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Sequencer / Multitrack by Ableton
$99 / $449 / $749

KVR Audio news items relating to Live

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Ableton releases Live 1205 Mar 2024Best Audio and MIDI Software - 2023 KVR Readers' Choice Awards Winners Announced14 Nov 2023Ableton announces Live 12 - Get 20% Off Live 11 & Push 314 Nov 2023Ableton updates Live to v11.3 - Adds Drift Synth and more25 May 2023Ableton releases Push 3 - Expressive Standalone Instrument23 May 2023Exceeding expectations: NAMM 202310 May 2023Best Audio and MIDI Software - 2022 KVR Readers' Choice Awards Winners Announced03 Nov 2022Ableton updates Live to v11.229 Sep 2022Ableton updates Live to v11.1 - Apple Silicon / M1 Support01 Feb 2022Best Audio and MIDI Software - 2021 KVR Readers' Choice Awards Winners13 Oct 2021KVR Readers' Choice Awards 2021: Top 5 nominations for 'Favorite Sample Platform'13 Sep 2021KVR Readers' Choice Awards 2021: Top 5 nominations for 'Favorite DAW for Performance'10 Sep 2021KVR Readers' Choice Awards 2021: Top 5 nominations for 'Favorite DAW for Production'10 Sep 2021KVR Readers' Choice Awards 2021: Top 5 nominations for 'Favorite Audio Software'10 Sep 2021Ableton releases Live 1123 Feb 2021Best Audio and MIDI Software - 2020 KVR Readers' Choice Awards Winners13 Nov 2020Ableton announces Live 1110 Nov 2020Max Innovation: An Interview with David Zicarelli10 Jul 2020Max For Live with KVR Expert Phelan Kane - Part 226 Jun 2020Max For Live with KVR Expert Phelan Kane19 Jun 2020Best Audio and MIDI Software - 2019 KVR Readers' Choice Awards Winners20 Dec 2019Ableton updates Live to v10.1 - adds user wavetables, new devices, workflow upgrades and more28 May 2019Andrew Huang Interview: Launching a music career on social media04 Apr 2019Winter NAMM 2019 Show Report13 Feb 2019Ableton announces Live 10.1 - adds user wavetables, new devices, workflow upgrades, VST3 support and more06 Feb 2019Ableton updates Live to v10.0.631 Jan 2019The Ableton LiveStyle - An interview with Craig Schuftan at Ableton Loop15 Jan 2019Ableton updates Live to v10.0.529 Oct 2018Ableton updates Live to v10.0.411 Oct 2018Ableton updates Live to v10.0.305 Sep 2018Ableton updates Live to v10.0.229 May 2018Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.7.622 Feb 2018Ableton Live 10 Released06 Feb 2018Ableton announces Live 1002 Nov 2017Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.7.523 Oct 2017Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.7.430 Aug 2017Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.7.307 Jul 2017Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.7.220 Apr 2017Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.7.107 Dec 2016Chicken Systems releases SamplerTools Integrated Interface23 Nov 2016Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.711 Oct 2016Ableton Link Now Available For Desktop Apps27 Sep 2016Ableton updates Live to v9.6.215 Jul 2016Adding new meaning to DIY: An Interview with Moldover03 Jul 2016Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.6.115 Apr 2016Ableton Link now available in Live 9.603 Feb 2016Software.NAMM: Bringing Software Developers back to the NAMM Show13 Jan 2016Ableton releases new Push and Live 9.5 and introduces Link02 Nov 2015Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.2.320 Oct 2015Ableton updates Live to v9.2.203 Sep 2015Ableton updates Live to v9.229 Jun 2015Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.1.815 Apr 2015What Happened On KVR Last Week? (W/E Mar 8)08 Mar 2015What Happened On KVR Last Week? (W/E Mar 1)01 Mar 2015Ableton releases Live 9.2 as public beta25 Feb 2015Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.1.722 Jan 2015Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.1.525 Sep 2014Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.1.425 Jul 2014Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.1.307 Jul 2014Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.1.210 Apr 2014Novation announces Launchpad S Control Pack06 Mar 2014KVR Audio Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - The Results (Better Late Than Never!)28 Feb 2014NAMM 2014 Report - Optimism in Anaheim10 Feb 2014Ableton updates Live 8 to v8.4.204 Feb 2014Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.1.123 Jan 2014Ableton releases Live 9.1 (Push updated too)20 Nov 2013Ableton announces Public Beta for Live 9.118 Sep 2013Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.0.610 Sep 2013Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.0.519 Jul 2013Learning to Master Innovation: An interview with Stephen Webber03 Jun 2013Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.0.409 May 2013Ableton updates Live 8 to v8.4.117 Apr 2013Novation announces LaunchPad S09 Apr 2013Ableton updates Live to v9.0.2 (+9.0.3 beta)09 Apr 2013Gerhard Behles - PUSHing Ableton into new territory07 Apr 2013Whitebox releases new free Ableton Live 9 Pack "Tenser"01 Apr 2013Soundtrack Loops releases Stacey Blades Rock Guitar Sessions Stems in Multiple Formats28 Mar 2013Whitebox releases Pixiphone - Max for Live ambient instrument25 Mar 2013Whitebox Synth Makers release free "8-Box Rack" Max for Live Pack22 Mar 2013Soundtrack Loops releases "Grimy Glitch Beats" loops in multiple formats20 Mar 2013K-Devices releases Live 9 compatibility update for drumk220 Mar 2013K-Devices updates moovmi - free video-based MIDI notes generator for Max For Live - to v1.211 Mar 2013Ableton releases Push - Hardware Live Controller06 Mar 2013Ableton releases Live 906 Mar 2013Uppercussion releases "Conundrums" and "Monstrosities" for Maschine, Live, Geist, Battery, and more01 Mar 2013Loopmasters releases Benny Page & Dope Ammo Artist Series pack28 Feb 2013Loopmasters release "Dauwd House & Electronica" Artist Series pack20 Feb 2013Millertone releases CLAP! Ableton Live Pack of the Boss HC-2 Hand Clapper20 Feb 2013Soundtrack Loops releases "EBM for Industrial - Electric Body Music" loops and samples in multiple formats15 Feb 2013Binary Music releases "Crosswave" - Ensoniq SQ80 sampled for Kontakt, Live and EXS2414 Feb 2013EarthMoments Sample Libraries now Ableton Live compatible05 Feb 2013Twisted Tools releases "Micro Kits 05 by Delect" - Free Multi-Format Electronic Drum Kits05 Feb 2013Minimal System Instruments release Analogue Ableton 2 Producer Toolkit Live Pack04 Feb 2013Loopmasters releases Phil Kieran Artist Series Pack31 Jan 2013Whitebox releases SAMPLEPLAYER 4.4 - Free Max for Live Instrument30 Jan 2013Millertone releases "SYNDR volume 1" multi-sample library of the Synare PS-3 for Ableton Live16 Dec 2012Whitebox releases Dialsynth for Ableton Live with Max05 Dec 2012Detunized releases "All Digitals" for Ableton Live04 Dec 2012J74 releases "Morph" for morphing and modulation in Ableton Live / Max for Live03 Dec 2012Detunized releases "Vox Populi 2" Live Pack19 Nov 2012Whitebox updates Baconfist for Live and Max to v1.518 Nov 2012Minimal System Instruments releases "Modular Toolkit" (Ableton Live Pack)07 Nov 2012Twisted Tools releases "Micro Kits 04 by Tonebuilder" for Maschine, Battery, Kontakt, Live, Reaktor and EXS2431 Oct 2012Whitebox releases LOW v1.8 for Ableton Live and Max29 Oct 2012Fun and technology at Austin City Limits (ACL)25 Oct 2012Ableton announces "Live 9" and "Push" (Hardware Controller)25 Oct 2012Whitebox releases Malletbox - Free Max For Live Instrument12 Oct 2012Whitebox releases "Ambibell" Max For Live Instrument08 Oct 2012Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method - The computer is a musical instrument05 Oct 2012Whitebox releases Max4Live Synth "Laverne" Makeover04 Oct 2012Detunized releases 4op Live Pack for Ableton Live27 Sep 2012Binary Music releases ARP Odyssey, TX81Z and Solina sample libraries for Ableton Live and EXS2425 Sep 2012Ableton updates Live 8 to v8.3.4 (and 8.4 to beta 7)13 Sep 2012Detunized releases Magmavox 3000 Live Pack - Bass and Strings with Synth30 Aug 2012EarthMoments releases "Shruti Box" - Free Ableton Live Virtual Instrument30 Aug 2012Twisted Tools releases "Micro Kits 03 by EVAC" for Maschine, Battery, Kontakt, Live, Reaktor and EXS2421 Aug 2012Detunized releases Blackbird - Free Live Pack19 Aug 2012Detunized releases Twolp Live Pack18 Aug 2012FatLoud's Dope Loops releases "One Shot Artillery Vol. 1" for Ableton Live (incl. WAV & AIFF)29 Jul 2012Ableton releases New Partner Instrument: Electrix by Sample Logic (+Live updated to v8.3.3)17 Jul 2012The Control Centre releases Dark Territory Instrument Rack for Ableton Live 816 Jul 2012Soniccouture releases CrowdChoir instrument to aid Red Cross10 Jul 2012Ableton Live 8.4 now in Beta - Introduces 64-Bit Support04 Jul 2012Ableton updates Live 8 to v8.3.202 Jul 2012Minimal System Instruments releases Analogue Filters for Ableton Live28 Jun 2012Minimal System Instruments releases Future Sounds of Operator Ableton Live Pack15 May 2012Minimal System Instruments releases Studio Tools Ableton Live Pack13 May 2012The Control Centre releases FREE Rickenbacker 4001 Instrument Rack for Ableton Live13 May 2012Ableton releases new Partner Instrument: Electric Pianos by Soniccouture09 May 2012The Control Centre releases Analog Kicks Drum Rack for Ableton Live08 May 2012The Control Centre releases FREE Olympic Floor Tom Instrument Rack for Ableton Live02 May 2012Minimal System Instruments releases Analogue Ableton and Analogue Compressors Live Pack Bundle25 Apr 2012Minimal System Instruments releases Analogue Compressors Ableton Live Pack23 Apr 2012The Control Centre releases Passion Bass Instrument Rack for Live 817 Apr 2012The Control Centre releases Spirit Bass Instrument Rack for Ableton Live13 Apr 2012Twisted Tools releases Micro Kits 02 by Glitchmachines11 Apr 2012Ableton updates Live to v8.310 Apr 2012Soundtrack Loops releases Clubstep Loops & Samples01 Apr 2012Minimal System Instruments releases the Analogue Ableton Toolkit30 Mar 2012Ableton releases new Partner Instrument for Live: Hip Hop Drums by The Loop Loft21 Mar 2012SoulViaSound releases Percussive for Maschine, Live and Battery12 Mar 2012Voltage Disciple releases AfroDJVolt Glitch Pack for Ableton Live01 Mar 2012Twisted Tools releases Micro Kits 01 by Si Begg - Drum Kits for Maschine, Ableton, Kontakt and more28 Feb 2012Detunized.com releases DTS036 - Micro Weave Live Pack for Ableton Live27 Feb 2012Point Blank offers an in-depth guide to creating a Deep House Arpeggiated Chord Pattern Generator in Ableton Live (Video)24 Feb 2012Dance MIDI Samples releases "DMS Psytrance Ableton Live Pack 2" and "DMS Trance Construction Kits - Uplifting Trance Vol 2"24 Feb 2012Ableton updates Live to v8.2.803 Feb 2012Detunized releases City Traffic Live Pack for Ableton23 Jan 2012Cakewalk Announces SONAR X1 Producer Crossgrade19 Jan 2012Ableton updates Live to v8.2.718 Jan 2012Togeo Studios releases Rhythm Machines 2 for Ableton Live07 Jan 2012Imaginando releases LIVKONTROL Ableton Controller App for iPad28 Dec 2011Puremagnetik releases "B-System: Atmospheres" for Live, Kontakt, Logic and Renoise27 Dec 2011Loopmasters releases 8 new sample packs for the holidays21 Dec 2011Wave Alchemy releases Wave Alchemy Pro II Synth for Kontakt and Reason (+Live Pack soon)11 Dec 2011Detunized starts Winter Sale02 Dec 2011Prime Loops releases "Complex Electro Synths" sound pack30 Nov 2011Detunized releases "Vlamba Live Pack" and Waschsalon (Free)25 Nov 2011Groove Monkee releases "R&B 1 MIDI Beats" - Multi-format Loops11 Nov 2011analogfactory releases "Black Mamba" Ableton Live Pack with Intro Pricing09 Nov 2011No Dough Music launches NDS-3 Classic FM Sample Pack27 Oct 2011Jesse White releases "Drum Racks Diesel" - Automatically generate Drum Racks for Ableton Live27 Sep 2011Ableton updates Live to v8.2.6 and releases Puremagnetik's Retro Synths for free (until the end of October)19 Sep 2011Puremagnetik releases SixVoice for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Renoise and Logic01 Sep 2011The Control Centre releases "The MarnieTron" - Ableton Sampler Instrument25 Aug 2011Ableton updates Live to v8.2.523 Aug 2011Detunized releases Oberhain Live Pack and Ober Bundle22 Aug 2011Detunized releases "La Ramona Piano Strings" and "Infinite" subscriber Live Packs and "Blinker" - a free download02 Aug 2011Puremagnetik releases Devil07 - Modified TR-707 for Live, Kontakt, Renoise and Logic29 Jul 2011Puremagnetik releases Grainscapes Ambient Textures Library29 Jun 2011Loopmasters releases Bomb Squad: Tactical Beats And Sample Artillery27 Jun 2011A visit backstage at the Beatles LOVE Show11 Jun 2011Detunized releases DTS027 - Just Water Live Pack25 May 2011Detunized releases Kathie's Revenge - The Vocalist Toolbox Ableton Live Pack28 Apr 2011Puremagnetik releases Onda for Kontakt, Live and EXS27 Apr 2011Soundtrack Loops releases Dubplate Techtonics - Dubstep Loops & Samples22 Apr 2011Detunized releases ESSkrush - Free Ableton Live Pack19 Apr 2011Puremagnetik releases Vintage Organs Volume 2 for Live, Kontakt and Logic06 Apr 2011Cycling updates Max and Max for Live30 Mar 2011Ableton updates Live to v8.2.230 Mar 2011Liine releases Kapture Pad for iPhone, iPod & iPad - Take snapshots of your Ableton Live set and recall them at will15 Mar 2011Sample Magic and Alchemea announce new weekend Music Production and Business courses14 Mar 2011Puremagnetik releases Opus - Vintage Strings, Organ and Brass for Ableton Live, Kontakt, and Logic03 Mar 2011Micah Frank releases Tectonic - free Earthquake Sonification Library for Ableton Live03 Mar 2011DETUNIZED.COM releases DTS024 Phase Facets Live Pack23 Feb 2011Voltage Disciple releases VOLT60 Live Pack for Ableton Live16 Feb 2011

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Graphic Noise updates Articulate for Ableton Live to v1.0.106 Mar 2024killihu releases Advanced Toolbar Buttons 2 for Ableton Live23 Feb 2024Abletunes releases Infinite Keys - Free Ableton Live Instrument Rack05 Feb 2024Plughugger releases "Strictly Deep House" for Ableton Drift18 Jan 2024Graphic Noise releases Ableton Live articulation maps for Orchestral Tools libraries20 Dec 2023Abletunes releases Foundation Analog Keys - Free Ableton Live instruments Pack18 Dec 2023killihu releases ALFIL (Ableton Live Fast Item Loader)14 Dec 2023killihu releases MKT Mapper for Ableton Live23 Nov 2023killihu releases MIDI Explorer for Ableton Live09 Nov 2023Akai Professional releases APC64 Pad Controller for Ableton13 Oct 2023Abletunes releases Foundation Percussion - Free Ableton Live Instruments Pack02 Oct 2023killihu releases Auto Clip Props for Ableton Live21 Aug 2023Konstantin Klem releases "Microcosm" sound bank for Ableton Drift12 Jul 2023Abletunes releases Foundation Vintage Drums - Free Ableton Live Drum Racks04 Jul 2023killihu releases Control Matrix for Ableton Live12 Jun 2023Smaolab updates M4L The Drummer multi-step-sequencer to version 1.311 Jun 20238UP releases "8-Bit Drum Kits 2" with Bundle Offer20 Apr 2023killihu releases Locator Manager for Ableton Live23 Mar 2023Abletunes releases Foundation Guitars - Free Ableton Live Instruments Pack06 Mar 2023killihu releases VST Macro Controls for Ableton Live05 Feb 2023Sonus Dept. releases Abstructs - Max for Live devices for sound experiments22 Jan 2023Soundmanufacture releases ReBoard - an interval based MIDIplayer (Max for Live Device)24 Dec 2022Abletunes releases Foundation Analog Bass - Free Ableton Live Instruments Pack23 Dec 2022Sonus Dept. releases Neuralscore+, Max for Live sequencer controlled by a neural network29 Nov 2022killihu releases inScale for Ableton Live24 Nov 2022XY StudioTools updates Song Sketch to v2.115 Nov 2022SMAOLAB releases M4L The Drummer - Multi Track Step Sequencer14 Nov 2022Abletunes releases Foundation Woodwinds - Free Ableton Live Instruments Pack09 Nov 2022FLUX:: Immersive releases free Ableton Live Tools for SPAT Revolution for macOS29 Sep 2022Homegrown Sounds releases Vibrations & updates Kit Creator (now exports to MPC, Live, TAL-Drum, Speedrum & Sitala)29 Jul 2022Spektralisk updates Ethernium: Abstract Atmospheres - now available for Pigments, Analog Lab V and Ableton Live + 30% off in July12 Jul 2022Abletunes releases Foundation Saxophone - Free Ableton Live Instruments Pack11 Jul 2022Tritonet releases Harmony Network for Ableton Live06 Jun 2022Homegrown Sounds releases Kit Creator - Sample Kit Generator for MPC and Ableton Live27 May 2022killihu releases Advanced Toolbar Buttons for Ableton Live06 May 2022Abletunes releases Foundation Brass - Free Ableton Live Instruments Pack03 May 2022Steinberg updates Cubasis to v3.4 - Ableton Link Support and Many Improvements04 Feb 2022Abletunes releases Foundation | Strings - Free Ableton Live instruments pack02 Feb 2022Sonus Dept. releases"Neuraloot" - Neural network based devices for Max for Live20 Jan 2022Spektralisk releases "Trees" - Presets for Massive X, Pigments, Ableton Live + Sample Pack20 Jan 2022J74 releases FreeCode pack of free MIDI and Audio plugins for Ableton Live / Max for Live and updates M4L devices for high resolution screen support23 Dec 2021Abletunes releases Foundation | Keys - Free Ableton Live instruments pack21 Dec 2021Sonus Dept. releases Scattered, free Max for Live effect29 Nov 2021Sonus Dept. releases Eris, sample manipulation instruments for Max for Live09 Nov 2021Konstantin Klem updates Bass Tools for Ableton Live to v1.204 Oct 2021XY StudioTools releases Song Sketch 2 Arrangement Tool for Ableton Live08 Sep 2021Devicemeister updates Stepic for Ableton Live to v1.302 Sep 2021Konstantin Klem updates Max for Live Device Matrix to v1.118 Aug 2021Soundmanufacture releases Push Hacker 2 - Max for Live Device for Push11 Jun 2021sonicLAB releases the Laurent Mialon Ableton Live Pack 2nd edition for the Cosmosf M31 plugin07 Jun 2021Sonus Dept. releases Æthernity - Atmospheric Devices for Max4Live14 May 2021mididope releases Molecular with intro offer04 May 2021Konstantin Klem releases Max for Live Device Matrix for Ableton Live03 May 2021Devicemeister updates Stepic to v1.2 - Trial Version Release30 Apr 2021Cluster Sound Packs now available for Kontakt with 50% Off Intro Offer30 Apr 2021J74 updates all Max for Live devices with compatibility for Ableton Live 1119 Apr 2021Spektralisk releases Modular Lab - Aalto presets, 0-Coast loops and Ableton Live Pack07 Apr 2021Majetone releases Dniwer Epat - free sample pack for Kontakt, Ableton, & One Shot Samples26 Mar 2021Spektralisk releases Syclotron Bass - distorted synth/bass loops and loop remix tools11 Mar 2021Sensel releases MPE Soundware: Techtonics and Analog Essentials10 Mar 2021Devicemeister updates Stepic to v1.107 Mar 2021Soundmanufacture updates Scale-O-Mat 4 to v4.119 Feb 2021Spektralisk releases Granular Lab - Pigments presets, Ableton Live Pack and samples for exploring granular synthesis15 Feb 2021The Control Centre releases Acoustic Guitar & Tambourine Pack and Studio Synths Pack for Ableton Live15 Feb 2021killihu releases Mapper-Ki for Ableton Live11 Feb 2021Konstantin Klem releases Max for Live Delta for Ableton Live08 Feb 2021Devicemeister releases Stepic - Step and Modulation Sequencer for Ableton Live29 Jan 2021Spektralisk releases Space Probe - Samples and presets focused on reverbs, delays and atmospheres25 Jan 2021Spektralisk releases Sound Design Stream - Sounds & Presets Subscription Service - with Intro Offer25 Jan 2021Sounds And Effects releases Drums And Percussion of Ancient Mexico for Ableton Live22 Jan 2021ThaLoops releases Pulse featuring samples by Mojam11 Jan 2021killihu updates Sequencer-Ki to v1.2 with new features23 Dec 2020Samples From Mars releases "TOM From Mars" - Drum Sample Pack08 Dec 2020Thirdmanonthemoon releases "OB6 Pads&Keys free" for Live, Kontakt, Logic and WAV - Free Multisamples of the Iconic OB608 Dec 2020Groove Monkee releases Southern Rock MIDI Loops31 Oct 2020Thirdmanonthemoon releases "Drummer From Another Mother" for Live, Kontakt, Maschine, Battery, Logic and WAV - Plus Free DFAM Samples27 Oct 2020SparkPackers releases free Ableton Wavetable Presets for Ableton's Wavetable Synth17 Oct 2020Konstantin Klem updates Bass Tools for Ableton Live to v1.105 Oct 2020Samples From Mars releases "Modular Drum Loops From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, REX2, and 24-bit WAV28 Sep 2020KLANG.Cologne releases KLANG Instruments for Ableton Live25 Sep 2020mididope releases MIXMUX Duo (MIDI plugin for live sequencing) with intro offer21 Sep 2020HelloSamples releases "Silky Juke" and "Arp fantasy", a 130 preset pack for Ableton's Wavetable synth10 Sep 2020blortblort releases "moonshoes" for Ableton Live Operator synth with intro offer27 Aug 2020XY StudioTools releases Song Sketch - tool to speed up song arrangement in Ableton Live16 Aug 2020killihu updates Sequencer-Ki to v1.1 with new features17 Jul 2020Groove Monkee releases Garage Rock Revival MIDI Loops01 Jul 2020J74 releases Venus6 - Max for Live Poly-Multi Synthesizer for Ableton Live30 Jun 2020killihu updates Master Pitch and MIDI Controls to v1.127 Jun 2020Konstantin Klem releases Bass Tools for Ableton Live18 Jun 2020Soundmanufacture updates Modular Sequencer to v1.0.314 Jun 2020Drumdrops releases Northern Soul Kit for Kontakt, Slate Trigger, EXS, Battery and Live28 May 2020Soundmanufacture updates Chord-O-Mat 3 and Modular Sequencer07 May 2020Cluster Sound releases RX7 - Free Drum Pack for Ableton Live01 May 2020UplandToys updates Mutateful live coding add-on for Ableton Live to v1.129 Apr 2020TimbresAndTones releases Ableton Drum Racks EZX MEGA Bundle 2020 for Superior Drummer 314 Apr 2020J74 updates the free Max for Live HarmoTools device set to v2.012 Apr 2020Square & line releases free Piano Tape pack for Ableton Live (+WAV)09 Apr 2020Soundmanufacture releases "Scale O Mat 4" - Scale correction & Scale Library Max for Live Device04 Apr 2020Softube announces full Console 1 compatibility with Ableton Live03 Apr 2020Cluster Sound releases KB-800 - Free Synth & Drum Pack for Ableton Live03 Apr 2020Human Touch Technology releases "Darbukator 4 Live" audio pack for Ableton Live01 Apr 2020Ableton announces FlexGroove by Martin von Frantzius19 Mar 2020Resonance Sound releases Deep & Tech Elements by Audio Boutique22 Feb 2020Resonance Sound releases Techno Maschinen - Multi-Format Drum Kits14 Feb 2020J74 releases SliceShuffler - Max for Live Audio Slice Sequencer01 Jan 2020Cluster Sound releases Room Simulator - Free Convolution Pack for Ableton Live18 Dec 2019Cluster Sound releases Multiman - Free Synth Pack for Ableton Live27 Nov 2019Soundmanufacture releases "Modular Sequencer" - Max for Live Device23 Nov 2019Cluster Sound releases XR-10 - Free Drum Pack for Ableton Live21 Nov 2019Cluster Sound releases HR-16B - Free Drum Pack for Ableton Live25 Oct 2019Cluster Sound releases Solton Programmer 24 for Ableton Live23 Oct 2019Cluster Sound releases Kawai K3 for Ableton Live27 Sep 2019blortblort releases "Orange 90" for Ableton Live Analog synth with intro offer23 Sep 2019Soundmanufacture releases Instant Twister for the Midifighter Twister and Ableton Live08 Sep 2019HelloSamples releases Flavours #7: Lush Beats02 Sep 2019Groove Monkee releases Classic Rock MIDI Loops31 Jul 2019J74 releases ARPline, a Max for Live poly-metric and poly-rhythmic MIDI Arpeggiator30 Jun 2019Multiton Bits announces Ableton Live Series Sample Packs28 Jun 2019Samples From Mars releases "Jupiter Drums From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit-WAV14 Jun 2019HelloSamples releases "Sweet Chords 5" for Kontakt, Ableton Live, and Maschine05 Apr 2019Groove Monkee releases Ballad MIDI Drum Loops29 Mar 2019ADSR Sounds releases "ADSR Presents: Rhiannon Roze" Vocal Sample Pack27 Mar 2019Samples From Mars releases "MPC1 From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-Bit WAV23 Mar 2019Sensel releases 2 free Sound Packs - Music Producer Jams and UR-RT4 Metal22 Mar 2019Sample Magic releases Ableton Creative FX Racks13 Mar 2019THEPHONOLOOP releases Cassette Mallets.02 for Kontakt 5, Ableton Live, Logic & SFZ01 Mar 2019Sample Magic releases new Ableton Racks16 Jan 2019Multiton Bits gives away Free Organic Electronix Box Ableton Racks with 123 samples and 12 MIDI Clips23 Dec 2018K-Devices releases "ESQ" Patterns Beatstation for Ableton Live21 Dec 2018futurbeats releases AfroTrap Sound Pack06 Dec 2018Samples From Mars releases "Soviet Synths From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit WAV16 Nov 2018THEPHONOLOOP releases Cassette Keys.02 for Kontakt 5, Ableton Live, Logic and SFZ27 Oct 2018Ableton releases Probability Pack for Live 10 Suite10 Oct 2018Samples From Mars releases "S612 From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit WAV02 Oct 2018THEPHONOLOOP releases Cassette Toy Piano for Kontakt 5, Ableton Live, Logic and SFZ14 Sep 2018ADSR Sound releases Future Wave: Live 10 - Wavetable Presets + Free Wavetable Course13 Sep 2018Sensel releases Free Soundpack by Nate Hendrix08 Aug 2018Isotonik Studios launches "Isotonik Sounds" with new free and sale packs for Ableton Live07 Aug 2018Groove Monkee Releases Hi-Octane Drum Loops02 Aug 2018New Loops releases Ableton Wavetable Presets and Racks05 Jul 2018THEPHONOLOOP releases Cassette Plucks.01 for Kontakt 5, Ableton Live, Logic and SFZ22 Jun 2018Samples From Mars releases "Modular Drums From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit WAV20 Jun 2018K-Devices releases AutoTrig and TATAT for Ableton Live13 Jun 2018Ableton releases Creative Extensions for Live 10 Suite05 Jun 2018ADSR Sounds releases Ableton Wavetable Masterclass02 May 2018Loopmasters release Ableton Chord Rack - "Blue Notes & Borrowed Chords"08 Apr 2018THEPHONOLOOP releases Cassette Vibraphone for Kontakt 5, Ableton Live, Logic and SFZ30 Mar 2018Soundmanufacture releases "Push FX Central" - Max for Live Device22 Mar 2018HelloSamples releases Flavours #6: Lo-Fi House07 Mar 2018123creative releases Vybe Construction Kit - Loops, MIDI, Sylenth1 Presets, Ableton Live Projects27 Feb 2018Black Octopus Sound releases Brutal Dubstep & Riddim - Xfer Serum preset pack containing bonus samples & Ableton Racks16 Feb 2018Wave Alchemy releases "SYS-100 Drums" Multi-Format Sample Pack13 Feb 2018Audiomodern releases Streakulator V2 (Max For Live)08 Feb 2018Sample Magic releases "Paranoid Techno" Multi-Format Sample Pack06 Feb 2018J74 updates the SS64 Groove Box (Max for Live device set) to v1.529 Jan 2018Mabelton/Crafted Sound releases integration packs for Ableton Push and Xfer Serum and Ableton Push and Arturia V Collection 614 Jan 2018Goldbaby releases "Big Little Tonic" Multi-format Sample Pack28 Nov 2017123creative releases Modern Trap Essentials construction kit - samples, loops, Midi, Sylenth1 presets, Phasm presets, Ableton Live project)22 Nov 2017Samples From Mars releases "Modded 505 From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic, and 24-bit WAV17 Nov 2017Puremagnetik releases Thump Machine for Ableton Live, Kontakt & Logic15 Nov 2017123creative releases Heartmade Anthems construction kit (loops, MIDI, Sylenth presets, Ableton project)09 Nov 2017Samples From Mars releases "Snacks From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit WAV03 Nov 2017Art Frequencies releases DekobokoFX PRO (M4L)25 Oct 2017The Control Centre releases the Studio Collection for Live 911 Oct 2017Samples From Mars releases "Drumulator From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit WAV04 Oct 2017ROLI announces next-generation Lightpad Block (M) and NOISE 3.028 Sep 2017Puremagnetik releases Analog Bass Compendium for Ableton Live, Kontakt & Logic28 Sep 2017Samples From Mars releases "WASP From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit WAV19 Sep 2017Marco Scherer releases "Drum Depot: Analog 808" multi-format sample library17 Sep 2017Sample Magic releases "Cinematic Sequences" Multi Format Sample Pack14 Sep 2017F9 Audio releases Drumtrax iV: 21st Century House for Logic 9 + X and Ableton Live 9.1.4+12 Sep 2017HelloSamples releases Flavours #5: Lo-Fi Haze11 Sep 2017The Control Centre releases VINYLiZER Instrument for Live 908 Sep 2017Audiomodern releases Random Chords Generator PRO (M4L)07 Sep 2017Ableton release "Iota" Max For Live Device by Dillon Bastan31 Aug 2017The Control Centre releases Yamaha Tape Drum Rack for Ableton Live30 Aug 2017Detunized releases "Cappa Duemils Dos" Live Pack/Universal Sound Library - Additional Instruments & Oddities from the K-200014 Aug 2017THEPHONOLOOP updates Cassette Mallets.01 and releases Cassette Bundle.0111 Aug 2017

Comments & Discussion for Ableton Live

Discussion: Active
7 April 2012 at 7:20pm

Hey guys, anyone know what the heck happened to the video playback in Ableton Live 8? it used to play smooth in Live 7, now I can't even watch it without it skippin 10-20 frames at a time. ive used all the lowest settings recomended. But still, even Cubase on an old G5 PPC out performs a Core2Duo on Ableton Live 8..

whats gives?

28 June 2013 at 8:36pm

Sounds like bad code, but it could be any number of other factors. Usually new software releases are bigger and require more processor power. If it's a windows system there could be any number of factors that aren't playing "nice' with Live 8. Viirus scanners, anti-malware, printer driver software packages, auto loading applications etc. Also, it could be outdated sound drivers or even video drivers stepping on your application, causing delay, which then affects performance. I'd first say make sure your video drivers are up to date, and then kill any other apps that could be eating processor power. If it's a Mac, then, not sure. Maybe a video codec...

29 January 2015 at 5:01pm

I bought the AKAI APC 20 Controller which comes with a free Lite version of Ableton Live and I must say: This free version of the DAW is absolutely sufficient for what I want to do with it. And if Ableton some day comes with a 50% offer I probably upgrade to Standard in order to get more functionality.

18 May 2016 at 3:32am

hey guys, is this Ableton Live 9 he is selling?

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