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18th October 2019Rast Sound releases Indie Vocals for Kontakt

18th October 2019Le Sound releases LS Levelator 2

18th October 2019D16 Group announces Godfazer - Advanced Modulation Unit for macOS and Windows

18th October 2019HoRNet updates SongKey MK3 to v3.0.4

17th October 2019SampleScience releases free Oberom VSTi/AUi plugin

17th October 2019Black Octopus Sound releases Shadow - Dark vocal sample pack by Amy Kirkpatrick

17th October 2019Cinematique Instruments releases Viola Da Gamba for Kontakt

17th October 2019KV331 Audio SynthMaster Player free until November 1

17th October 2019Waves Audio and Abbey Road Studios offer the Abbey Road Studio 3 Plugin

17th October 2019Cherry Audio announces new modules from Vult, Ben Davis, M*4, and Nekomatic

17th October 2019UVI releases Titanium for Falcon

17th October 2019Youlean updates Youlean Loudness Meter 2 to v2.3.2

17th October 2019MusicLab releases RealLPC 5.0

17th October 2019Wavediggerz October Offers: 50% Off & Free Kits (with purchase)

17th October 2019Audio Plugin Deals Offer: 71% Off Keepforest AizerX Bundle (Modern + SFX)

16th October 2019Plughugger releases "Future Sound of Retro Acid House" for u-he Repro

16th October 2019Plughugger offers 35% off "Future Sound of Retro Acid House" for u-he Repro

16th October 2019Supremeja Music releases QSQ80 for Quanta

16th October 2019MeterPlugs Loudness Penalty Now Supports Amazon Music, Deezer

16th October 2019Bingoshakerz releases Urban Trap and launches Autumn Sale

16th October 2019Produce RNB releases Chordz and Melodies Vol.5 Audio/MIDI/Preset Kit

16th October 2019MeldaProduction updates their plugins to v13.06 and releases MTurboDelayMB

16th October 2019Fracture Sounds releases Toy Piano for Kontakt with intro sale

15th October 2019A Sound Effect gives away 20 SFX libraries from Sound Ex Machina

15th October 2019iZotope Ozone 9 Elements, Standard & Advanced up to 35% off

15th October 2019Seaweed Audio Fathom Synth $25 until November

15th October 2019EastWest Fall Flash Sale - 50% Off MSRP on almost everything thru 10/18

15th October 2019ZenSound releases "Betelgeuse" for Zebra2

15th October 2019Black Octopus Sound Halloween Sale: 40% off samples & presets and up to 80% off drum packs in the Kick or Beat bundle

15th October 2019Momo releases Behringer DeepMind 12 Editor and Controller

15th October 2019Oberheim 8000 releases Animations for UVI Falcon

15th October 2019Steinberg releases WaveLab Pro 10 and WaveLab Elements 10

15th October 2019NoiseAsh updates Heater to v1.1.0

15th October 2019Nembrini Audio releases Plugin Rig Host with Intro Offer

15th October 2019Sonic Cat updates Purity to v1.3.2 - 64-bit for Mac

15th October 2019Acon Digital updates Restoration Suite to v2.0 — a Giant Leap in Audio Quality

15th October 2019Resonance Sound releases Melodic Techno 2 by Sounds of Revolution

15th October 2019Klevgränd releases Knorr - Bass Vitalizer for Mac, Win & iOS

14th October 2019Red Sounds releases Future Chords For Cthulhu Vol. 2

14th October 2019Zenhiser releases "Aura - Progressive House" Sample Pack

14th October 2019NatLife Sounds releases Soundbreeze Imagination Serum Soundbank

14th October 2019Kushview updates Element to v0.39.0

14th October 2019Eventide Audio releases Rotary Mod emulation of classic Leslie speaker for iPhone and iPad

14th October 2019Syntheway releases Overdriverb - Overdrive and soft distortion effect for Windows and macOS

14th October 2019Cmusic Production releases "SOLO Clarinet" for Kontakt

14th October 2019NUGEN Audio updates SigMod to v1.2.3.0 - support for VST2 and AU hosting

14th October 2019Fanan team updates AnyImage to v1.1

13th October 2019NUGEN Audio update and offer: 40% off SigMod

12th October 2019LFO.Store releases Uno Synth “The One” soundset - 80 presets

12th October 2019rncbc.org announces Qtractor v0.9.10 for Linux

12th October 2019Thenatan X-Eight / 808 VST ($8.08)

12th October 2019Synapse Audio releases DUNE 3.2 with new skin and enhanced Retina support

11th October 2019IK Miroslav Philharmonik 2 $/€99.99 (80% off) Krazy Deal

11th October 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MTurboReverbLE, MWaveFolderMB, MEqualizerLP and MTransient

11th October 2019HY-Plugins updates SeqCollection2, Slicer, MPS2, SEQ16x3v2 and Delay4

11th October 2019discoDSP updates Bliss sampler / VSTi recorder to v1.7

11th October 2019Audentity Records releases: "Brazilian Bass Music 2" and "Low_Res Melodic Beats2

11th October 2019Resonance Sound - Techno Elements 2.0 75% Off Sale

11th October 2019HelloSamples releases Raw Series 5: CR-78 Vintage Analog Drums

10th October 2019Solcito Musica releases Arido 3.3 in 64-bit format for Windows

10th October 2019Big Fish Audio Columbus Day Sale: 20% Off All Orders

10th October 2019Audio Modeling updates Camelot to v1.0.6

10th October 2019UVI launches Falcon 2 with Special Promo (+the update is free for existing users)

10th October 2019Sound Response releases 'Binary Code 2' Interface UI Sci-Fi Sound Effects Sample Pack

10th October 2019forward audio releases "faIR - MESS California Rectifier" - Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Pack based on the Mesa 4x12 Rectifier

10th October 2019Channel Robot releases FourTune 4x Loop Player for Kontakt

10th October 2019Audiomodern releases Playbeat Creative Groove Randomizer for Mac, Win and iOS

10th October 2019forward audio offers "faIR - MESS California Rectifier" Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Pack 50% off

10th October 2019Ueberschall releases Dark Atmospheres (Elastik Soundbank)

9th October 2019Sample Logic releases Cinematic Guitars Motion for Kontakt

9th October 2019IK Multimedia debuts Hammond B-3X in partnership with Hammond USA and Suzuki Music Corp. of Japan

9th October 2019Alonso Sound releases Serum Rising Star Soundset Vol. 2

9th October 2019Wavelet Audio 30% Off Intro Offer @ Time+Space

9th October 2019NoiseAsh updates Vocal Finalizer to v1.2.7

9th October 2019Tom Wolfe releases 'Hyalus' soundbank for Arturia Pigments

8th October 2019Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.7.3 for Mac

8th October 2019VSTBuzz: 71% off Legacy Bundle by Sonixinema

8th October 2019Samples From Mars releases "OB From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit WAV

8th October 2019Ocean Swift Synthesis Polyphenom 2 Hybrid Synthesizer 50% off until 17th October

8th October 2019Accusonus releases Rhythmiq - a beat-assistant that uses A.I. to help you turn your tracks into a performance

8th October 2019HoRNet updates ThirtyOne to v1.2.5

8th October 2019Function Loops releases Groove Tech House and Funky Mixtape sample packs

7th October 2019Zenhiser releases "Mirrors - Techno" Sample Pack

7th October 2019FabFilter wins Engineering Emmy Award for Pro-Q 3

7th October 2019Enter for a Chance to Attend the ArtistWorks Big Guitar Getaway with Guthrie Trapp, Nathan East and Keith Wyatt

7th October 2019BlueLab releases Infra - Bass Enhancer Plug-in

7th October 2019Sampleson releases Things - A Visual Approach To Classic Synthesis

7th October 2019Synth-Presets releases SP2016-Classics for Eventide SP2016 Reverb with Half Price intro discount

7th October 2019New Sonic Arts updates Freestyle to v1.4003

6th October 2019D10Labo releases ModSynthMono RhythmDelay, & RhythmDelayFree for Mac & Win VST

6th October 2019Arpado Software updates Arpado to v1.1.1

6th October 2019ToneBoosters releases ReelBus - Tape simulation plug-in for iOS and iPadOS

5th October 2019Thenatan Trax Drum Machine 80% Off

5th October 2019BoB SwanS releases 70 New Korg Monologue Patches

5th October 2019Audiolounge Rhodes Affair 2 $69 for 3 days

5th October 2019Adamastor Virtual Instruments Alfama - Fado Virtual Instrument new pricing

4th October 2019Rayzoon releases "Neo 60" MiniPak for Jamstix 4

4th October 2019Fanan team releases AnyImage - A photo album generator plug-in for Windows

4th October 2019Beatskillz Soultastik Drums 75% off

4th October 2019Wusik announces five new products to be released in 2020

4th October 2019Psychic Modulation updates Phonec to v2.4 - MPE support

4th October 2019MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MDoubleTracker, MVocoder, MDelayMB and MAutopanMB

4th October 2019Audentity Records Offer: 1076 Presets for $9.95

4th October 2019PSP updates VintageWarmer to v2.8.1

4th October 2019Sound.Artenuovo releases Inspiring Pulses for Hive by Joseph Hollo

4th October 2019Xhun Audio releases ResonHeart Mechanical Synthesizer with Intro Offer

4th October 2019SKnote announces PSLTubeComp - Custom Tube Compressor Plug-in

4th October 2019MV's Plugins releases free MIDI Choir v3.0 for Windows

4th October 2019Martinic releases Kee Bass - Free Virtual Instrument

4th October 2019Karoryfer releases "Hadziha" Choir for Sforzando with intro offer

4th October 2019Cluster Sound Membership Sale: Half Price - Doubled Free Packs

4th October 2019XILS-lab updates StiX to v1.6 and launches Flash Sale

4th October 2019BOOM Library releases "Dirt Bikes" Sound Effects Library

3rd October 2019United Plugins update Royal Compressor, FireCobra and Hyperspace plugins

3rd October 2019MAX Your I/O and Studio Month promotions from IK

3rd October 2019GuDa updates SynthR to v1.3 - Adds wave table oscillators

3rd October 2019Lurker Beats releases Contrast Distortion and Contrast Distortion Mini

3rd October 2019Mercuriall Audio October Flash Sale - 33% Off

3rd October 2019LoopLords releases Betamax Theory

3rd October 2019Eplex7 DSP updates Analog Bass Unit N4 Bassline Synthesizer to 64-bit for Windows

3rd October 2019Plughugger releases "Operator One" for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

3rd October 2019UVI offers 40% off BeatBox Anthology 2 through October 7th, 2019

3rd October 2019Audio Plugin Deals "Cohesion" Sample Loop Library 80% Off Intro Offer

2nd October 2019Plughugger offers 50% off "Operator One" for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

2nd October 2019iZotope Ozone 9 Launch Pricing: 20% Off through October 31 (EST)

2nd October 2019ProSoundz releases "Trap Inception" Preset Bank for Sylenth1

2nd October 2019Heavyocity releases Ascend: Modern Grand for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer

2nd October 2019Beautiful Void Audio label joins Triple Spiral Audio

2nd October 2019KVR Audio Readers' Choice Awards 2019 - Nominate Now

2nd October 2019Wusik 2019 Group Buy Deal

2nd October 2019AudioThing updates Springs to v1.1

2nd October 2019cbasounds launches “Dirty Toy Piano” instrument + bonus samples

2nd October 2019United Plugins updates Front DAW to v1.1

2nd October 2019Synthblitz Audio updates DNX 03 Multiband Compressor to v2.6

1st October 2019TrapDoor Audio updates DPMF synth to v1.3

1st October 2019NatLife Sounds Autumn Sale: 40% off for All Products

1st October 2019W. A. Production Pumper + Helper Series Bundle 89% Off Flash Sale - $9.90

1st October 2019Datacode releases FOCUS: Melodic Techno (Sample Pack)

1st October 2019KV331 Audio updates SynthMaster One to v1.3: New skin, presets, scales, Cloud-based features and workflow improvements

1st October 2019Black Rooster Audio releases New Bundles with up to 50% discount

1st October 2019Sound Mechanics Sound Design release 'Analogue Circuits' for PolyKB lll

1st October 2019Strix Instruments Fall Sale - Up To 85% Off

1st October 2019ModeAudio releases 'Ambient Texture Loops' & 'Noise Texture Loops'

1st October 2019Xhun Audio launches ResonHeart Special Introductory Offer - Save 45%

1st October 2019Nembrini Audio releases Crunck V2 Guitar Amplifier for free