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News Archive for February 2016

29th February 2016Bolder Sounds releases Bluegrass Banjo v3.0 for Kontakt

29th February 2016Samba Godschynski updates VSTForx to v1.0.7 - Adds Frequency Detection Module

29th February 2016GuDa Audio updates DrumR to v1.2

29th February 2016Noise Makers releases Ambi Head: Ambisonics to 3D binaural converter

29th February 2016Pulsed Records releases 'Ministry Of House' - Vocals, Construction kits, Loops and Samples

29th February 2016Audio Masters releases "Nu Disco Club" - Construction Kits, Loops and Samples

29th February 2016Sound Dust releases "Steel Drum Percussion Room" with 40% off intro offer

29th February 2016Sinevibes updates Array, Inertia, Octagon, Sequential and Singularity for Mac

29th February 2016Zentralmassiv Sound releases free "SID Sounds" preset pack for MPowerSynth

28th February 2016Devil Soundz updates free Devil to v1.3 for Windows

28th February 2016JELSTUDIO releases OttoXMS - Automatic Volume Leveler for Windows

28th February 2016The Interruptor updates Bionic Supa Delay to v1.1 for Windows

28th February 2016Ourafilmes releases Distorted Chorus 2, Modulation Delays 2 and TubeStortion 1.0 for Windows

27th February 2016rf Music releases Comp87 - Compressor plug-in for Windows

27th February 2016Boyss-Sound-{e}-scapes releases 1st Year Free pack in Multiple Formats

27th February 2016Boyss-Sound-{e}-scapes Sample Libraries Up To 50% Off

27th February 2016Black Octopus releases "The Golden Hip Hop Principle" - Old school vinyl hip hop samples and loops

27th February 2016Raw Loops releases Tribal Drum Grooves

27th February 2016Wavosaur releases VST Speek 1.3 beta for Linux

27th February 2016Sonus Dept. releases free "DeepWig" for Bitwig Studio

27th February 2016Chocolate Audio BBassV Electric Bass for Kontakt 25% Off until March 1st

26th February 2016HY-Plugins releases HY-Phaser for Windows 32/64-bit

26th February 2016Navi Retlav Studio releases "Impulse Exploration 3" - Creative IR library for Convolution Reverbs

26th February 2016VSTBuzz: 50% off “Drumstruck Bundle” by The Unfinished

26th February 2016Voxengo updates free SPAN to v2.10

26th February 2016UVI announces Analog Motion expansion for Falcon

26th February 2016Diginoiz releases R&B Motion Pads 3

26th February 2016Ghostwave Audio releases "Cellspace vol.3" for Sonic Charge Synplant

26th February 2016HoRNet Offer: GuitarKit 50% Off

26th February 2016Plugin Boutique Exclusive: Sonic Faction Archetype Kontakt Bundle Group Deal

26th February 2016Dotec-Audio updates DeeSpeaker and DeeGain for Windows to v1.0.1 and DeeMax to v1.2.0

26th February 2016Zentralmassiv Sound releases "Impact" preset pack for MPowerSynth

26th February 2016Acoustica releases Mixcraft 7.7 with one-click publishing

26th February 2016ZenSound releases "Sagittarius" - Electronica soundset with a cinematic feel for Serum

26th February 2016Soundprovocation sound library sale: 50% off everything

25th February 2016Zenhiser releases "Trap Attack!" Sample Pack

25th February 2016IK Multimedia MAX Bundles for Mac & PC now available

25th February 2016Blinksonic° releases Duoz° Bundle - 2 Ensembles for Reaktor

25th February 2016Cinematique Instruments releases Mandolin for Kontakt

25th February 2016Patchpool releases Falcon Singles - Falcon Scapes Vol.1

25th February 2016Synthblitz Audio releases Spazial Pro - Stereo Expander VST Plug-in for Windows

25th February 2016Audiomodern releases ModulARPS - "Twisted Modular Goodness" for Kontakt, WAV, AIFF & REX

25th February 2016VSP releases Loquacious Symmetry for Omnisphere 2 with Intro Offer

24th February 2016Get the Plugin Alliance Free Bundle

24th February 2016Detunized releases Urban Crow sound library

24th February 2016Bitsonic releases "Custom Reverb" - Free Plug-in for Windows

24th February 2016Ignite Amps updates PTEq-X to v1.0.2

24th February 2016Tritik Offer: 33% Off Everything Until March 21st

24th February 2016Kymatica launches AUM - Audio Mixer for iOS

24th February 2016PlugInGuru releases Northern Lights for Omnisphere 2.1 with Intro Offer

24th February 2016Nyrv Systems updates Agent to v1.3.1.0 - changes licensing model

24th February 2016Plughugger offers Zen Electro for u-he Hive - 35% off until March 6

23rd February 2016Momo releases TR-8 EFX.Remote for Windows and Mac OS X

23rd February 2016pureMix.net announces Andrew Scheps Analog & Digital Mixing Tutorial Bundle

23rd February 2016Reveal Sound updates Spire to v1.1.3

23rd February 2016UVI updates Falcon to v1.0.7 and UVI Workstation to v2.6.3

23rd February 2016ForceSampling releases freeware "Toxic Metals" for Kontakt 5

23rd February 2016App Sound releases JP Basics for JP-08

23rd February 2016HoRNet updates GuitarKit to v1.1.0

23rd February 2016Rekkerd Sounds releases Sylenth Chillwaves

22nd February 2016HeadlessBuddha Samples offers Lo-Fi Wurly for $7

22nd February 2016Dance MIDI Samples releases 'Trance Sphera For Sylenth1'

22nd February 2016iZotope releases RX Plug-in Pack and Free RX Audio Cookbook

22nd February 2016rncbc.org announces Vee One Suite 0.7.3 - Ninth beta release for Linux

22nd February 2016Steinberg updates Cubasis for iPad to v1.9.8 - AU Support

22nd February 2016Native Instruments launches a 50% off special on Heavyocity instruments to celebrate NKS compatibility

22nd February 2016PSPaudioware updates PSP 2445 to v1.1.0 and launches re-intro offer

22nd February 2016Solcito Musica updates Arido Virtual Additive Synth to v3.2 for Windows

22nd February 2016MeldaProduction offers 50% off MPowerSynth, MDrumLeveler, MMultiBandTransient, MMultiBandChorus, MMultiBandWaveShaper

22nd February 2016TrainYourEars releases TrainYourEars EQ Edition 2.0 with Intro Offer

22nd February 2016LoopSample releases Human Dubstep live drum library for Kontakt

22nd February 2016Best Service releases Chris Hein Orchestral Brass Complete, OB Compact and Orchestral Winds Compact and updates Orchestral Winds Complete to v2.0

22nd February 2016Sound-Base Audio releases Free Version of AudioUtil Spectrum Analyzer for Android

21st February 2016Function Loops releases "Filthy Vocals", "This is Jungle Terror", and "Female Vocal Cuts" sample packs

21st February 2016Ignite VST updates "Heat Up 2" to v2.1

21st February 2016Audentity releases '#1 Vocal Super Pack'

20th February 2016Devil Soundz updates Devil Reverb and Vocal Reverb for Windows to v1.1

20th February 2016rf music updates Destroyer 3 to v3.0.4 - Multi-FX for Windows

19th February 2016IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube MESA/Boogie for iOS

19th February 2016Art and Technology: An Interview with Imogen Heap

19th February 2016Plugin Boutique Deal: 60% Off Air Music Hybrid 3 [Exclusive]

19th February 2016FeelYourSound releases free Scale Chords MIDI package

19th February 2016Ignite Amps releases PTEq-X - vintage tube program equalizer

19th February 2016Sami Younes releases Perspective for Valhalla UberMod

19th February 2016One Small Clue updates Poise to v1.1.54.0

19th February 2016Zenhiser releases "EDM Floorshakers" Sample Pack

18th February 2016Raw Loops Releases 'Layers & Textures Raxx" & "Synthetic Tech"

18th February 2016ModeAudio releases "Resonate - Analog Drum Samples"

18th February 2016AIR offer: Save up to 60% at Plugin Boutique

18th February 2016Aiyn Zahev Sounds releases Spice Vol.1 soundbank for DUNE 2

18th February 2016AudioThing updates Frostbite (v1.5.1) and Fog Convolver (v1.2.2)

18th February 2016HoRNet 40% Off Flash Sale

18th February 2016Audiofier releases SEQui2R Synth for Kontakt and two new Sound Expansions for SEQui2R 1.2

18th February 2016VSTBuzz: 50% off “Sunbird” Acoustic Guitar by Acousticsamples

18th February 2016Analogue Press releases "The Sampling Handbook" eBook with Intro Offer

18th February 2016Igor Vasiliev updates FieldScaper to v1.3 - Sound warp field recorder and scape constructor for iPhone and iPad

18th February 2016UVI offers 60% off Vector Pro (through February 22nd)

18th February 2016SampleTraxx releases Stigma - Vocal Textures, Atmospheres & Drones for Kontakt

17th February 2016Plughugger releases Smash! - 150 EDM and modern pop sounds for Omnisphere 2

17th February 2016Splice releases Beat Maker - Make and Share Beats Online

17th February 2016Voxengo updates CurveEQ - Spline Equalizer to v3.4

17th February 2016Sinevibes releases Array 3.0 "spectral sequencer" for Mac

17th February 2016Strezov Sampling Offers 60% Off Thunder Cinematic Percussion Series

17th February 2016123creative.com releases "Event Horizon" - Dune 2 presets

17th February 2016discoDSP updates Bliss Sampler / VSTi Recorder to v1.0.3

17th February 2016iZotope releases DDLY Dynamic Delay Plug-in - Free until March 10th

17th February 2016Drumdrops releases the "Modern Folk Rock Kit" for BFD with a special offer

16th February 2016Xenos Soundworks releases "Pop Fusion Synths" for NI Massive

16th February 2016Momo releases TB-3 Editor Classic PLUS

16th February 2016Orange Tree Samples releases "Evolution Modern Nylon" for Kontakt Player

16th February 2016MeldaProduction offers 50% off MCompare, MStereoProcessor, MMultiBandGranular, MMultiBandFreqShifter, MMultiBandFlanger

16th February 2016Ueberschall releases Guitar Feedback (Elastik soundbank)

16th February 2016MeldaProduction updates all effects and MPowerSynth to 9.18, MDrummer to 6.03 and releases MWaveFolder & MMultiBandWaveFolder

16th February 2016Hypersynth Winter Sale: 30% Off SIDizer & Oresus for Windows

15th February 2016Zenhiser releases "House Of The Future" Sample Pack

15th February 2016She Rocks, and Performs, and Programs, and Engineers, and…

15th February 2016Dance MIDI Samples releases "Endeavour Psytrance for Sylenth1 Vol 2"

15th February 2016LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v2.02

15th February 2016Up to 80% Off on all True Trance Recordings Templates

15th February 2016Exotic States releases "Photosynthesis Vol 4 - Realms" for Kontakt

15th February 2016ProjectSAM offers new pricing for Symphobia Series + Free 1.51 update with full CC control

15th February 2016HoRNet updates ELM128 to v1.1.0 - AAX Support on Windows

15th February 2016Sonivox introduces 5 new Singles Instruments

15th February 2016PSound Valentine's Offer: Vintage Accordion and World Musette 30% Off

15th February 20168Dio Launches Project "Free You" - Create 5 Sounds And Receive Entire Library For Free

14th February 2016Art Vista releases Malmsjö GVI for Kontakt

14th February 2016Sami Younes offer: 25% Off "Perspective for Valhalla UberMod"

14th February 2016Gospel Musicians releases "MKSensation" for iPhone, and $19.99 sales for all Neo-Soul Keys EPs and all MKSensation synths

14th February 2016Adam Szabo releases free Phazor plug-in

13th February 2016Devil Soundz releases free Devil Drummr 1.0 for Windows

13th February 2016Mystery Islands Music extends Valentine's Day sale throughout February

13th February 2016Softrave releases Tuba VSTi for Windows

12th February 2016Join Plugin Alliance this month and get Unfiltered Audio's G8 for $19

12th February 2016Rast Sound World Vocals Bundle Deal

12th February 2016Rast Sound releases World Vocals Bundle for Kontakt & Wav

12th February 2016The Unfinished releases Algorhythms 02 - drum sample library

12th February 2016Reveal Sound updates Spire to v1.1.2

12th February 2016zplane updates PPMulator (v3.3.1)

11th February 2016Ultimate X Sounds releases Hybrid X Sounds Vol.1 for Access Virus TI

11th February 2016VSP releases Origami for Omnisphere 2

11th February 2016Diginoiz releases Sylenth Trap Chiefs 2

11th February 2016123creative Deal: 50% off 'Cerebral Ambient Glitch' Sample pack until February 29

11th February 2016Frederikson labs updates vosyr Free volca Sample Manager to v2.1.1

11th February 2016Kilohearts releases free plugin Snap Heap, new Reverb, and updates to all plugins

11th February 2016FluffyAudio releases Stefania Maratti: Solo Flute for Kontakt 5

11th February 2016CFA-Sound releases GRIP Valve Drive Compressor

11th February 2016UVI offers 40% off Complete Toy Museum (through February 15th)

11th February 2016iZotope DDLY Dynamic Delay Free Until March 10th

11th February 2016MeldaProduction updates all effects and MPowerSynth to 9.17 and releases MOscilloscope

11th February 2016SIR Audio Tools updates StandardEQ to v1.3

11th February 2016Wolfgang Palm updates PPG Phonem to v1.0.2

10th February 2016VSTBuzz: 62% off “Enigma I + II” Bundle by Xtant Audio

10th February 2016Gothic Instruments Dronar: Hybrid Module introductory offer - 16% Off

10th February 2016Puremagnetik releases Jax - Roland JX-8P Patches for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic

10th February 2016Origins of Audio updates Pulse for Kontakt to v1.1

10th February 2016Origins of Audio: 30% off discount storewide till February 15

10th February 2016Softrave Offers Buy One Ethnic Instrument VSTi Get 1 For Free Discount

10th February 2016Plughugger offers SMASH! for Omnisphere 2 - 35% off until February 22

10th February 2016True Trance Recordings releases "Cosmic Plucks vol. 3" for Lennar Digital Sylenth1

9th February 2016HeadlessBuddha Samples Carnival Sale: Up to 35% off

9th February 2016A.O.M. updates their plug-ins to v1.7.5

9th February 2016Direct Approach Demo Video for LimitX is available

9th February 2016Audified releases second generation of the inValve Effects

9th February 2016Xenos Soundworks releases Premium OVO Collection for NI Massive

9th February 2016The NAMM 2016 Report

9th February 2016Softube releases Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor (updates software to v2.2.84)

9th February 2016Voxengo releases OldSkoolVerb Plus

9th February 2016TBProAudio releases LA xLimit II - Enhanced Limiter Plugin for Windows and Mac OS X

9th February 2016DMG Audio updates Limitless - The Master Limiter for Mac & Win to v1.0.2

9th February 2016MOTU updates Digital Performer to v9.0.2

9th February 2016Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9749

9th February 2016AudioFront updates MIDI Expression Control to v2.3.1.0

9th February 2016ElliottGarage updates EGDR808 Drum Machine HD for iOS to v2.11

9th February 2016Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Sampler to v1.6.1

9th February 2016TwistedWave Audio Editor for OS X updated to v1.16

9th February 2016Apple updates Final Cut Pro X to v10.2.3

9th February 2016FeelYourSound updates Sundog Scale Studio to v2.3.0

9th February 2016Digital Brain Instruments releases Creature Roar & Hisses - Free sample pack

9th February 2016Square & line releases free "Nasa Space Pack" and "Pure glitch data beat" for Bitwig Studio (+WAV)

9th February 2016Time+Space releases Dronar: Hybrid Module for Kontakt by Gothic Instruments

9th February 2016Tritik updates tkDelay to v1.3.3

8th February 2016Zenhiser releases "Kick Back & Sax" Sample Pack

8th February 2016Mogees releases Tutorial Videos for iOS and Mac users

8th February 2016Auddict releases OctoHorn French Horns for Kontakt

8th February 2016Auddict Offer: 50% Off OctoHorn for Kontakt

8th February 2016Cmusic Production offers 35% Valentine's Day Discounts

8th February 2016Momo releases Roland TB-3 Sound Editor

8th February 2016MeldaProduction offers 50% off MSpectralDynamics, MVintageRotary, MEqualizerLinearPhase, MStereoGenerator, MMultiBandTremolo

8th February 2016HoRNet releases AnalogStage - Analog Console Emulation

8th February 2016Audiority updates TS-1 Transient Shaper to v1.1

8th February 2016SPC Plugins updates ArcSyn to v1.2

8th February 2016Tokyo Dawn Labs update SlickEQ, Nova and Kotelnikov

7th February 2016Zenhiser releases "Devine Melodies" Sample Pack

7th February 2016Radium Audio updates Radium Music Editor to v3.6.1

6th February 2016HY-Plugins updates their plug-ins for Windows

6th February 2016Nutty Traxx releases Virus TI Soundset

6th February 2016Track Spark Free Trial Offer: Get 'That Thing' by Beatskillz, 'Hybrid Technologies' by SampleTraxx, 'Stylephone' by Xtant Audio, Loops and Tutorials

6th February 2016Planet-H updates G-Stomper Studio for Android to v5.0 - Wavetable Synthesis for VA-Beast

5th February 2016Raw Loops releases Deep Dark Techno

5th February 2016Dotec-Audio releases "DeeSpeaker" Monitor Simulator VST/AU plug-in for Win & Mac

5th February 2016In Session Audio releases "Fluid Harmonics" for Kontakt

5th February 2016SampleScience updates Orion Sound Module to v1.1 - 30+ New Sounds

5th February 2016ProduceRNB Offer: Save 43% on The R&B Chord Progressions MIDI Library Vol. 3 this Super Bowl Weekend

5th February 2016Marco Scherer releases Drum Depot: Vermona DRM

5th February 2016Shattered Glass Audio releases Code Red - Emulation of a Classic, 1960s, All-Tube British Console

5th February 2016Future Loops releases FX100 - Spire + WAV

5th February 2016Pakotec releases “Classic House Loops Vol 2” sample pack

5th February 2016Produce RNB releases The R&B Chord Progressions Vol. 3 by Kamau Duane

5th February 2016ModeAudio releases 'String Theory - Hip Hop Guitars & Beats'

5th February 2016Function Loops releases "Inmagine EDM Vocals" and "Ultra EDM 2016" Sample Packs

5th February 2016PechenegFX releases AutoSwell Pro VST/AU Plug-in for Mac OS X

5th February 2016Wusik Station V8 + Wusik 8000 Special Deal

5th February 2016ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v5.4.0 for Windows

5th February 2016GForce Software Streetly Tapes 3 for M-Tron Pro Intro Offer (50% Off)

5th February 2016Audiomodern releases Streakulator for Max For Live

5th February 2016Sound Dust releases Flutter EP Wavetable Add-on Update with Intro Offer

5th February 2016GForce Software releases Streetly Tapes - Vol 3 Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro with Intro Offer

4th February 2016Alonso Sound releases "Hardwell Sylenth1 Soundset Vol. 2" for LennarDigital Sylenth1

4th February 2016Cakewalk releases Manchester SONAR Update

4th February 2016Sugar Audio releases Oscarizor - Parametric Oscilloscope Plug-in

4th February 2016Sound Designer Libraries On Sale at Sounds And Effects

4th February 2016AudioThing releases "Latin Percussion" Drum Machine for Mac & Win, VST, AU & AAX with Intro Offer

4th February 2016Solcito Musica updates SuperSonico Virtual Synth to v5.1 for Windows

4th February 2016Loomer updates Manifold and Resound for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux to v1.7.3

3rd February 2016Plughugger releases Twilight - Cinematic and ambient sounds for u-he Diva

3rd February 2016Diginoiz releases Synth Style Sounds 5 - Vintage Analog

3rd February 2016Output releases Beautiful Pads - New REV Expansion

3rd February 2016UAD releases UAD Software v8.5 - Plug-ins from Softube, Sonnox, and Brainworx for UAD-2 and Apollo Interfaces

3rd February 2016Biome Digital February Sale - Up To 50% Off Sound Libraries and Sound Packs

3rd February 2016Pulseheads releases Techno Tops 606 - 121 one bar loops

3rd February 2016Ableton Link now available in Live 9.6

3rd February 2016Win: Free month membership to SubBass Online

3rd February 2016New Sonic Arts updates Nuance to v1.6434

3rd February 2016OverTone DSP AF-2-10 Graphical EQ 60% off until 1st March 2016

3rd February 2016Congratulations to our Eventide Anthology X Giveaway Winner

2nd February 2016Xtant Audio releases CZ-Alpha - Synthesizer Sample Library for Kontakt

2nd February 2016Adam Monroe Music releases Audio Unit Version of Adam Monroe's Upright Piano

2nd February 2016Kazrog updates Thermionik 5 Amp Modeling Suite for Mac & Win to v5.0.2

2nd February 2016Dance MIDI Samples releases "Shaper EDM Volume 2 For Access Virus TI"

2nd February 2016AIR Introductory offer: Save 30% on Creative FX Collection (Plus)

2nd February 2016iZotope Celebrates 15th Birthday with 64-bit Version of Free Vinyl Plug-in

2nd February 2016Nomad Factory and DontCrack say 'Thank You' with a Free Plug-in - Bus Driver

2nd February 2016Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor Plug-in Added to Focusrite Softube Time and Tone Bundle

2nd February 2016Synthblitz Audio updates "VA RAXS" to v1.7 - Mastering Rack for Windows

2nd February 2016HoRNet 48-Hour Sale: 40% Off

2nd February 2016JELSTUDIO releases Otto - Automatic Amplitude Wave-shape Equalizer Windows VST Plug-in

2nd February 2016SKYLIFE releases SampleRobot 5.05 Pro (Automatic Sampling Software)

2nd February 2016Ueberschall releases Glitch Art (Elastik Soundbank)

2nd February 2016GuDa Audio updates EuterpeXL Synth to v1.3

2nd February 2016Zvork updates Volt SL-1 Rack Extension to v2.1

1st February 2016Twisted Tools Anniversary Sale - Save 33% Off Storewide

1st February 2016Zenhiser releases "Anodyne Techno" Sample Pack

1st February 2016Softube and Marshall collaborate with Code Amplifier Family

1st February 2016Eventide Octavox Half Price Offer

1st February 2016Audio Mind Project Offer: 50% Off "FM8 Experience" Soundset

1st February 2016MeldaProduction offers 50% off MAutoVolume, MDrumEnhancer, MMultiBandBitFun, MMultiBandComb, MFreeformAnalogEq

1st February 2016Benoit Serrano releases free Orpheus v2 for Windows

1st February 2016AAS offers 25% off Chromaphone with free upgrade to upcoming v2

1st February 2016Wagsrfm releases sound library for Linplug Spectral

1st February 2016Toontrack announces Country Month

1st February 2016Native Instruments releases Solar Breeze Maschine Expansion

1st February 2016Waves SSL 4000 Collection Limited-Time Offer - 60% Off

1st February 2016Kazrog updates Thermionik 5 Amp Modeling Suite for Mac & Win to v5.0.1

1st February 2016Waves Special Offers (Up to 50% off)

1st February 2016patchpool releases Phonemklatura for Phonem

1st February 2016discoDSP Winter Sale: 33% off plug-ins and sound banks