off Sale

24th November 2020LiquidSonics Black Friday 2020 Sale - Save Up To 60%

24th November 2020Stefano Daino DSP-Quattro v5 Black Friday Sale - Full Version for $79.00

24th November 2020Granucon Sale: 40% off all AmpereSonic preset packs for Voltage Modular

24th November 2020Groove Monkee Cyber Week Offer: Save up to 50%

24th November 2020Tek'it Audio Black Friday Sale - 50% Off All Plug-ins

24th November 2020Embertone "Bruce Friday Sale"

24th November 2020CIT Audio Streemur #CyberWeek Sale - Price drop from $2.99 to $1.99

24th November 2020It's All Noise Black Friday Bundle - 50% Off

24th November 2020Eplex7 DSP Black Friday sale: up to 50% off on VST plug-ins, VSTi / AU instruments and samples

24th November 2020G-Sonique Black Friday 2020 Sale - discounts of up to 40%

24th November 2020NatLife Sounds V-Black Friday - Up To 99% Off

24th November 2020United Plugins adds more Black Friday Deals

24th November 2020Synchro Arts launch up to 50% off VocALign and Revoice Pro

24th November 2020FeelYourSound Black Friday Deals: Save up to 24% on single products and bundles

24th November 2020MusicLab Black Friday Promotion - up to 60% off all products

24th November 2020Stefano Daino updates DSP-Quattro to v5.5

24th November 2020Drumforge releases Kickforge Virtual Instrument Plugin - VST, AU & AAX

23rd November 2020One Man Tribe Black Friday Bundle: 10 Sample Packs for $17 - Save over 80%

23rd November 2020sonicLAB Black Friday 25% discount on all titles

23rd November 2020VSP releases "Exquisite Rooms" Impulse Responses with intro discount

23rd November 2020Zenhiser releases "Vortex - Serum" Sample Pack

23rd November 2020Sampletrip Complete Bundle Black Friday Sale - 70% Off

23rd November 2020Yamaha Vocaloid Shop Black Friday Sale - Up To 15% Off

23rd November 2020Art Vista 50% Off Black Friday Sale

23rd November 2020Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes Big Sale - Starting at 90% Off

23rd November 2020Harvest Plugins Black Friday - Forager and Harvest 50%+ off

23rd November 2020MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v4.01

23rd November 2020Wavediggerz Catalogue Clearance Sale - Every Product £1

23rd November 2020ujam Black Friday Deals - Up To 72% Off

23rd November 2020Sugar Bytes Cyber Sale

23rd November 2020Martinic offers 50% discount on all plugins and bundle

23rd November 2020NoiseAsh Black Friday Sale - Up To 80% Off

23rd November 2020MeterPlugs Black Friday Sale - Everything 30% Off

23rd November 2020Man Makes Noise Black Friday Sale

23rd November 2020A Sound Effect Turns 6, celebrates with sale & special 1-day deals

23rd November 2020Fuse Audio Labs Black Friday Sale 2020 - All plugins are 50% off

23rd November 2020Youlean Loudness Meter 2 Black Friday Deal - 38% Off

23rd November 2020Black Rooster Audio: Up to 90% Off All Plug-ins & Bundles (AAX/VST/AU)

23rd November 2020Wholegrain announces End-of-2020 Sale on DynPEQ Plugins

23rd November 20202CAudio 2020 Black Friday Promo - Offers Lowest Prices Ever

23rd November 2020Karoryfer releases "Torgbe" Male Choir and free "The Hat With The Phat" Hi-Hat for Sforzando

23rd November 2020Signum Audio Offers Up To 60% Discount On Bute Loudness & Limiting Toolkit

23rd November 2020Producer Loops releases Anthology Film & TV Series Vol 1: Washington D.C. Sample Pack

23rd November 2020Toontrack Black Friday Week Promotions - Day 4

23rd November 2020Volko Audio Black Friday Sale - 50% Off On All Products

23rd November 2020Surreal Machines Sale: Up to 75% off Impact, Dub Machines, Modnetic and Diffuse

23rd November 2020App Sound releases "Cinescape" with 64 Performances for the Korg Wavestate

22nd November 2020Soundtheory Black Friday & Cyber Monday Special: Save 35% on Gullfoss

22nd November 2020Parawave Audio Sale: 45% off on Rapid Synthesizer and 30% off Rapid Extensions until December 2nd

22nd November 2020Strix Instruments Black Friday Sale - Up To 92% Off

22nd November 2020Crave DSP updates "Crave EQ" to v2 for Windows and Mac

22nd November 2020GG Audio Black Friday Sale - 15% Off

22nd November 2020Thenatan "Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale" - up to 80% off between November 22 - December 22

22nd November 2020Resonance Sound launches new website with Black Friday Sale (up to 70% Off & exclusive bundles)

22nd November 2020Thenatan releases "Brain Intelligent Synth" for Mac & PC with Intro Offer

22nd November 2020Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio Black Fri Week Sale: 30% Off

22nd November 2020Ueberschall Black Friday Sale - Up To 80% Off

21st November 2020Incognet celebrates 1st Anniversary with 65% discount for 2 days

21st November 2020Sounds And Effects November Black Sale

21st November 2020Resomonics Instruments for Kontakt Sale - 70% Off

20th November 2020Mogwai Audio Tools Black Friday Sale - Discounted Products and Bundles until December 6th, 2020

20th November 2020Black Octopus Sound releases Divine Vocal Mantras - Spiritual Indian Chants

20th November 2020Purgatory Creek Soundware - Extended Black Friday Sale

20th November 2020Function Loops Black Friday Sale - 60% Off Everything

20th November 2020Function Loops releases "Funky Disco", "Slap House" and "Free Fresh Vocal Hooks"

20th November 2020Revealed Recordings releases Radar Sample Pack Vol. 1

20th November 2020KarmaFX Synth Modular 2 Black Friday Sale - 50% Off

20th November 2020denise audio gives free Sub Generator and 30% off your order this Black Friday

20th November 2020Raising Jake Studios "Black Friday" Sale - 30% off all plugins Thursday Nov 26 thru Sunday Nov 29, 2020

20th November 2020MeldaProduction Black Friday Sale - 50% Off Everything

20th November 2020Mercuriall Audio "Black Friday" Sale - 50% Off

20th November 2020Audentity Records Black Friday Sale: 60% Off Sound Packs

20th November 2020Muletone Audio Black Friday Deals: Up To 50% Off

20th November 2020Kontaktbanks Black Weeks Sale

20th November 2020W. A. Production releases "9in1 Deluxe Vocal Bundle" with 96% discount

20th November 2020TBProAudio releases dpMeter v5.0 - Free Digital Precision Meter Plug-in

20th November 2020LetiMix updates GainMatch with AAX, dark skin, increased groups and more

20th November 2020Audiolounge Black Friday Discount - 50% Off

20th November 2020Kilohearts Black Friday Sale 2020 - Save on Toolbox Ultimate and more

20th November 2020sonible Black Friday Deal: -60% on the A.I.-powered smart:comp

20th November 2020Tonsturm BF Sale: 40% Off Traveler - Doppler Effect Plug-in

19th November 2020Sound Magic Les Paul Week Sale Event: Up to 70% off on 20+ sample libraries and effect plugins

19th November 2020Kuassa Announces Black Friday Sale and Amplifikation 360 Bundle at Intro price

19th November 2020Datacode 2020 Black Friday Sale - Up To 70% Off

19th November 2020MeldaProduction updates all plugins to 14.12

19th November 2020Oblivion Sound Lab Black Friday Sale - Up To 40% Off

19th November 2020Xhun Audio releases Retro Snaps (Expansion for LittleOne) with Introductory Offer

19th November 2020Iceberg Audio Black Friday Sale - 50% Off The Sub

19th November 2020Sound Dust Bleak Friday Sale - 40% Off

19th November 2020Patchpool Winter Sale 2020 - Up To 35% Off

19th November 2020Ueberschall releases Rock Fusion (Elastik soundbank)

19th November 2020Devious Machines Plugins 35% Off Until 6th December

19th November 2020Emvoice One Vocal Synth Voices: 30% off until 11 December

19th November 2020Fracture Sounds Black Friday Sale - Up To 40% Off

19th November 2020HoRNet updates Hatefish RhyGenerator to v1.1.5

19th November 2020Hit'n'Mix Infinity Deep-Audio Editor 30% Off

19th November 2020Cableguys update ShaperBox to v2.2 and release "Make Your Music Move" filter modulation tutorial

19th November 2020Emvoice releases Jay – the first male voice for Emvoice One (VST/AU/AAX)

19th November 2020Mastering The Mix "Bassroom" 25% Off Until December 6th 2020

19th November 2020Replika Sound releases RSGL06 Deep Steel Acoustic Guitar for Kontakt

18th November 2020Beatskillz Black Friday Sale

18th November 2020Soundiron Autumn Sale - Save Up To 40% Off Storewide

18th November 2020Miclop releases "Mother Source" for HALion Sonic SE

18th November 2020Cableguys Black Friday Sale (Extended) – Save 60% with ShaperBox 2 Bundle, 50% Off FilterShaper Core 2

18th November 2020New Loops Black Friday Sale – Up To 70% Off Sound Packs

18th November 2020FluffyAudio Black Friday Sale with discounts up to 80%

18th November 2020Overloud releases Choptones Fried BE100, Bogie DC Bundle and Leny CHZone TH-U Rig Libraries

18th November 2020Red Sounds releases "Cassette Toy Xylo" Free VST3 Instrument

18th November 2020Pfundstein Audio Plugins releases "BassLine Buster Std 8" Virtual Bass with Octave Strings VST3 Plug-in

18th November 2020Infinite Series 2nd Anniversary - Save up to 25% on Infinite Series Libraries

18th November 2020inouï samples releases "Clarinet Multiphonics" for Kontakt with intro offer

18th November 2020VoosteQ Black Friday Sale - 80% Off Material Comp

17th November 2020Voxengo updates Elephant to v4.13

17th November 2020NatLife Sounds releases True Trance Sounds V1 for Novation Peak/Summit

17th November 2020schulz.audio Black Friday Deal: up to 80% off all plugins and bundles

17th November 2020Bob Moog Foundation announces virtual tour of Moogseum

17th November 2020Accusonus Black Friday Sale 2020 - Up To 90% Off

17th November 2020Monocasual Laboratories release Giada 0.17.0 "Chupacabra" for Linux, Windows and macOS

17th November 2020A.O.M. updates all plugins to v1.11.2

17th November 2020Nextmidi Divisimate Realtime Orchestration Tool 30% Off

17th November 2020United Plugins discounts Royal Compressor, Hyperspace, FireCobra and FireMaster (up to 70% off)

17th November 2020Sub51 releases Nuphoric Elements for Logic Pro X Sampler

17th November 2020BVKER releases 3.91 GB Black Friday Bundle - Samples, Loops, MIDIs and Serum Presets

16th November 2020Heavyocity Thanksgiving Sale - Get up to 50% off Storewide

16th November 2020Zenhiser releases "Frontier - Progressive House" Sample Pack

16th November 2020New Sonic Arts Black Friday Sale - 40% Off

16th November 2020NSD updates Modulys VST Plug-in for Windows to v3.7

16th November 2020Black Octopus Sound Black Friday Sale Until Dec 6th - Up To 60% Off Samples, Presets, and Templates

16th November 2020KV331 Audio announces up to 80% Off 'Black Friday Sale' between November 16-30

16th November 2020Puremagnetik releases Shrike - Advanced Shimmer Modulator for Mac / Win VST / AU

16th November 2020MusicDevelopments RapidComposer v4 Introductory Offer (25% Off Until November 29)

16th November 2020MusicDevelopments releases RapidComposer v4.0 with introductory offer

16th November 2020Venomode Black Friday Sale - 50% Off

16th November 2020KINDZAudio updates DDZynth to v1.81

16th November 2020XILS-lab updates PolyKB III to v3.6 and announces Special Offers

16th November 2020Mastering The Mix "Mixroom" 25% Off Until December 6th 2020

16th November 2020Nembrini Audio Black Friday: Desktop 75% Off / Mobile up to 50% Off

15th November 2020Audiomodern Black Friday Sale - 35% Off until December 6th, 2020

15th November 2020SampleScience announces Gorilla Bass plugin for Windows and Mac

15th November 2020Online Music Foundry Black Friday Sale - Up To 75% Off

14th November 2020Bela D Media offers a "35% savings on listed price"

14th November 2020Status releases "New Times" for String Studio VS-3

14th November 2020Karoryfer releases "Vengeful Viola" for Sforzando with intro offer

14th November 2020MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MTurboReverb, MTransformer, MCharacter and MDistortionMB

13th November 2020Polyverse Music Black Friday Sale - 50% Off Everything

13th November 2020Sound Yeti Ambition Bundle 40% Off - T+S Exclusive

13th November 2020Incognet releases #ONLYGROOVE Vol.3 Sample Pack By Yvvan Back

13th November 2020W. A. Production "Vocal Bundle 10 For 10" 95% Discount

13th November 2020Revealed Recordings releases Top Loops Vol. 2

13th November 2020Audible Genius Black Friday Sale - 50% off Syntorial and Building Blocks

13th November 2020Boz Digital Labs Black Friday Sale

13th November 2020Spectrasonics releases Trilian 1.5 - Major free update with expanded features, new patches and more

13th November 2020Rast Sound releases 'Eastern Clarinet' for Kontakt with intro offer

13th November 2020Sound Magic releases Electric Guitar LP featuring a 1963 Gibson Les Paul with VStomp Effect System

13th November 2020Virharmonic Clearance Sale: Up to 82% off Choral Libraries while stocks Last

13th November 2020Bingoshakerz releases Power House Sessions

13th November 2020UVI Lucky Sale: 30% Off Storewide

13th November 2020Intimate Noise and Serafim Tsotsonis' Blue Robot sound pack on extended intro offer

12th November 2020Best Audio and MIDI Software - 2020 KVR Readers' Choice Awards Winners

12th November 2020Blue Cat Audio updates its Audio Analysis and Metering Plug-Ins

12th November 2020Venomode releases Lowtility 2 - Stereo Bass Utility Plugin

12th November 2020Sampletrip releases Cobalt 47 FM/AWM Synth Module for Kontakt

12th November 2020PlugInGuru updates Unify to v1.2 with new ComboBox multi-effect

12th November 2020Krotos Black Friday Sale: 50% Off Everything

12th November 2020Rob Papen updates Blade 2 (v2.1.0a) and eXplorer (v6.2.0a)

12th November 2020Digital Brain Instruments Sound Design Pro Bundle - 76% Off

12th November 2020Function Loops releases "Tech House Building Blocks", "Lazy Lofi & Chill Trap" and "Drill Music"

12th November 2020HoRNet Plugins updates VU Meter MK4 to v4.1.5

12th November 2020Kilohearts introduces Content Banks and updates all software to v1.8.6

12th November 2020Swar Systems offers 25% Diwali Discount on all products

12th November 2020Eplex7 DSP releases Vintage vacuum tube VD76 plugin effect

12th November 2020Numerical Audio releases Agonizer - Monophonic Bass Synth for iOS

12th November 2020Audio Plugin Deals Offer: 90% Off SampleTekk Emotional Piano Bundle

12th November 2020Sonic Cat updates Purity to v1.3.6

11th November 2020Xhun Audio releases Analog Fists (Expansion for LittleOne) with Introductory Offer

11th November 20202getheraudio releases Rich Drums - "Swiss-Army Knife" plugin for drum mixes

11th November 2020Steinberg releases Cubase 11

11th November 2020Black Octopus Sound and Audioflair present The Golden Hip-Hop Principle Vol.3

11th November 2020apulSoft updates all plugins with native Apple Silicon Mac compatibility

11th November 2020Sergree updates Matchering to 2.0.3 - Open Source Audio Matching and Mastering

10th November 2020VSTBuzz: 62% off Discovery Pro 7.0 by discoDSP

10th November 2020IK Happy Holideals Sale - Up To 50% Off

10th November 2020Modartt releases Pianoteq 7 with Acoustic Morphing

10th November 2020Toontrack releases "Metal EBX" for EZbass as part of "Metal Month"

10th November 2020Harvest Plugins updates Forager to v1.2.0

10th November 2020United Plugins releases FireCharger with 85% discount

10th November 2020Audentity Records releases Pop Vocals & FX

10th November 2020zplane updates vielklang Instant Harmony to v2.4.4

10th November 2020Cakewalk by BandLab updated to version 2020.11

10th November 2020Mastering The Mix releases 'Reference 2' Plugin with Intro Offer

10th November 2020Ableton announces Live 11

10th November 2020App Sound releases "Technoid Flow" sound pack for Korg Wavestate

10th November 2020Synchro Arts Launch Up To 50% Off Revoice Pro 4 Sale

9th November 2020Pure-Presets Black Friday - Save 40% on all Repro-5 soundsets

9th November 2020Zenhiser releases 'Vision - Progressive House' Sample Pack

9th November 2020TBProAudio releases sTilt v2.0 - Free Linear Phase EQ Plug-in

9th November 2020Sampleson Spectral Deal: Spectral Modeling Instruments On Sale

9th November 2020GSi releases VariSpeed - freeware WEM Copicat IC400 "Belt Drive" simulation AU / VST plug-in

9th November 2020Organic Drum Loops releases free Organic Calfskin Kit VST3

9th November 2020Producer Loops releases 'Nu Disco Pop Vol 1' Sample Pack

9th November 2020Fuse Audio Labs updates VQP-Bundle - GUI Updated & 50% Off

8th November 20202B Played Music Black Friday Sale - 50% Off

8th November 2020Sub51 release Nuphoric Elements for Kontakt

8th November 2020MAAT offers up to 30% off thEQ Bundles

8th November 2020Oblivion Sound Lab releases Hex Drum

8th November 2020Toneboosters releases BitJuggler - Vintage Digital Processing Emulator

7th November 2020HD Instruments announces a new Matrix Bundle and a Black Friday Sale

7th November 2020HD Instruments releases ZoneMatrix - Kontakt Performance Tool

7th November 2020Status Holiday Sale: 30% Off All Sound Banks

7th November 2020HY-Plugins updates HY-RPE2 and HY-SeqCollection2

6th November 2020MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MBassador, MLimiterMB, MDynamicsMB and MAutopanMB

6th November 2020Incognet releases Big Free 2020 Sample Pack

6th November 2020Nutty Traxx releases Xtreme Presets Bundle for Massive, Sylenth & Predator 2

6th November 2020In Session Audio Fruit Shake available for free until November 24th, 2020

6th November 2020MeldaProduction updates all their plugins to v14.11

6th November 2020Synth-Presets releases "Sculpted Space" impulse responses and presets for LiquidSonics Reverberate 3

6th November 2020W. A. Production releases "Deep House Mega Pack 2" with 95% discount

6th November 2020STL Tones releases November 2020 update for AmpHub

6th November 2020Revealed Recordings releases Spire Bass Vol. 10

6th November 2020AudioThing releases Wires - Soviet Wire Recorder Echo with Hainbach

6th November 2020Moogvember Starts Tomorrow

6th November 2020Zero-G releases CyberWorld Presets for Ethera Gold 2.5

6th November 2020Aberrant DSP releases SketchCassette II for macOS and Windows VST3, AU & AAX

6th November 2020Audiofier releases Xtyles for Kontakt with Intro Offer

6th November 2020Diginoiz releases Trap Chiefs 4

6th November 2020Touch The Universe Offers 30% Off Rapid Bundle

6th November 2020Dream Audio Tools Black Friday Sale - Save 50% on selected products

6th November 2020beatassist.eu releases Gore - Dubstep Rhythm Creator for Windows and macOS

5th November 2020Sound Magic Rose Whisper Week Sale Event: Up to 70% off on 20+ sample libraries and effect plugins

5th November 2020Intimate Noise releases Blue Robot sound pack by Serafim Tsotsonis

5th November 2020Orchestral Tools releases Vivid Keys - Studio Grand Piano for SINE Player

5th November 2020Tracktion's Essential Collection Offers DSP Effects Separately

4th November 2020IK Alternate Keys $/€19.99 Krazy Deal

4th November 2020HoRNet releases "ThirtyOne MK2" Spectrum Analyzer and Equalizer with Auto EQ

4th November 2020Tom Wolfe releases new preset packs for Valhalla Supermassive & VintageVerb

4th November 2020Bunker Samples releases Off-World Vol. 1 with Intro Sale

4th November 2020UVI release Synth Anthology 3 update with 55 new hardware synths, FX and intro price

3rd November 2020VSTBuzz: 78% off Anniversary Bundle by Fallout Music

3rd November 2020One week left to enter the MPE Producer's Bundle Giveaway

3rd November 2020PinkNoise Studio releases Voyager 2 Kontakt Edition

3rd November 2020Muletone Audio releases "Bongôs" for Kontakt

3rd November 2020Sugar Bytes releases DrumComputer for iPad

3rd November 2020accSone updates crusher-X to v8.60 - Ready for macOS Big Sur

3rd November 2020Tek'it Audio updates "Winkl" to v1.3.0 - Free VST & AU distortion plug-in for Win & Mac

2nd November 2020Zenhiser releases "Vibrate - Drum & Bass" Sample Pack

2nd November 2020KV331 Audio $4 Expansion Sale Throughout November

2nd November 2020Xhun Audio updates LittleOne to v3.2.7

2nd November 2020Cymatic Form releases Acousmatic Engine: Surreal and Thematic Kontakt Instruments

2nd November 2020KINDZAudio updates MentalV to v2.1

2nd November 2020Cherry Audio releases CA2600 - A Classic Reimagined

2nd November 2020Zero-G releases Ethera Gold 2.5 LITE for Kontakt

2nd November 2020Klang.Cologne releases new field recording based instruments

2nd November 2020Velltone releases Alien Invasion for Sylenth1

2nd November 2020Nembrini Audio releases NA808 Overdrive Pro - Free VST, AU & AAX Plug-in for macOS, Windows & iOS

2nd November 2020NSD releases ModulysCS: Giant Step-Sequencer Standalone Application

2nd November 2020Aurally Sound releases "Song Master" App for Windows and macOS

2nd November 2020sonicLAB releases VOLBot Stochastic Audio Modulator for iOS

1st November 2020Caelum Audio releases Tape Pro for desktop and iOS with Intro Offer

1st November 2020Mastering The Mix "Expose" 50% Off Until December 6th 2020