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News Archive for April 2016

30th April 2016AIR introduce AIEP3 (Select) & (Complete)

30th April 2016Syntler updates Drumper VST Drum Machine to v2.3 for Windows

30th April 2016Cableguys VolumeShaper 40% off

29th April 2016SampleTraxx releases BLEED Sound Effects Collection

29th April 2016Ampl4 releases Ampl4 for Positive Grid Bias: Amp Manager for Positive Grid Apps & Plugins

29th April 2016Level Up Masters offers New Mastering Service

29th April 2016Nova Sound releases Gun Sound FX for Music and Media Production

29th April 2016Planet-H updates G-Stomper Studio for Android to v5.1 - Insert Effects per Mixer Channel

29th April 2016VirHarmonic releases "Cello Freebie" for UVI Workstation

29th April 2016SKnote releases Disto AAX for Pro Tools

29th April 2016The Unfinished releases Diva Praxis

28th April 2016Raw Loops releases Drum Rolls and Deep House Synths

28th April 2016Loopmasters Flash Artist Series Sale - Save 50%

28th April 2016JELSTUDIO releases "AutoEQ" - VST Effect Plug-in for Windows

28th April 2016HeadlessBuddha Samples Announces the Pianos Bundle and 50% off intro offer

28th April 2016Payday-Weekend at Best Service - 25% Off Soundiron products

28th April 2016Synthblitz Audio updates DNX 03 Multiband Compressor to v2.2 for Windows

28th April 2016Monade Sounds releases DarkPads, Korean Gayageum, Tonewheel Organ and CZ5000FA (Ableton Live Packs)

28th April 2016Function Loops releases Psychedelic Trance Synths and G-House Drums & Vocals sample packs

28th April 2016MusicLab releases RealStrat 4.0 for Mac & Win

28th April 2016UVI releases Attack EP88 - Tacked electric piano library

28th April 2016Ueberschall releases 80s Synthwave (Elastik soundbank)

28th April 2016Biome Digital Offer: These Are The Kicks - 50% Off

28th April 2016Plughugger releases "The Underground" - 90s Techno-House for Omnisphere 2 with Intro Offer

28th April 2016Mercuriall Audio Software releases 64-bit AAX version of Tube Amp Ultra 530 for Mac & Win (incl. free version)

28th April 2016Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to 7.1.8

28th April 2016audioström releases LiveProfessor 2 Beta 1.2

28th April 2016n-Track Software updates n-Track Studio to v8.0.1 for Mac & Win

28th April 2016Acoustica updates Mixcraft 7.7 to build 310

27th April 2016ILIO releases Fire Water For Omnisphere 2.1

27th April 2016rncbc.org releases Qtractor v0.7.7 "Haziest Photon" for Linux

27th April 2016Monoplugs updates Monique to v1.0.2

27th April 2016Realivox Teresa Soprano Diva updated with Walkthrough Video

27th April 2016VSTBuzz: 50% off “Bounce” Compressor Plugin by BeatSkillz

27th April 2016Biome Digital releases Dub Techno Loops

27th April 2016123creative releases "Goa Psytrance Soundset" for Roland JP8000 series hardware synths

27th April 2016Online Music Foundry releases 'Granular Drum Kits' for Padshop and Padshop Pro

27th April 2016thefutureisold releases 3 preset packs for Dmitry Sches Tantra

27th April 2016Igor Vasiliev updates FieldScaper to v1.5 - Sound warp field recorder and scape constructor for iPhone and iPad

26th April 2016RF Music releases Comp87 MB - Multi-band Compressor for Windows VST

26th April 2016Klysoft releases ITVL - Step sequencer for Mac & Win

26th April 2016HoRNet releases "VU Meter MK3" Metering and Auto Gain Staging Tool

26th April 2016New Sonic Arts updates Vice to v1.3 and Granite to v1.58

26th April 2016Zenhiser releases "Conscious" Sample Pack

25th April 2016Time+Space Offer: 20% off Sound Dust libraries for Kontakt, Omnisphere and Maschine

25th April 2016HeadlessBuddha Samples offers 50% off on Old Organ and Old Harpsych

25th April 2016Diginoiz releases Return Of The Hustle

25th April 2016Audified releases Live Production Bundle

25th April 2016ModeAudio releases "Constellation - Massive R&B Presets"

25th April 2016MeldaProduction offers 50% off MXXX, MMultiBandSaturator, MRotary, MMultiBandRingModulator

25th April 2016MusE 3.0pre1 Now Available for Linux

25th April 2016No Fear: Report from the 2016 Frankfurt Musikmesse

25th April 2016Cycling '74 updates Max to v7.2.2

25th April 2016Voxengo updates TransGainer Transient Adjustment Plug-in to v1.7 - AAX64 Support

25th April 2016Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v5.8.0

25th April 2016OverTone DSP announces new price for AF2-10 Graphical EQ plug-In

25th April 2016SampleTraxx 40% Off Sale

24th April 2016SubsonicArtz releases Interstellar for Omnisphere 2

24th April 2016VintageSynthPads offers The 40 Soundset Sale

24th April 2016Cableguys release VolumeShaper 4.2 and PanShaper 1.1 (+ VolumeShaper 40% off)

24th April 2016Sonic Cat Special Offer: 50% Off until 30th April

24th April 2016TBProAudio releases dEQ6 - 6-Band Dynamic Equalizer Plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X

23rd April 2016Tek'it Audio Black Spring Deals 2016: Up To 50% Off All Plug-ins

22nd April 2016Function Loops Buy One, Get One Free Weekend Promotion

22nd April 2016Audio Masters releases South Eastern Cinematic Voices - Vocal Soundtracks for Cinematic Productions

22nd April 2016Dystopian Disco releases free Korg volca fm Editor for Max for Live

22nd April 2016Best Service releases Chris Hein Solo Violin for Kontakt Player

22nd April 2016Particle Sound releases "Forks" - Tuned percussion and soundscapes instrument for Kontakt 5

22nd April 2016Sugar Bytes updates Cyclop to v1.2.0 - NKS Ready

22nd April 2016Sonic Sirius releases Free Soundbank Vol.3 by CHE for Virus TI Snow

22nd April 2016Plugin Boutique Sturmsounds-Electro Turner MK2 Introductory Sale

22nd April 2016Minimal System Group offers 75% off all VST Plugins and Live Packs

22nd April 2016Synth-Presets releases "Revolutionary Rooms" for ValhallaRoom with Intro Offer

21st April 2016Marco Scherer releases Drum Depot: Deep Drums

21st April 2016Martinic releases Scanner Vibrato Analog Chorus Plug-in for Mac & Win VST & AU

21st April 2016Momo releases Korg Volca Beats MIDI Remote Editor

21st April 2016Nova Sound and Nick Tha EngineEar release "Tha EngineEar" AU & VST Instrument Plug-in

21st April 2016Special Introductory Price: 50% off Contra by Audio Vitamins

21st April 2016IK Multimedia adds import and editing to free SampleTank 3 CS (v3.6.5 update)

21st April 2016Audio Vitamins release Contra - Plug-in Comparison Tool for Mac OS X (Windows coming soon)

21st April 2016UVI offers 50% off Gypsy Jazzy (through April 25th)

21st April 2016Drum drops releases It's A Jazz Thing - Jazz Drum multi-tracks, stem packs and drum loops

21st April 2016Sugar Audio releases Oscarizor v2.0 - Multi Channel Spectrum Analyzer Plug-in for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

21st April 2016PlugInGuru releases Instant Score: Galactik - Modern Sonic Patches for Omnisphere 2.2

21st April 2016FeelYourSound updates Sundog Scale Studio to v2.4.0

21st April 2016WOW Offer: Save 50% on TimewARP 2600 to celebrate Plugin Boutique Launch

20th April 2016VSTBuzz: 60% off “Esspresso” De-Esser Plugin by Klevgrand

20th April 2016Tone2 announces Icarus - 3D Wavetable Synthesizer

20th April 2016Orchestral Tools releases CAPSULE 2.5 Update

20th April 2016App Sound releases Sax House Sample Collection for Apple Logic Pro

20th April 2016Plughugger offers The Underground for Spectrasonics Omnisphere - 35% off until May 1st

20th April 2016Sounds And Effects Offer: Pure Acoustic Sale - Up To 50% Off

20th April 2016ZenSound releases Valhalla - Cinematic, dark and industrial soundset for Bazille

20th April 2016123creative releases "Serum Ammo" - 100 patches for Serum

20th April 2016Function Loops releases Festival House and Mega Festival Trap sample packs

20th April 2016HoRNet 40% flash sale on everything

20th April 2016O Deus Audio updates ASIO Link Pro to v2.4.2

19th April 2016Snow Audio releases GLITCHD Sample Pack

19th April 2016Versilian Studios releases Folder-to-SFZ Converter

19th April 2016Pakotec releases "Future Bass Tools Vol 1" sample pack

19th April 2016Toontrack releases Seventies Rock EZX expansion for EZdrummer 2

19th April 2016Blinksonic updates Ruidoz Beat Generator & Sample Mangler for Reaktor 5/6 to v2.1.9

19th April 2016Soundlib updates G-Player to v2.1.4 and announces AAX version

18th April 2016Adam Monroe Music releases Audio Unit Version of Adam Monroe's Electric Bass

18th April 2016Zenhiser releases "Oldskool Revival" Sample Pack

18th April 2016Exotic States releases "Nailstrom" for Kontakt

18th April 20162nd Sense Audio updates Wiggle Dynamic Waveshaping Synthesizer to 1.0.2 – More Factory Presets

18th April 2016D16 Group releases Frontier - Self-Adaptive Versatile Limiter for Mac OS X and Windows (incl. 64-Bit)

18th April 2016JELSTUDIO updates Otto to v20160416 - Adds Automatic Tonal EQ

18th April 2016Plugin Boutique Exclusive Blue Cat Audio Sale

18th April 2016MeldaProduction offers 50% off MMultiBandDynamics, MDrumEnhancer, MMultiBandDelay, MModernCompressor

18th April 2016ProducerLoops.com releases "Progressive Trap Vol 2" Sample Pack

18th April 2016Best Service releases "Trinity Drums" for Kontakt

18th April 2016NUSofting Sinnah 1.0 Freeware Synth Released for Mac & Win VST & AU

17th April 2016Jonathan Pivar releases Zen Musical Harmonizer ZMH-1 for iPad and iPhone

17th April 2016Wagsrfm releases sound library for u-he ACE

17th April 2016Samples From Mars Releases "Voyetra From Mars" Synth Sampler Instruments

17th April 2016Navi Retlav Studio releases "Parsec Combination" ReFill for Propellerhead Parsec Rack Extension

16th April 2016HY-Plugins releases HY-ChoFla - Free Chorus/Flanger for Windows 32/64-bit

16th April 2016Raw Loops releases Modular FX, Sylenth1 Deep Tech Presets & Brooklyn Underground

16th April 2016KLOTOID Audio Effects releases "Twin Reeler" Vibrato Plug-in (Free beta version for Win64 VST3)

16th April 2016Rast Sound offers Hang Melo with introductory price

16th April 2016Yuri Turov launches Shoom - Synthesizer for iPad

16th April 2016Rast Sound releases Hang Melo - Deep Sampled Hang Drum Instrument for Kontakt / WAV

15th April 2016Future Loops releases Wobble House & Techno Bass

15th April 2016Digital Brain Instruments updates Voxpat Monster, Creature and Robotic Voice Designer Tool to v1.2

15th April 2016SampleModeling releases French Horn & Tuba 3 for Kontakt Player

15th April 2016Auddict releases "Drums of the Deep" for Kontakt

15th April 2016Extent of the Jam releases Digits v2.0 for Win and Mac (Free Phase Distortion Synth)

15th April 2016audioström releases LiveProfessor 2 Beta 1.1

15th April 2016Auddict Offer: 50% Off Drums of the Deep for Kontakt

15th April 2016Chocolate Audio The Black Album Drums and Audiority TS-1 Bundle Deal - 45% Off

15th April 2016HoRNet updates DeeLay to v1.3.0

15th April 2016Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.6.1

15th April 2016Chocolate Audio updates The Black Album Drums to v2.0.3 and bundles with Audiority TS-1

15th April 2016zplane releases ppmBatch V1 - Loudness Normalization Tool for Mac & Win

15th April 2016Akai Pro and MVP introduce Sound Mob MPC Expansion

15th April 2016Sound Magic Special Offer: Buy Effect Plugin, Get a USB Microphone for Free

14th April 2016JRR Shop Offer: 50% off Mozaic Beats AutoTheory, now $24.50

14th April 2016IHIHI updates CARL to 1.1 for OS X

14th April 2016Plughugger releases DBX-m - Bass expander for Native Instruments Monark

14th April 2016Audiority updates Polaris to v1.1 introducing Shimmer and extended intro pricing

14th April 2016New Sonic Arts updates Vice to v1.2657

14th April 2016Deplike Software Spring Sale: Up To 66% Off Andrig Gear for Android

14th April 2016Strezov Sampling Offers 20% Off Thunder X3M - Cinematic Percussion

14th April 2016NUGEN Audio to Preview New Audio Management Batch Processor Plus Full Adobe Premiere Pro CC Integration for Loudness Toolkit 2

14th April 2016Waves releases X-FDBK Feedback Eliminator (+V9 updated April 13th)

14th April 2016Modartt releases Hans Ruckers II Harpsichord for Pianoteq (+updated to v5.6.0)

14th April 2016NUGEN Audio releases 9.1 Option for Halo Upmix With Full Support for Dolby Atmos and Overhead Positioning

14th April 2016UVI offers 60% off World Traditions (through April 18th)

14th April 2016Sonic Sirius releases Free Soundbank Vol.2 by CHE for Virus TI Snow

13th April 2016Audentity releases 'Festival House By Alpharock' Samples & Presets

13th April 2016GuDa audio EuterpeXL April Sale - 61% Off

13th April 2016Audio Masters releases "Complex Electro Funk" - Construction Kits, Loops and Samples

13th April 2016Beat releases free "Assault" soundbank for Zampler

13th April 2016ModeAudio Releases "Remnant - Deep Ambient Loops"

13th April 2016VSTBuzz: 40% off “Syntorial” – Synth Programming Tutorial Software

13th April 2016Musicrow Spring Sale: Everything 30% Off

13th April 2016HOFA-Plugins releases "4U+ DynamicTiltEQ" Tilt EQ Plug-in for Mac & Win

13th April 2016Frank Rittberger releases Smidy v2.0

12th April 2016Eventide releases Tverb - Based on David Bowie's Heroes recording

12th April 2016HoRNet 40% Sale For 2 Days

12th April 2016Red Earth Audio updates Rifflab for Reaktor to v1.1

12th April 2016Biome Digital introduces loyalty points and free sample pack

12th April 2016Plugin Boutique Sale: Novation V Station & Bass Station 50% Off

12th April 2016MeldaProduction offers 50% off MDrumLeveler, MWobbler, MMultiBandBitFun, MMultiBandWaveShaper

11th April 2016Zenhiser releases "The Evolution Of Trap" Sample Pack

11th April 2016HeadlessBuddha Samples releases Full Bundle

11th April 2016Flexbyte Software updates Free Sounds for Android to v1.2.2

11th April 2016Air updates Air Creative FX

11th April 2016Molecular Bytes announces "AtomicTransient" Polyphonic Transient Plug-in

11th April 2016DDMF releases Transport - Free Plug-in for Mac & Win VST, AU, AAX & RTAS

11th April 2016Inear Display updates Incipit to v1.1 (Win & Mac, VST & AU)

11th April 2016AudioThing releases "Speaker" - Overdrive with Speaker emulation for Mac & Win, VST, AU & AAX

11th April 2016MeldaProduction updates all effects and MPowerSynth to 9.22, MDrummer to 6.04 and releases MPhatik

11th April 2016ThaLoops Spring Sale: 40% Off

11th April 2016Sinevibes introduces new “Dynamic Collection” plugin bundle for Mac

10th April 2016AudioThing Anniversary Sale - 25% Off Products, 10% Off Bundles, Free Plug-in

10th April 2016easytoolz releases Jubilee-Pack: 5 Plugins for 5€ to celebrate 10 Years

10th April 2016Adam Monroe Music releases Adam Monroe's Electric Bass for Windows VST and Kontakt

10th April 2016Mirax Labs updates vstPlayer to v2.2

9th April 2016PinkNoise Studio updates Essence ReFill to 1.2

9th April 2016Wagsrfm releases sound library for Electra 2

9th April 2016Apple updates MainStage to v3.2.4 and GarageBand for Mac to v10.1.1

9th April 2016Muletone Audio releases "Brazilian Series: Timbal" for Kontakt with Spring Sale

9th April 2016SPC Plugins updates ArcSyn to v1.4

8th April 2016Future Loops Releases Future Chill & Downtempo

8th April 2016Origins of Audio offers 40% off on selected products

8th April 2016Voxengo updates Voxformer Vocal Channel Strip Plug-in to v2.11 - AAX-64 support

8th April 2016JUCE 4.2 Now Available

8th April 2016MixMeister Offer: Save 50% on Studio Remix DAW

8th April 2016Sonivox Offer: Percussion Sale Save 60%

8th April 2016Cluster Sound releases Drum Brain - Max For Live drum sampler

8th April 2016AIR Offer: Spring Sale - Save Up To 60%

8th April 2016Sound Magic Updates Neo DynaMaster to v1.2 and Imperial Grand to v3.1

8th April 2016MOTU announces Thunderbolt ASIO Driver For Windows

8th April 2016Eventide Teams with Tony Visconti to create Tverb Reverb Plug-in

7th April 2016An Interview with Doug Rogers: Taking advantage of the shift from Ownership to Loanership

7th April 2016Prominy updates Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar to v1.10 with new features and NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) support

7th April 2016Output releases Ambient Vocals - Exhale Expansion

7th April 2016Amazing Machines releases AM104 CV Mixer for Reaktor Blocks

7th April 2016Softube announces British Class A For Console 1

7th April 2016Kazrog releases Recabinet 5

7th April 2016Deadmau5 releases Chimeara Sample Pack Exclusive to Splice Sounds

7th April 2016Syntheway updates DAL Flute to v3.0 for Windows

7th April 2016Synchro Arts releases Revoice Pro 3.2

7th April 2016Softube announces Modular - Cross-platform Modular Synthesizer Plug-in

7th April 2016Bitwig Studio updated to v1.3.9

7th April 2016HoRNet updates ChannelStrip MK3 to v3.1

7th April 2016PSound Musikmesse Offer: 30% off Vintage Accordion and World Musette

7th April 2016UVI offers 50% off EGP (through April 11th)

7th April 2016Plugin Alliance announces Brainworx bx_panEQ, SPL EQ Ranger Plus and Acme Opticom XLA-3

7th April 2016Universal Audio announces UAD-2 Satellite USB DSP Accelerators

7th April 2016iConnectivity releases iConnectAudio2+ 2-in 6-out audio & MIDI interface

6th April 2016Universal Audio and Fender Musical Instruments announce Development Partnership

6th April 2016IK releases Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE

6th April 2016Tru-Urban releases SuperstarO's Pro Drumz for Kontakt

6th April 2016Function Loops releases House Vocals with Sandrah, Warehouse Techno Rhythms and Ultra Festival Kits sample packs

6th April 2016Big Sound Samples releases Reggaeton Essentials Vol.1

6th April 2016NUGEN Audio updates SEQ-S and SEQ-ST - Adds Fluid Filter Morphing

6th April 2016VSTBuzz Offer: 60% off “Shredders Vol. 1” by Audio Imperia

6th April 2016Steinberg offers 50% off upgrades for HALion 5, HALion Sonic 2 and Groove Agent 4

6th April 2016Monoplugs Metronom for iOS Now Free

6th April 2016Backbeat Books Publishes The Complete Singer-Songwriter

6th April 2016iZotope Discounts RX 5 Audio Editor During April

6th April 2016Mystery Islands Music announces "NL2xR" and "microKxR" - AU and VST librarian editors for Clavia Nord 1,2 & 2X series and Korg microKorg synthesizers

6th April 2016Best Service announces Chris Hein - Solo Violin, Kwaya – African Voices By Eduardo Tarilonte, Trinity – Drums By Sonuscore, Try-Sound 2.0 and Engine AAX

6th April 2016Toontrack and Jam Track Central release JamTrack Amps EZmix Pack

6th April 2016Zynaptiq announces Adaptiverb and Wormhole Plug-ins

6th April 2016Penwick Media and Hal Leonard Introduce Pensado's Strive

6th April 2016WaveMachine Labs updates Auria for iPad to v2.04

6th April 2016Softube Spring Sale - Up To 50% Off Effects

6th April 2016Cockos updates REAPER to v5.18

6th April 2016Cakewalk “SONAR 2016.03” Update Offers a New In-app Help Module, Melodyne Tempo Detection, and AAS Ultra Analog Session 2 Synth

5th April 2016Plughugger offers DBX-m Bass Expander for Native Instruments Monark - 35% off until April 17

5th April 2016Zero-G launches Zero-G Classics

5th April 2016Eventide Announces Ensemble Plugin Subscription Bundle

5th April 2016UVI updates Falcon to v1.1.1 and UVI Workstation to v2.6.4

5th April 2016Origins of Audio releases "Bad Blood: Serum Unchained" for Serum

5th April 2016Zenhiser releases "Progressive Excellence" Sample Pack

5th April 2016IK Offer: Get the full version of SampleTank 3 when you buy any iRig Keys, iRig Pads or iRig MIDI 2

5th April 2016J74 releases MaxForLive Harmony Bundle, offering 33% discount on J74 Progressive, J74 BassLine and J74 ISO Controllers

5th April 2016pureMix v2.0 Announces The Future Of Online Audio Education

5th April 2016Synth-Presets releases "Velocity X" for Valhalla UberMod with Intro Discount

5th April 2016123creative Deal: 25% off on 'Red Dragon 2' - VSTi synthesizer until April 30

5th April 2016Akai Pro releases Hook City MPC Expansion in collaboration with MVP Loops

5th April 2016Akai Pro offer: Purchase Advance Keyboards and receive Air Creative FX Plus free

5th April 2016HoRNet AnalogStage 40% Off

5th April 2016Precisionsound Spring Sale: 50% Off On All Sample Libraries

5th April 2016Kilohearts releases Reverser Plug-in for Mac & Win VST & AU

5th April 2016u-he releases RePro-alpha - "Research-ware" Plug-in for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

5th April 2016FMJ-Software releases Chromatia tuner v4.0 for Windows - Adds VST Versions

5th April 2016Elysia updates all plugins

5th April 2016Sonic Sirius releases Free Soundbank Vol.1 by CHE for Virus TI Snow

5th April 2016ProducerLoops.com releases "Deep Urban Grooves Vol 2" Sample Pack

5th April 2016Strezov Sampling releases Thunder X3M Cinematic Percussion for Kontakt

5th April 2016XILS-lab releases StiX by Xils v1.0 with Intro Offer

5th April 2016XILS-lab StiX Intro Offer - 30% Off

4th April 2016Native Instruments marks Stems anniversary with special pricing on Traktor Kontrol S5 and D2

4th April 2016Audified updates inTone Live Performance Plug-in and Instrument Host to v2.4

4th April 2016Bob Perry Audio updates free "Gate" Plug-in to v1.2.2 - releases AU version

4th April 2016Cakewalk Z3ta+2 Exclusive 50% Off Sale at Plugin Boutique

4th April 2016MeldaProduction offers 50% off MSpectralDynamics, MDynamicsLimiter, MMultiBandTransient, MFilter

4th April 2016Radium Audio updates Radium Music Editor to v3.7.0

4th April 2016XT Software releases energyXT 3.0 Beta 2 for Mac & Win

4th April 2016ArtsAcoustic Spring 2016 Offer: 50% Off

4th April 2016Black Lion Audio Offers 20% Mod Sale

4th April 2016VSL Offers 25% Discount On Vienna Woodwinds Collections Through April 30, 2016

4th April 2016VirSyn updates Matrix Vocoder to v2.4 (on sale during April)

4th April 20168Dio releases "Aura Studio Percussion" for Kontakt featuring new Groove Sampling Technique

3rd April 2016Daniel Belik releases "Siberian Samples Gusli" for Kontakt with Intro Offer

3rd April 2016SampleScience updates Thales Model I to v1.1

3rd April 2016Spaectrum Arts Yearly Sale: 35% Off All Products

2nd April 2016Audiority releases Polaris Echo / Reverb for VST, AU, and AAX

2nd April 2016Tritik updates Krush to v1.0.3

2nd April 2016patchpool releases Arrows for SPC ArcSyn

1st April 2016Kuassa 6th Anniversary Sale: 30% off for all plugins; 50% off for additional purchases

1st April 2016Ample Sound introductory price of AGM extension until April 30th

1st April 2016Join Plugin Alliance and get Brainworx bx_opto for $59 (60% off)

1st April 2016Future Loops releases Trap Legendz

1st April 2016Orange Free Sounds releases "Background Noise" free sound pack

1st April 2016KVR Audio Plugin Boutique Big Giveaway - Win up to $4000 in audio software prizes

1st April 2016Avid updates Sibelius Notation Software to v8.2

1st April 2016discoDSP updates Discovery Pro VA + WAVE synth + PADsynth re-synthesizer to 6.5.1

1st April 2016EastWest releases Hollywood Solo Violin

1st April 2016UVI dev team sacks marketing department, unofficially releases free game Spark Invaders

1st April 2016zplane releases reTune V1 Plug-in - Real-time Multi-pitch Modification for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

1st April 2016Groove Monkee Offer: Save up to 35%

1st April 2016Groove Monkee releases Jazz for BeatBuddy