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News Archive for March 2019

31st March 2019Audiolounge Soft Spring Sale: 50% off Al D1, Al D2, Al 9000, Rhodes Affair

31st March 2019Cognitone updates "Synfire" Music Prototyping Studio to v1.9.1

31st March 2019Sound Dust declare Wonky Piano Day on April 1st with 40% discount on 3 'special' pianos for Kontakt

31st March 2019Syntheway releases Sitargen Virtual Sitar and Tanpura Drone v3.0 for Windows and macOS - VST3 support and more

30th March 2019Kwonky Instruments releases Skwobbler for Kontakt

30th March 2019Seaweed Audio releases Fathom Film Score Bundle

30th March 2019Beatskillz Slam Dawg $9 until April 7th

30th March 2019Strix Instruments Sale - Save up to 72%

29th March 2019Westgatesounds releases Anomaly XXVIII - NightScapes

29th March 2019Function Loops releases "Cloud Trap & Emo Hip Hop" and "Atmospheric SFX"

29th March 2019Thenatan Poizen 80% Off ($9.98)

29th March 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MTurboReverb, MXXX, MUltraMaximizer and MVibratoMB

29th March 2019Detunized releases Wroclaw Impressions Sound Library

29th March 2019Groove Monkee releases Ballad MIDI Drum Loops

29th March 2019Sampleson updates Markus 88 Spectral Modeled Electric Piano

29th March 2019Acustica Audio releases Aquamarine4 mixing and mastering suite at an intro price of €99 (reg. €199)

29th March 2019denise Deal: 25% discount on all plugins

29th March 2019PinkNoise Studio releases Europa Retro Waves

29th March 2019The Unfinished releases Zebra Arkhangel

29th March 2019BOOM releases "Monsters & Beasts" Sample Library

28th March 2019Homegrown Sounds releases ARP Stream for Kontakt and Circular Group Buy reaches 17/19 products

28th March 2019Spectrasonics releases Omnisphere 2.6

28th March 2019Wusik Spring Deal - 60% Discount

28th March 2019Sonarworks Reference 4 and Neutron Elements Bundle now $249

28th March 20192getheraudio releases K1CK Synth - Electronic Kick Drum Maker for creation of gut-busting Kick Drums

28th March 2019New Sonic Arts updates Nuance to v2.0328

28th March 2019forward audio announces AAX Open Beta of free Phase Alignment Plugin faSampleDelay

28th March 2019Reveal Sound updates Spire to v1.1.15

28th March 2019Monocasual Laboratories release Giada 0.15.4 "Joseph Pilates" for Linux, Windows and macOS

28th March 2019A Sound Effect Spring Sale - 100s of SFX libraries on offer

28th March 2019Ueberschall releases Space Guitar (Elastik Soundbank)

28th March 2019Igor Vasiliev updates FieldScaper to v2.1 - Field recorder & Scapes constructor for iOS

28th March 2019FeelYourSound releases ChordPotion MIDI effect plug-in

28th March 2019Reveal Sound 48 Hours Sale

28th March 2019FeelYourSound introductory offer: ChordPotion 22% off

27th March 2019Datacode releases "FOCUS: Techno Synths 2" (Sample Pack)

27th March 2019LennarDigital updates Sylenth1 to v3.053

27th March 2019Diginoiz releases "The World Of R&B" Construction Kits

27th March 2019HoRNet Plugins updates BSharry Side Chainer to v1.1.0 - AAX Support

27th March 2019ADSR Sounds releases "ADSR Presents: Rhiannon Roze" Vocal Sample Pack

26th March 2019SonalSystem releases "Dark Matter - Tales From The Synth Side" Sample Pack

26th March 2019PreSonus ships FLEX DSP-powered StudioLive 64S and Series III S Mixers

26th March 2019Rast Sound updates Designer Drums to v1.5

26th March 2019Puremagnetik releases Expanse and Driftmaker - 2 Free Plugins inspired by Tape, Microsound and Experimental Music

26th March 2019Sample Magic March Sale - 30% Off Sitewide

26th March 2019Native Instruments releases Noire - Nils Frahm Piano Kontakt Instrument

26th March 2019Voxengo updates GlissEQ to v3.10

26th March 2019A.O.M. updates plug-ins to v1.9.5

26th March 2019Zenhiser releases "Nightfall" Sample Pack

25th March 2019Ronei Leite Discovery Pro 10 bank pack released

25th March 2019EastWest releases "Voices of Opera" with half price intro offer

25th March 2019Kazrog Synth Warmer 77% Off ($9.99)

25th March 2019EastWest "Voices of Opera" Half Price Intro Offer

25th March 2019denise releases Noize 2 plugin and samples the city of Berlin for it

25th March 2019Liqube Audio updates Resonic Player and Pro Audio Player and Sample Manager to v0.9.3b for Windows

25th March 2019NatLife Sounds u-he Hive Presets Spring Sale - 30% Off

25th March 2019Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio for iPad to v3.4

25th March 2019Muletone Audio releases "Brazilian Series: Repinique" for Kontakt

25th March 2019Strezov Sampling releases Orchestral Percussion X3M for Kontakt

25th March 2019Sample Fuel releases Poly 2.0 and Poly-Lite (free) for HALion Sonic SE

25th March 2019Nembrini Audio releases "LoFi" - Vintage Clipper Plugin - Free for limited time

24th March 2019NoiseAsh releases Rule Tec EQ1A for Mac & Win VST, AAX, AU

24th March 2019ModeAudio releases 'Relic - Ambient Loops'

24th March 2019Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.6.3 for Mac

24th March 2019Kilohearts offer 50% off Ring Mod, Pitch Shifter and Frequency Shifter (VST/AU/AAX/RE)

24th March 2019Leap Into The Void u-he Bazille soundset sale: 40-65% off

24th March 2019ToneLib updates ToneLib-Zoom to v3.5.4

23rd March 2019Syntheway releases ShamiKoto Virtual Koto and Shamisen v2.0 for Windows and macOS - VST3 support and more

23rd March 2019Radium Audio updates Radium Music Editor to v5.9.49

23rd March 2019Pornofonic Instruments releases Klusterkitt Rezonator for Kontakt

23rd March 2019Samples From Mars releases "MPC1 From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-Bit WAV

23rd March 2019Sub51 releases Panic Room for Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol

23rd March 2019Kwonky Instruments releases "Tones and Textures | Vol 1" bundle and "Scape" instrument for Kontakt

22nd March 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MCompare, MStereoSpread, MEqualizerLP and MWaveShaperMB

22nd March 2019Reflekt Audio 50% Off Spring Sale

22nd March 2019BltWorks FilterOrgan $10 until March 24th

22nd March 2019Sample Magic release Future Electronic & Chill - Sample Pack

22nd March 2019Sensel releases 2 free Sound Packs - Music Producer Jams and UR-RT4 Metal

22nd March 2019Black Octopus Sound 40% Off Spring Sale 2019

22nd March 2019Cherry Audio updates Voltage Modular to v1.3.5 - Plus new modules from Insomniac, Benard, PSP Audioware

22nd March 2019Function Loops releases Melodic Trap & Smooth Rnb and Tech House Arcade

22nd March 2019Toontrack releases two new MIDI packs for modern pop

22nd March 2019Applied Acoustics Systems releases Turmoil District sound pack for Chromaphone 2 and AAS Player

22nd March 2019Voxengo updates CRTIV Chorus to v1.1

22nd March 2019Steinberg releases Future Bass for Retrologue 2

22nd March 2019Sound.Artenuovo releases Shining Hive by Joseph Hollo

22nd March 2019Klevgrand releases new plugin FreeAMP for free

22nd March 2019Cluster Sound Membership 50% Off - On Sale For €49

21st March 2019blortblort Moving Day Sale: 50% Off Everything

21st March 2019VSP Omnisphere Spring Sale - Save on 16 Omnisphere Soundsets

21st March 2019UVI releases "Key Suite Acoustic" - Acoustic Pianos

21st March 2019Glitchedtones releases Serum SFX

21st March 2019ADSR Sounds releases Rubix for Serum

21st March 2019Synth-Presets releases "Optical Space" for LiquidSonics Illusion with intro discount

21st March 2019Splash Sound releases Old School Keys for Kontakt

21st March 2019Audio Plugin Deals Offer: 83% off AcousticSamples 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle

20th March 2019Splash Sound Sale: 55% Off Old School Keys library for Kontakt

20th March 2019Positive Grid releases BIAS FX 2 Guitar Amp and Effects Processor Featuring Guitar Match Emulation

20th March 2019Steinberg announces Nuendo 10 at GDC

20th March 2019zenAud.io updates ALK2 for macOS and Windows

20th March 2019Gramotech Babylon EQ Plugin 66% / £20 Off

20th March 2019Fracture Sounds releases Frozen Percussion: Vibes for Kontakt - Intro Sale

20th March 2019VAST Dynamics updates Vaporizer2 Soft Synth to v2.2

19th March 2019KFR updates C++ DSP Framework to 3.0

19th March 2019SIR Audio Tools releases SIR3 Reverb Plugin

19th March 2019Bela D Media releases Scoring Noise Pro for Kontakt

19th March 2019IK's Fender Collection 70% Off Krazy Deal

19th March 2019LiquidSonics Lustrous Plates Introductory Discount (Save 25%)

19th March 2019Akai Pro updates iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone to v2.0.2

19th March 2019Sample Magic Drums & Percussion Sale - 50% Off

19th March 2019LiquidSonics releases Lustrous Plates with Intro Offer

19th March 2019NoiseAsh releases Rule Tec Heritage Pro for Mac & Win VST, AAX, AU

19th March 2019HoRnet updates AutoGain to v1.3.3

19th March 2019Zvork's Audio Pack 50% Off "Deal of the Week" at the Propellerhead Shop

18th March 2019Zenhiser releases "Divine Trance" Sample Pack

18th March 2019Soundtheory releases Gullfoss for Windows

18th March 2019Fuse Audio Labs releases VQP-Bundle Vintage Passive EQ/Filter Plug-ins

18th March 2019CANATO releases MidiYodi 2019.1 - introducing MIDI file bulk editing

18th March 2019Kushview Element Discount Spring 2019 - 60% Off

18th March 2019Ecliptiq Audio releases Hexa Processed Percussions Sample Library for Kontakt

18th March 2019Wagsrfm releases sound library for Cherry Audio Voltage Modular

18th March 2019Channel Robot releases the IA Bundle for Kontakt - 3 for the price of 2

18th March 2019Sound Ex Machina releases "F16 Maneuvers" Sample Library

18th March 2019Mercuriall Audio St. Patrick's Sale

18th March 2019EastWest March Madness Sale - 50% Off

18th March 2019Vienna Symphonic Library Symphonic Cube - 50% Off

18th March 2019Voxengo updates VariSaturator to v1.12 - incl. AAX Support

18th March 2019Thenatan announces "X-Eight" 808 plug-in for Win and Mac with pre-order offer

17th March 2019Tone Empire St. Patrick's Day Sale: 30% off on every plugin

17th March 2019Beatskillz Deal: 30% off on every plugin

17th March 2019Soundethers releases "Dream Fields" for Kontakt 5 with 40% Discount on All Products

17th March 2019Silence+OtherSounds releases "Stringache" - String Noises SFX Library & Kontakt Instrument with intro offer

16th March 2019Kwonky Instruments Tones and Textures | Vol 1 Bundle - 20% Discount

16th March 2019Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.7.0.5 for Windows

16th March 2019Syntheway releases GuitarTempus Virtual Guitar v2.0 for Windows and macOS - VST3 support and more

16th March 2019Bingoshakerz releases Deep, Bass & Garage House

15th March 2019NatLife Sounds Leads Vol.1 for u-he Hive - 30% until March 23

15th March 2019MeldaProduction Deal: 50% Off MTurboEQ, MDynamicsMB, MChorusMB and MDistortionMB

15th March 2019Babylonwaves updates Art Conductor Articulation Sets and Expression Maps to v5.1

15th March 2019Sound Magic releases Fazioli Rose 2.0 and announces Kingdom of Pianos Sale Event

15th March 2019Acon Digital releases Verberate 2 with Vivid Hall Algorithm

15th March 2019Sugar Bytes announces AUv3 and iCloud Drive support for Thesys iOS (v1.3.0)

15th March 2019BlueLab releases Precedence plug-in with Intro Offer

15th March 2019Mastering The Mix Offer: 50% Off 'Ignite' - Dynamic Harmonic Distortion plugin

15th March 2019Function Loops releases Psytrance Designers Kit and Melodic House 2019

15th March 2019Resonance Sound releases "Techno Elements Bundle" by Audio Boutique

15th March 2019Kwonky Instruments releases Slink for Kontakt

14th March 2019blortblort releases 'Pack of Flames' for Softube's HeartBeat with intro offer

14th March 2019Audio Vitamins Structure now on sale - £1 until the end of March - All other plugins 25% off

14th March 2019Rast Sound releases Ethnoscapes 2 for Kontakt

14th March 2019forward audio updates faGuitarAlign to v1.00.3

14th March 2019EverythingTurns March Sale

14th March 2019NUGEN Audio updates SigMod to v1.1.3.2

14th March 2019Sounds Famous releases "Vintage Organ Pack" for Apple MainStage 3 and Logic X

14th March 2019Ueberschall releases Metal Riffs (Elastik soundbank)

13th March 2019Black Octopus Sound releases Positive Flow Vol 1 by EVeryman - Hip Hop Vocals Sample Pack

13th March 2019Channel Robot release Electria Electric Guitar Sound ROMpler for Kontakt

13th March 2019Signum Audio updates BUTE Limiter to v1.0.1 incl. VST3 support

13th March 2019Fisound Pi Day Sale: Download PiAnnette Electric Piano for $3.14 (84% off) until March 15th

13th March 2019Sample Magic releases Ableton Creative FX Racks

13th March 2019Soundiron releases Bizarre Sitar 3.0 for Kontakt

13th March 2019SKYLIFE releases version 6.1 update for SampleRobot product line

12th March 2019Blue Cat Audio releases "Re-Guitar" and free v1.2 update for Axiom

12th March 2019NatLife Sounds releases True Trance Sounds Vol.7 for u-he Repro

12th March 2019Thenatan Sale: 50% off until 31 March 2019

12th March 2019Sample Magic Classic Dance Sale - 50% off

12th March 2019Softube releases Parallels Dual-Source Dream-Synth

12th March 2019PSPaudioware releases PSP HertzRider with Intro Offer

12th March 2019Toontrack releases Urban Jazz Grooves MIDI, Urban Jazz EZkeys MIDI and Jazz & Fusion Guitars EZmix Packs

12th March 2019ProducerLoops releases 'Techno Drums Vol 1' Sample Pack

12th March 2019discoDSP updates Bliss Sampler and VSTi Recorder to v1.5 - Now 30% off in the KVR Marketplace

12th March 2019New Sonic Arts updates Granite to v1.65

12th March 2019Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio for iPad to v3.3

12th March 2019Voxengo updates Elephant to v4.6

11th March 2019Zenhiser releases "Retrowave" Sample Pack

11th March 2019HoRNet updates Magnus MK2 to v2.0.6

11th March 2019Wusik updates Entire Catalog

11th March 2019Fuse Audio Labs March Sale 2019 - 50% off Bucket-500 and TCS-68

11th March 2019Voxengo updates free Overtone GEQ to v1.12 - AAX Support and more

11th March 2019MAAT Dynamic DR Bundle Now 56% Off

11th March 2019Puremagnetik releases Pastfabric - Micro-Memory Splicer

11th March 2019Audio Damage releases Enso Looper Plugin for Mac, Win & iOS with Intro Offer

11th March 2019Wave Arts releases updates for Mac OS X 10.14 Mojave compatibility

11th March 2019PSP updates Twin-L to v1.0.1

11th March 2019Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.6.2 for Mac

11th March 2019Bela D Media releases "V Soprano Choir" for Kontakt

11th March 2019HY-Plugins updates Delay4, MBMFX2, MBMFX2 free, Slicer, MPS2, SeqCollection and SEQ16x3v2

11th March 2019Reflekt Audio releases Sound Widgets - "The Dollar Line Plugins"

11th March 2019Splash Sound Sale: 50% off Epic Percussion Library for Kontakt

9th March 2019Rayzoon March Special - Jamstix 4 Standard - 40% Off

9th March 2019Audacity updates Audacity to v2.3.1 for macOS, Windows and Linux

9th March 2019Kwonky Instruments releases Trombience for Kontakt

9th March 2019Audiofier updates Riffendium Volume 1 (1.01) and adds Riffendium REV

9th March 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MMorph, MDrumEnhancer, MRhythmizerMB and MTransient

8th March 2019IK Upgrade For All Sale

8th March 2019Syntheway updates Akkordica for Windows (v1.1) and MacOS (v1.2)

8th March 2019Madrona Labs updates Aalto and Kaivo to v1.8.5

8th March 2019Xhun Audio releases Electro Punks (expansion) for LittleOne synthesizer

8th March 2019Process.Audio releases Sugar - Audio Sweetener Plug-in

7th March 2019INTERNET Co. updates Sound it! 8 Pro for Windows

7th March 2019Ghosthack offers Introductory Price and Bonus Packs for "Essential Sounds for Serum"

7th March 2019UVI offers 60% off Darklight IIx through March 11th, 2019

7th March 2019Kemper releases Profiler OS 5.7 - 5 "big studio machine" reverb effects for Profiler

7th March 2019beatassist.eu updates VooDoo Beat to v1.0.5 for Windows

7th March 2019Audio Plugin Deals Offer: 72% off The Sonuscore Bundle

6th March 2019Wavelet Audio releases Senfine for Kontakt with intro price and bonus free instrument

6th March 2019Kazrog updates True Iron to v1.2.3

6th March 20192getheraudio releases Retro Rider - synthwave, retrowave and futuresynth sounds and sequencer/arpeggiator patterns for G8TOR sequencer synthesizer

6th March 2019NUGEN Audio updates Visualizer to v2.1.0.2

6th March 2019Diginoiz releases Sylenth Trap Chiefs 3

6th March 2019Rast Sound updates Rare Instruments Collection to v2.5

6th March 2019NoizeBusters releases "Psychedelic Injection" Preset Bank for Serum

6th March 2019Nikolozi releases NPD - Phase Distortion Synth for iPad

6th March 2019Function Loops releases Trap or Drown and Concrete Techno sample packs

6th March 2019BlueLab sale – 30% off on 3 plug-ins

6th March 2019Endrik Audio & SMAOLAB release MeloBang - MaxForLive Step-Sequencer

6th March 2019Mastrcode Music updates T-Force Alpha Plus to v1.5.0 for Windows

6th March 2019Plughugger releases "Distorted Evolution 2 Horror" for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

6th March 2019Bingoshakerz releases Grooving House

6th March 2019Plughugger offers 50% off "Distorted Evolution 2 Horror" for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

5th March 2019ModeAudio releases 'Summit - Serum Electronic Presets'

5th March 2019Signum Audio releases BUTE Limiter - Transparent True Peak Limiter Plug-in

5th March 2019Klysoft updates ITVL Sequencer to v1.6

5th March 2019Wusik updates P2000 to v1.0.6

5th March 2019OverTone DSP updates PTM-5A Mid-Range EQ to v3.0.0

5th March 2019Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio plugins now available in a bundle on MacOS and iOS

5th March 2019Bunker Samples Deal: 33% Off Bunker Strings Vol. 1 Until March 8th

5th March 2019Thenatan releases X25 for Trax Drum Machine with intro price

5th March 2019Sample Magic Chillwave Sale - 50% Off

5th March 2019Sample Magic release Techno Textures Vol 2 - Sample Collection

4th March 2019Revealed Recordings releases Fills Vol. 4

4th March 2019Zenhiser releases "Ethnic World" Sample Pack

4th March 2019SampleTraxx Deal: 35% Off

4th March 2019Synthplex - New synthesizer event launches March 28-31, 2019

4th March 2019Red Module releases free suite of analog tape drum samples

4th March 2019rncbc.org updates Vee One Suite to v0.9.5 for Linux

4th March 2019Drumforge releases Drumshotz Carson Slovak, Grant McFarland & Matt Greiner Drum Sample Pack

4th March 2019Musical Sampling Sale: Up to 50% Off All Libraries for One Week

4th March 2019Kwonky Instruments Phzzy for Kontakt is available for $2 until March 9th, 2019

4th March 2019Waves offers Free Virtual Instrument with any Plugin or Bundle

4th March 2019Voxengo updates HarmoniEQ to v2.4 - AAX support

4th March 2019Toontrack celebrates 20-year anniversary with 20%-off-campaign

4th March 2019Roland Cloud adds Roland TB-303 Software Bass Synthesizer to Legendary Series

4th March 2019Shattered Glass Audio updates Phoenix to v1.0.2

4th March 2019The FXB Project Offer: Pay what you want for Colorspace - 100 presets for kHs ONE

4th March 2019Wusik Scratch & Win Promo - Up To 90% Discount

4th March 2019New Loops Diva and Repro Presets now NKS-Compatible and 50% off

3rd March 2019Mildon Offer: Sekai 85 Compressor VST Plug-in for Windows is $5

3rd March 2019MODWHEEL releases "A Psaltered Zither" with intro price and free instrument

3rd March 2019ADSR Sounds releases New Artist Pack: Phiilo

3rd March 2019Touch The Universe releases "Spherical Harmonics" for Diva

3rd March 2019Sound Dust release Choirpool - morphing vocal timbres for Kontakt - with introductory price

3rd March 2019Triple Spiral Audio completes the Empty Fields F2 series for Omnisphere 2.5

2nd March 2019Strix Instruments March Sale - Save up to 45%

2nd March 2019No Dough Music release Analogue Machine Trax sample collection

2nd March 2019Kwonky Instruments releases At The Edge for Kontakt

1st March 2019Prism Audio "Piano Model S" - Intro offer until March 18th

1st March 2019Inertia Sound Systems updates Granulizer to v2.1

1st March 2019Devil Soundz updates Devil to v1.9.3 and Devil Bass Module to v2.9.1 for Windows

1st March 2019Cherry Audio updates Voltage Modular to v1.3.3 - Includes wave of new modules

1st March 2019Auburn Sounds updates Graillon, Panagement and Couture

1st March 2019Beatskillz releases Slam XL

1st March 2019Madrona Labs updates Aalto and Kaivo to v1.8.4

1st March 2019THEPHONOLOOP releases Cassette Mallets.02 for Kontakt 5, Ableton Live, Logic & SFZ

1st March 2019AudioThing updates Megaphone to v1.5

1st March 2019Ignite Amps partners with STL Tones and releases the free Emissary Plug-in Bundle

1st March 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MXXX, MStereoProcessor, MTransientMB and MXXXCore

1st March 2019HY-Plugins releases HY-Delay4 for Win & Mac VST2, VST3 and AU

1st March 2019Tone2 releases the 'Top of the Charts' soundset for Icarus

1st March 2019SPC Plugins releases ArcSyn v3.0.0

1st March 2019Physical Audio releases Pro Tools versions of PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb and PA4 Dual Spring Reverb for macOS

1st March 2019Sonuscore releases The Lyrical Bundle for Kontakt

1st March 2019Homegrown Sounds releases Emergent Properties for Kontakt

1st March 2019PinkNoise Studio Spring Sale

1st March 2019KV331 Synthmaster Player 80% off at Plugin Boutique (Exclusive Offer)

1st March 2019Plugin Boutique updates Scaler to v1.7

1st March 2019Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio releases WoodLofier - lofi plugin for Mac (AAX, AU, VST) and iOS (AUv3)

1st March 2019Mix Challenge - Competitions in March 2019

1st March 2019Karoryfer Samples offers "Secret Agent Guitar" for $19 until the end of March 2019