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News Archive for August 2017

31st August 2017Big Fish Audio Labor Day KLI Series Sale: 25% Off Over 150 Royalty-Free Loop Libraries

31st August 2017Impact Soundworks releases Super Audio Cart PC: Virtual Instrument Powered by Classic Computers

31st August 2017Physical Audio updates PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb to v0.8.5

31st August 2017Sounds And Effects Labor Day Weekend Sale

31st August 2017MIDIMood Kameleono Introductory Sale Until September 10

31st August 2017Stone Voices updates PolyGAS to v2.1

31st August 2017Kilohearts releases Phase Distortion plugin

31st August 2017Cinematique Instruments releases Santur - Persian Metallic Strings for Kontakt

31st August 2017HEDD releases free Lineariser plug-in - addresses monitor phase and harnesses host CPU power for phase-aligned audio

31st August 2017Eplex7 DSP Summer Sale: Up to 50% off on VSTi plug-ins and samples

31st August 2017NatLife Sounds releases Deep House Loops Vol.1

31st August 2017Plugin Alliance and Unfiltered Audio release Dent 2 and Indent 2

31st August 2017Sonoma Wire Works updates DrumCore to v4.3 and releases Drum Loop Collection by Bernard Purdie

31st August 2017Spitfire Audio releases Symphonic Strings Evolutions for Kontakt Player

31st August 2017Studio Devil Labor Day Sale

31st August 2017Native Instruments Special Offers On Heavyocity Instruments

31st August 2017Empirical Labs releases Arousor 2.0 for Mac with Intro Offer

31st August 2017Rob Papen releases RP-Verb 2 Effect Plug-in

31st August 2017Ableton release "Iota" Max For Live Device by Dillon Bastan

31st August 2017Krotos Reformer Libraries £10 / $10 / €10 until September 14th

31st August 2017New Sonic Arts updates Freestyle to v1.2 with new PatchCloud browser

31st August 2017Steinberg updates Dorico to v1.1.10

30th August 2017The Control Centre releases Yamaha Tape Drum Rack for Ableton Live

30th August 2017UVI releases Vintage Vault 2 and OB Legacy

30th August 2017BlueLabAudio Plugins 50% Off Until September 30, 2017

30th August 2017KORG releases iMono/Poly for iOS and updates Gadget for iOS to v3.3.2

30th August 2017Line 6 releases Helix Native Guitar Amp and Effects Modeling Plug-in

30th August 2017Numerical Audio releases RF-1 Algorithmic Reverb for Mac and Windows

30th August 2017Native Instruments updates Reaktor to v6.2.0 and Maschine to v2.6.8

30th August 2017Magix releases Vegas Pro 15

30th August 2017NewLoops releases Future House

30th August 2017Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.7.4

30th August 2017Gabbrolitic Audio releases Free Soundset for KV331 Audio SynthMaster One

30th August 2017Resonance Sound releases SOR Summer Deep House Sylenth1

30th August 2017CFA-Sound releases Titan-2 Xfer Serum Presets

30th August 2017Intua updates BeatMaker 3 for iOS to v3.0.2

29th August 2017VSTBuzz: 71% off the ABC Bundle by Composer Tools

29th August 2017Soundiron releases "Granada 49" for Kontakt (Vintage Keys Series) with Intro Offer

29th August 2017PinkNoise Studio offers 30-50% discount on all products

29th August 2017VSP Labor Day Sale - Save up to 50% on 70 sound-sets

29th August 2017Ardour updated to v5.11

29th August 2017QuikQuak updates MashTactic

29th August 2017zenAud.io updates ALK to v1.0.43 incorporating macOS 10.10 and pre-2012 compatibility

29th August 2017Steinberg updates Cubase to v9.0.30 and releases Songwriter Essentials for Groove Agent

29th August 2017apulSoft updates apQualizr to v2.1.1

29th August 2017Internet Co releases "Sound it! 8 Pro" - High Resolution Audio Editor for Windows

29th August 2017TBProAudio releases dpMeterXT - digital precision meter application and plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X

29th August 2017Kuassa releases Efektor Modulation Bundle with Intro Offer

29th August 2017Beatskillz and Stagecraft release Loopbazaar - Cloud-Based Loop Market Plugin & App

29th August 2017NatLife Sounds 30% Off Until September 3rd 2017

29th August 2017MODWHEEL releases The Lowdown V2 for Kontakt

28th August 2017Zenhiser releases "Tropical House 2" Sample Pack

28th August 2017Future Loops releases Mustard West Coast

28th August 2017UVI updates UVI Workstation to v2.6.12 and Falcon to v1.3.1

28th August 2017Soundprovocation Sound Library Sale: 50% Off Everything

28th August 2017Planet-H releases Link to MIDI Bridge for Android - Ableton Link to MIDI Clock Sync

28th August 2017Audified releases RZ062 Equalizer - Tube Emulating Plug-in

28th August 2017EqualSounds releases 'Epic Trailers Vol 3' Multitrack Music Library / Construction Kits + MIDI

28th August 2017ProducerLoops releases 'Bass House Anthems Vol 1' Sample Pack

27th August 2017Sonimus Offer: 33% Off TuCo + Burnley 73

27th August 2017MIDIssonance releases "Omnisphere Movado" for Omnisphere 2

27th August 2017Parawave Audio updates Rapid Synthesizer to 1.1.0 - Adds Wavetable, Multi-Sample and Resynthesis support

27th August 2017Nikolozi updates NFM to v1.0.1 – Adds preset selector

26th August 2017MIDIMood updates Kameleono to v1.1.4

26th August 2017Blue Cat Audio releases "Blue Cat's Late Replies" - Creative Delay Plug-In and Host

26th August 2017Arksun-Sound releases DUNE 2 soundset

26th August 2017Dark Dreams for Serum released by Triple Spiral Audio

26th August 2017Bob Perry Audio updates Bob Perry Gate Pro to v1.1.3 (incl. VST2)

25th August 2017Beatskillz Bounce compressor plugin on sale at $29

25th August 2017Output updates Movement to v1.1 - New features and "Current" expansion pack

25th August 2017YummyBeats releases Modest Guitar (Free) for Kontakt 5 - Finger Picked Acoustic Guitar, Flageolets & FX Guitar

25th August 2017Loopmasters Sale: 50% off Maschine Expansions

25th August 2017rncbc.org updates Vee One Suite for Linux to v0.8.4

25th August 2017Rast Sound 4th Week Deals: 40% Off EthnoBundle, Ethnocinematic Vibe, Ethnoscapes

25th August 2017VERMONA releases uniCYCLE - 6-waveform VCO module for Eurorack

25th August 2017SoundSpot Oracle Introductory Sale at Plugin Boutique

25th August 2017The Unfinished releases Zebra Theta

25th August 2017MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MAutoVolume, MDynamicsMB, MPolySaturator and MFreqShifterMB

25th August 2017MusicLab Back to School Promotion - 30% Off All Products

25th August 2017Fielding SoundWorks releases Injection for Serum

25th August 2017Acon Digital updates Acoustica to v7.0.18

24th August 2017zplane releases élastiqueAAX v2.0 with tighter Pro Tools 12 integration

24th August 2017Diginoiz releases Magic Future Bass

24th August 2017Gothic Instruments DRONAR Hybrid Module - 50% Off

24th August 2017IK Multimedia announces iRig Keys I/O

24th August 2017accusonus updates Regroover to v1.6 - Sync To Host, User-Defined Pattern Lengths and more

24th August 2017Gospel Musicians releases Neo-Soul Keys Studio for iPad with Introductory Price

24th August 2017Dance MIDI Samples releases 'DMS Free Psytrance Loops & Acid Pack'

24th August 2017Synchro Arts Offer: 30% Off Revoice Pro and VocALign Pro

24th August 2017Rigid Audio offer: Padstation Bundle for Kontakt: 95% off

24th August 2017UVI offers 50% of Mayhem of Loops (through August 28th)

24th August 2017Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.3.2.0 for Windows

23rd August 2017Audio Plugin Deals Offer: 91% Off realsamples Pure Sound Collection for Kontakt

23rd August 2017RSPE Audio Flash Sale on Metric Halo HaloVerb and Character Plug-ins (up to 87% off)

23rd August 2017Digital Brain Instruments Offer: 33% Off Voxpat 2 - Creature, Monster & Robotic Sound Design

23rd August 2017Sample Magic releases "Tech and House Sessions" Multi format Sample Pack

23rd August 2017Reveal Sound Summer Sale - 30% off

23rd August 2017Ample Sound updates Ample Guitar to v2.51

23rd August 2017PSP Nexcellence 33% Off Intro Offer

23rd August 2017PSPaudioware releases PSP Nexcellence - Spring emulation inspired by “Necklace-type” reverb units

22nd August 2017Daniel Stawczyk (Status) releases "220V" Soundbank for LittleOne v3.0

22nd August 2017ROLI releases Equator MPE software synthesizer as VST/AU plug-in and standalone

22nd August 2017VSTBuzz: 60% off Scoring Mallets by HandHeldSound

22nd August 2017HoRNet Tape 40% off for 48 hours

22nd August 2017Wagsrfm releases sound library for AAS Chromaphone 2

21st August 2017Psychic Modulation updates EchoMelt to v2.0

21st August 2017Backpullver updates Vatanator drum machine for iPad with Audio Unit Extension support

21st August 2017Zenhiser releases "Psytrance For Sylenth" Sample & Preset Pack

21st August 2017NatLife Sounds releases True Bass Sounds Vol.2 for NI Massive

21st August 2017GG Audio updates Blue3 to v1.1.0 (incl. Blue3Rotary plug-in)

21st August 2017HoRNet updates Tape to v1.0.1

21st August 2017Twolegs Toneworks Announce Annual Birthday Sale

21st August 2017ProducerLoops releases 'Future Pop Vocals Vol 1' Sample Pack

21st August 2017Stigmatized Productions updates Stigmatized Drummer v1.1 for Kontakt - Free demo available

21st August 2017Pulsesetter-Sounds Eclipse day Flash Sale 20% off Storewide

20th August 2017Function Loops releases Future Tropical collection

20th August 2017Bob Perry Audio updates Bob Perry Ducker Pro to v1.1.3 (incl. VST2)

20th August 2017Momo release KORG "MicroKorg XL and XL+ MIDI Editor" and updates JP-08 MIDI Editor

20th August 2017Resonance Sound releases SOR Clicks Glitches & FX Bundle

20th August 2017Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio for iPad to v2.7

19th August 2017HY-Plugins updates HY-Delay3 to v1.0.5 and HY-MBMFX to v1.1.5.1

19th August 2017MuTools updates MuLab and MUX Modular VST to v7.5.4

19th August 2017Soundemote updates PrettyScope to v1.1.0

19th August 2017Monocasual Laboratories release Giada "Ichthys" 0.14.2 for Linux, Windows and OS X

18th August 2017Sound Response releases 'The Future Is Now' hi-tech interface sample pack

18th August 2017Empty Vessel releases Imperfectionist for TAL Sampler - Intro discount

18th August 2017Westgatesounds.net releases the Anomaly Vol. 1 Absynth Preset Pack

18th August 2017Rast Sound 3rd Week Deals: Balkan Vocals & Hang Melo 40% off

18th August 2017Acoustica releases RnB Loops and Samples

18th August 2017Venomode announces mid-summer sale with 50% off everything

18th August 2017Plugin Boutique Cakewalk Rapture Session Sale (67% Off)

18th August 2017MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MTurboReverb, MStereoProcessor, MGranularMB and MWaveShaperMB

18th August 2017Stone Voices releases Marazmator - Free multi-modulation Synth VSTi for Windows

17th August 2017FSP Devs releases free Groove Pads 0.7.0 for Android

17th August 2017Time + Space Offer: 78% off iZotope Neutron Elements

17th August 2017Zero-G releases Distant Lights Sci-Fi Sounds

17th August 2017Audio Verge: 65% Off Cinematic Bundle for Kontakt

17th August 2017NuSpace Audio updates Muze to v1.1.5

16th August 2017Bingoshakerz releases Underground Minimal by Dubman F

16th August 2017Sonic Sirius releases free ArtWork Soundbanks by H.O for Poly-Ana Synth

16th August 2017Plughugger updates all Omnisphere 1 soundsets for Omnisphere 2

16th August 2017beatassist.eu releases 2K4 Esfera - Esfara Soundbank for Windows

16th August 2017FeelYourSound releases free chords guide for electronic musicians

16th August 2017Alonso Sound releases Massive Rising Star Soundset Vol. 3

16th August 2017123creative Summer sale: VST plug-ins, instruments, effects up to 50% off + Bonus samples

16th August 2017Studio Tools offer Dreamscape Reverb VST Plug-in for £2.95

15th August 2017VSTBuzz: 50% off StereoSavage by Plugin Boutique

15th August 2017Syntheway releases Akkordica Virtual Accordion, Harmonica and Melodica VST instrument for Windows

15th August 2017Stone Voices releases PolyGAS - Free Granular Synth VSTi for Windows

15th August 2017Sonuscore releases "Symphony Series Percussion" for Kontakt Player

15th August 2017Plugin Alliance & Fiedler Audio release "stage" Stereo Toolkit Plugin with Intro Offer

15th August 2017Toontrack announces Superior Drummer 3

15th August 2017ZenSound releases "Electrons II" for Bazille

15th August 2017ModeAudio releases 'Afterglow - West Coast Electronic Loops' & 'Vortex - Ambient Loops & Samples'

15th August 2017FXpansion releases BFD Vintage Rock Grooves - Groove Pack for BFD3

15th August 2017Roland announces DJ-505 and DJ-202 DJ Controllers, plus Membership Offer from BPM Supreme

15th August 2017AngelicVibes releases 808 Bloodline VST / AU Plugin for Mac & Win

15th August 2017Rogue Amoeba updates Audio Hijack to v3.3.5

15th August 2017Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.0.8 for Mac

14th August 2017Zenhiser releases "Mesmeric Pop" Sample Pack

14th August 2017Black Octopus Sound releases Electropolis - 128 presets & 30 wavetables for Xfer Serum

14th August 2017Standalone-Music releases Destiny Drums - Future Bass Samples, Kontakt Instrument and Presets

14th August 2017Aiyn Zahev Sounds releases Dream State soundbank for the Virus TI

14th August 2017Liqube Audio updates Resonic Player and Pro Audio Player and Sample Manager to v0.8.9b for Windows

14th August 2017Nova Sound: Umbra Drums Legacy Collection 50% Off

14th August 2017Strezov Sampling Summer Sale 2017 - 20% Off

14th August 2017HoRNet updates HTS9 Guitar Overdrive to v1.1.0

14th August 2017Detunized releases "Cappa Duemils Dos" Live Pack/Universal Sound Library - Additional Instruments & Oddities from the K-2000

14th August 2017Dance MIDI Samples releases 'DMS Producer Chords Free Pack'

14th August 2017n-Track Studio 8 updated for Android (v8.1.0) and iOS (v1.2)

14th August 2017ProducerLoops releases 'Arabic Pop Vol 1' Sample Pack

14th August 2017Acousticsamples Summer Sale - 30% off and more

14th August 2017Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v8.4

14th August 2017Brainworx 10th Anniversary 10 Years/10 Deals Promotion

12th August 2017Synth-Presets releases "Divine Time" for Zynaptiq Wormhole with intro offer

12th August 2017Direct Approach updates Snap! and BoostX

12th August 2017Hidenori Matsuoka updates all music apps for iOS

11th August 2017Beta Monkey Deal: Save 25% on all drum loops

11th August 2017Bicubic Audio releases Neurofunk Volume 2 - Drum & Bass Sample Pack

11th August 2017Deskew Technologies updates Gig Performer to v1.7

11th August 2017Numerical Audio updates RP-1 Delay to v1.0.2 (Mac/Win)

11th August 2017Ivosight Soundop Audio Editor 54% Off Until 31 August 2017

11th August 2017Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.3.1.4 for Windows

11th August 2017Soundiron releases "Ambius Prime" Organic Modular Synthesis Engine for Kontakt Player & Komplete Kontrol with Intro Offer

11th August 2017Universal Audio releases UAD Software v9.3 plus new plug-ins from Korg, Softube, Sonnox, Brainworx and AMS Neve

11th August 2017HoRNet Mid Summer Deals - Up To 60% Off

11th August 2017MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MTurboEQ, MDynamics, MRhythmizerMB and MTremoloMB

11th August 2017Audio Damage releases QuatroMod for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

11th August 2017Synthblitz Audio updates Nitroflex2 Wavetable Synth for Windows to v2.4

11th August 2017Rast Sound 2nd Week Deals: Ethnogroove & Ceremonial Vocals 40% Off

11th August 2017RF Music updates "Chord Player" MIDI processor plug-in for Mac & Win to v1.0.1

11th August 2017The Unfinished releases Phonec Phosphor Vol 1 & Vol 2

11th August 2017THEPHONOLOOP updates Cassette Mallets.01 and releases Cassette Bundle.01

11th August 2017Function Loops releases "Rolling Tech Basslines" and "Serious Tech House" sample packs

10th August 2017Time + Space Offer: Over 75% Off iZotope Ozone 7 Elements

10th August 2017Datacode launches new website with 50% Off Focus Sample Packs Sale

10th August 2017Madrona Labs Summer Sale: all instrument plugins 25% off until September 20

10th August 2017Sounds And Effects "Drums And Perc of Ancient Mexico" One Week Sale

10th August 2017IK iRig Mic HD 2 available for pre-order

10th August 2017Studio Toolz Offer: 80% off VST plugin and Ableton Live Pack ranges

10th August 2017reFX releases "Hollywood Synth Edition 3" Nexus2 Expansion

10th August 2017Igor Vasiliev updates SynthScaper - Soundscapes synthesizer for iPad and iPhone to v1.1

10th August 2017UVI offers 60% off Electro Suite & Urban Suite (through August 21st)

10th August 2017Homegrown Sounds releases "Fragments" and "Movement" for Kontakt with Intro Offers

10th August 2017Earcandy releases PPG 360 Wavecomputer for Kontakt - the first product in the Authentic Collection Series

10th August 2017Three-Body Technology updates Heavier7Strings to v1.1.0

10th August 2017Tek'it Audio updates "DigitD" Distortion Plug-in to v1.1.0

9th August 2017Audio Plugin Deals Offers 78% Off Audio Imperia & Exotic States Cinematic Experience Bundle

9th August 2017Big Fish Audio releases "Sequence: Hip Hop Beat Creator" for Kontakt Player

9th August 2017HGS Movement for Kontakt "No Brainer Deal" - $6.49

9th August 2017123creative releases Massive Attract Vol.2 presets for NI Massive

9th August 2017Samplecraze relaunch with over 130 Sound Design and Audio Production Tutorials

9th August 2017Soniccouture release The Canterbury Suitcase: Rhodes Instrument for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer

9th August 2017Bob Moog Foundation 2017 Raffle for Vintage Memorymoog Plus Synthesizer

9th August 2017Roland expands Boutique and AIRA Lines with TR-08 Rhythm Composer, SH-01A Synthesizer and SP-404A Linear Wave Sampler

9th August 2017Cytomic updates The Drop to v1.5.8

9th August 2017Brainspawn updates Forte to v4.2.8

9th August 2017Loopr is 5 years old - Free for a limited time

9th August 2017Sample Magic releases "Warehouse Tech" Multi format Sample Pack

8th August 2017Beatskillz Slam Pro - 2 Day $49 Flash Sale

8th August 2017VSP releases "Dark Star" for u-he Repro-1

8th August 2017VSTBuzz: 70% off Stacker Plugin by Sample Magic (VST/AU/AAX)

8th August 2017Mastering The Mix releases "Reference" - Referencing Plugin for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

8th August 2017Audiofier Birthday Week 40% discount

8th August 2017Soundtoys PrimalTap Retro Delay - $29 Flash Sale

8th August 2017KVR Giveaway: Win a Brainworx bx_console E Plugin

8th August 2017FXpansion releases "Vintage Recording Techniques" BFD Expansion Pack

8th August 2017Magix releases Sound Forge Audio Studio 12

8th August 2017Waves Audio releases "Clavinet" and "Pianos & Keys Bundle" with Intro Offers

8th August 2017Wagsrfm releases sound library for XILS Oxium

8th August 2017Sonic Scores updates Overture and Score Writer to v5.4.1

8th August 2017Sonicron updates Ultratonics to v1.2

8th August 2017SampleTraxx releases "NEWFORMS" - Free WAV+Kontakt Soundpack

8th August 2017Audiomovers releases LISTENTO - Stream audio from your DAW to the web

8th August 2017PlugInGuru releases OmniPulse 2 | Perspektiv - 101 BPM/ARP Waveform based Synth Multis/Patches for Omnisphere 2.1

7th August 2017Zenhiser releases "Psychedelic Trance" Sample Pack

7th August 2017Sinevibes releases Flow II animated flanger/phaser (Mac)

7th August 2017HoRNet updates DeeLay Plus to 1.1.0

7th August 2017Plugin Alliance releases Brainworx "bx_console E" Plugin with Intro Offer

7th August 2017Celemony launches Melodyne Training

7th August 2017VirSyn releases Bark Filter - Multiband Compressor for iPad/iPhone with Intro Offer

7th August 2017n-Track Studio updated to v8.1.4

7th August 2017AudioRealism Bass Line VST/AU updated to v3.1.0

7th August 2017New Sonic Arts announces 'Late Summer Sale' with 30% off Granite, Nuance and Vice

7th August 2017ProducerLoops releases 'Future Bass Vol 2' Sample Pack

6th August 2017Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.0.7 for Mac

6th August 2017Thomas Mundt updates free LoudMax to v1.18 for Mac, Win, and Winamp

6th August 2017MIDIMood updates Kameleono to v1.1.3

6th August 2017pureMix releases Major Lazer Mixing Tutorial featuring Luca Pretolesi with downloadable stems

6th August 2017Triple Spiral Audio releases "Beyond Dreams" for Zebra 2

6th August 2017Nikolozi releases NFM - FM Synth Audio Unit for iPad

6th August 2017LVC-Audio discounts Limited-MAX and Limited-Z in August

6th August 2017Krotos Summer Sale: 50% off Dehumaniser Pro Extended & Simple Monsters

5th August 2017Aviram Dayan Production | DreaMelodiC 40% Off Summer Sale

5th August 2017Soundigy updates MIDI Patchbay Extended for Windows to v1.4

5th August 2017Design-S updates DSV-360 Vocoder to v1.1

4th August 2017Soundtrack Loops announces Dark Trap loops, one shots, and Live drum racks

4th August 2017AudioThing Summer Sale: 25% off plugins, 40% off libraries

4th August 2017Diginoiz releases Diginoiz Guitar Loops 3

4th August 2017Wave Arts 40% Off Summer Sale

4th August 2017Tone2 updates Electra to v2.5

4th August 2017LVC-Audio updates Limited-MAX and Limited-Z, with discount pricing

4th August 2017Zero-G Offer: 50% Off Perception Cinemascapes

4th August 2017Sonic Academy releases 'How To Make Tech House 2017' with Rene Amesz + exclusive remix contest with CYFI Records

4th August 2017Sonus Dept. Summer Sale: Up To 60% Discounts On All Products

4th August 2017Intua updates BeatMaker 3 for iOS to v3.0.1

4th August 2017McDSP releases 6034 Ultimate Multi-band Plug-in with Intro Offer

4th August 2017MAAT releases RSPhaseShifter - Phase Shifter Plug-in for Mac & Win

4th August 2017Applied Acoustics Systems releases "Digital Sins" for Chromaphone 2 and AAS Player

4th August 2017MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MTurboReverb, MVintageRotary, MLimiterX and MPhaserMB

3rd August 2017blortblort releases 'synbios' for Sylenth during 40% off storewide sale

3rd August 2017Rast Sound August Deals: 40% discount on Mideast Vocals & Cinescapes

3rd August 2017blortblort offers 40% off everything

3rd August 2017Zynaptiq Adaptiverb 40% Off

3rd August 2017Ample Sound releases Ukulele Riffer (v1.5 free update) - 20% Off

3rd August 2017Cytomic updates The Drop to v1.5.7

3rd August 2017Time+Space release free edition of Overloud's TH3 Custom Guitar Effects Suite

3rd August 2017Auburn Sounds releases Graillon 2 - Live Voice Changer Plug-in for Mac & Win (incl. Free Version)

3rd August 2017PSP updates VintageWarmer2 to v2.7.1

3rd August 2017Eventide releases UltraTap Plug-in with Intro Offer

3rd August 2017IK ARC System 2.5 with MEMS Microphone Now Shipping

3rd August 2017UVI offers 50% off The Beast (through August 7th)

3rd August 2017Numerical Audio releases RP-1 Dual Delay for Mac OS X and Windows (AU, VST) with Intro Offer

3rd August 2017HY-Plugins releases HY-Delay3 for Win & Mac (incl. free version)

3rd August 2017Bingoshakerz releases Soulful & Tech House Vocals

2nd August 2017Groove Monkee Offer: Save up to 50%

2nd August 2017Harrison Consoles updates Mixbus and Mixbus32C to v4.1

2nd August 2017VSL Offer: 30% Off Special Editions, RoomPacks and MIRx Products

2nd August 2017Studio Toolz offer FiltR Bank Pro for £1.00

2nd August 2017Rigid Audio offer: Save 55% on Kontakt GUI Maker

2nd August 2017Steinberg Cubase 9 Upgrade Offer - 40% off

2nd August 2017AIR Offer: Save 70% on LOOM at the KVR Marketplace

1st August 2017Sugar Audio updates Oscarizor 2D/3D Multi Channel Spectrum Waterfall Analyzer to v3.5.0

1st August 2017VSTBuzz: 66% off Chris Hein Horns Pro – Sections & Solos

1st August 2017ILIO releases Revolve - Arpeggiated Patches for Omnisphere 2

1st August 2017Nyrv Systems updates "Genius Pack" to v1.1.0.0

1st August 2017Audio Damage releases Phosphor 2 for Mac, Win & iOS

1st August 2017audioström updates LiveProfessor to v2.1.1

1st August 2017Soundtoys Summer Sale: Up To 75% Off Plug-ins

1st August 2017ModeAudio releases 'Hologram - Serum Chill Electronic Presets'

1st August 2017Image-Line updates FL Studio to v12.5

1st August 2017JUCE 5.1 Now Available - New DSP Module

1st August 2017HoRNet Summer Sale: 50% Off Plugins; 20% Off Bundles

1st August 2017SuperMegaUltraGroovy updates Capo touch for iOS to v2.5

1st August 2017Flux:: updates Ircam Verb & Ircam HEar with Dolby Atmos Support

1st August 2017SoundGym releases EQ Cheetah - Ear Training Game

1st August 2017F9 Audio release iFunk Nu Disco Guitars for WAV, Kontakt, Logic, Ableton Live and Studio One

1st August 2017Native Instruments releases "Byte Riot" Maschine Expansion