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News Archive for September 2018

30th September 2018Apple releases Logic v10.4.2 and MainStage v3.4

30th September 2018KV331 Audio announces 'All for $4 Sale' through October for SynthMaster Player and preset banks

30th September 2018Thomas Mundt updates free LoudMax to v1.24 for Win, Mac, Linux and Winamp

30th September 2018Online Music Foundry updates Granular Sound Designer Pro to v1.2 - 50% off for a limited time

29th September 2018AudioSwift updated to v2.0 - 50% off for a limited time

29th September 2018Sampleson releases Melox Pro - Binaural, Studio-Grade Melodica

29th September 2018The FXB Project releases Colorspace - 100 presets for kHs ONE

29th September 2018Function Loops releases Festival Sounds 2019, Art of Lo-Fi Hip Hop and Future Bass Worldwide

29th September 2018Glitchedtones releases "Paranormal" - Horror Sound Collection

29th September 2018TBProAudio releases Euphonia 2 - Spectrum Matching Plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X

29th September 2018ADSR Essential NI Massive Bundle: 6 Video Courses + 10 Preset Packs - $37 until Oct 2

28th September 2018MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MSpectralDynamics, MStereoSpread, MRotary and MTremoloMB

28th September 2018DS Audio Diversion 70% Sale (Exclusive at Plugin Boutique)

28th September 2018W. A. Production updates InstaChord to v1.1.0

27th September 2018Plughugger releases "Function 360" for u-he Diva

27th September 2018Soundiron releases "Voice of Wind: Adey" for Kontakt

26th September 2018Rast Sound releases India Vocals for Kontakt & WAV

26th September 2018Diginoiz Clearance Sale: Sample Packs for 5 Euro

26th September 2018Audiority updates Echoes T7E to v1.1

26th September 2018zenAud.io ALK2 Looper Meet Sequencer - 33% Off

26th September 2018HoRNet updates AutoGain Pro MK2 to v2.0.5

26th September 2018SoloStuff updates SoloRack to v1.3 - Modular Synthesizer VST for Windows

25th September 2018Parawave Audio updates Rapid Synthesizer to 1.5.0 - Adds new re-sizeable GUI, 10 Themes, Oscillator Insert-Effects and Filters

25th September 2018GSi updates VB3-II to v1.1.0 - includes GSiRotary plug-in

25th September 2018Win A $100 Voucher For Anything @MAAT

25th September 2018Acon Digital releases Equalize 2 with new Filter Types

25th September 2018Mercuriall Audio releases "SS-11X" Tube Preamp Sim for Mac & Win VST, AU and AAX

25th September 2018SKYLIFE releases SampleRobot 6 Pro for Mac & Windows

25th September 2018Dance MIDI Samples releases new MIDI pack bundles

25th September 2018Sample Magic release "Soma Records" Sample Pack

24th September 2018Zenhiser releases "Downtempo Beats" Sample Pack

24th September 2018Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes Autumn Sale: 30% or 55% off all products

24th September 2018Parawave Audio Sale: 25% off on Rapid Synthesizer and Extensions until October 7th

24th September 2018BlueLab | Audio Plugins updates Impulses - Impulse responses capture plug-in

24th September 2018HoRNet Sale: Plug-ins 50% Off / Bundles 20% Off

24th September 2018sonible smart:EQ 2 Introductory Offer: € 89,-

24th September 2018ProducerLoops releases 'Festival Anthems Vol 2' Sample Pack

24th September 2018Fuse Audio Labs releases the VPRE-376 Vintage Preamp Plug-In

24th September 2018ProducerLoops releases 'Future Pop Vocals Vol 2' Sample Pack

22nd September 2018Seaweed Audio updates Fathom Synth to v2.20 with Solidtrax Bass Preset Bank

22nd September 2018Devil Soundz updates Devil, Vocal Reverb and Devil Reverb for Windows

22nd September 2018Resomonics Autumn Sale - 50% off Reflection for 2 Weeks

21st September 2018Triple Spiral Audio releases Traveller for Omnisphere 2.5

21st September 2018Strezov Sampling offers Framedrum X3M for 79€ and 20% off Oracle Modern Sound Design Library until September 26th

21st September 2018Bob Perry Audio Late Summer Sale: 50% off all plug-ins

21st September 2018Homegrown Sounds releases Allure for Serum

21st September 2018MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MPhatik, MConvolutionMB, MLimiterX and MPhaserMB

21st September 2018UJAM Beatmaker Hustle 90% Exclusive Sale at Plugin Boutique

21st September 2018Audiomodern Paths 1 & 2 Bundle 75% off this weekend at Time+Space

21st September 2018Yuri Turov updates Xynthesizr for iOS to v1.6

20th September 2018IK Krazy Deal: Up to 70% Off Ampeg SVX 2 and Ampeg SVX Power Duo Bundle

20th September 2018Audio Vitamins offers 50% off Structure - £10 for the auto gain staging tool

20th September 2018zplane updates elastiqueAAX/tce to v2.1.2

20th September 2018Acustica Audio releases Viridian Suite with Intro Offer

20th September 2018Acustica Audio Viridian Suite 15% Pre-Sale Discount

20th September 2018Kuassa updates Amplifikation Caliburn VST/VST3/AU/AAX and Standalone to v1.0.1

20th September 2018Sugar Bytes Cyber Weekend: All Plugins $69

20th September 2018Rodolphe Bourotte releases UPISketch for iOS

20th September 2018Tsugi updates GameSynth to v1.1 with sound particles, vocal effects and more

20th September 2018VSL releases "Vienna Smart Orchestra" with Intro Offer

20th September 2018Sound Ex Machina releases Endless Drones SFX library

20th September 2018Steinberg releases Nuendo Live 2 Multitrack Recording Solution

20th September 2018FXpansion updates Cypher2 to v2.4.9.0

20th September 2018Audio Plugin Deals Offer: 72% off Ultimate Vocal Bundle by Zero-G

20th September 2018Synchro Arts releases Revoice Pro 4

20th September 2018Overloud releases Studio Sessions II - Studio Reverb IRs

20th September 2018eXtream Software Development updates Audio Evolution Mobile Studio for iOS to v2.0.4

20th September 2018Image Line updates FL Studio to v20.0.4

20th September 2018Toontrack releases Movie Scores – Action EZkeys MIDI pack and Action! EZX and Action Drums MIDI pack for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer

20th September 2018TC Electronic releases DVR250-DT - Digital Vintage Reverb Plug-in with Hardware Interface

19th September 2018Rast Sound offers 40% off Sounds of Morocco until September 26

19th September 2018Produce RNB releases Chord Engine Genesis for Kontakt

19th September 2018Roland updates SYSTEM-8 software synth to v1.2

19th September 2018UVI releases Drum Designer - Modern Drum Workshop

19th September 2018Bitwig Studio updated to v2.4

19th September 2018Teenage Engineering announces OP–Z Multimedia Synthesizer release

19th September 2018Steinberg updates Cubasis to v2.6

19th September 2018Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Mod to v1.1.7

19th September 2018Maize Sampler updated to v2.5.4

19th September 2018Yamaha updates Vocaloid5 Editor to v5.0.3

19th September 2018Diginoiz releases "Future Love Songs" - R&B Construction Kits

19th September 2018W. A. Production releases SphereQuad (with 90% Off Launch Discount) for Win and Mac and InstaChord v1.0.5 Update

19th September 2018HoRNet releases SW34EQ MK2

19th September 2018Wagsrfm releases Ambient Collection for u-he Zebra 2

19th September 2018BlueLab | Audio Plugins Sale: 50% off AutoGain until 30th Sep

19th September 2018Sonarworks Fall Sale: 20% off on Reference 4, Upgrades and True-Fi

19th September 2018Native Instruments updates Maschine to v2.7.8

19th September 2018Sample Magic Sale - 30% Off

19th September 2018Cmusic Production releases "SOLO Sackbut" for Kontakt

19th September 2018Cockos updates REAPER to v5.95

19th September 2018Rogue Amoeba updates Audio Hijack to v3.5.4

19th September 2018Sonic Scores updates Overture and Score Writer to v5.5.3

19th September 2018Sound Radix updates 32 Lives to v2.0.5

18th September 2018Plughugger offers 35% off "Function 360" for u-he Diva

18th September 2018Function Loops releases "Tech House Relief" sample collection

18th September 2018Devil Soundz updates Devil Reverb (v1.6.3) for Windows

18th September 2018Will Savin releases Grain Stream - Granular Effect for Mac & Win VST & AU

18th September 2018Stefano Daino updates DSP-Quattro 5 to v5.0.9

18th September 2018forward audio announces the release of v1.00 of the free Phase Alignment Plugin faSampleDelay

18th September 2018Apple updates GarageBand for iOS to v2.3.6

17th September 2018Zenhiser releases "Cloud 80" Sample Pack

17th September 2018Will Savin "Grain Stream" 20% Off Intro Offer

17th September 2018JSplash Apps releases Bass Tuner BT1 for Android and iOS devices

17th September 2018Samplecraze release eBook: Mixing Hip Hop

17th September 2018Thenatan Back to School Sale: 75% Off

17th September 2018HoRNet Sale: 50% off plugins / 20% off bundles

17th September 2018OverTone DSP releases PTC-2A Vintage Program EQ Emulation v3.0.0

17th September 2018FabFilter Pro-MB 40% Off Until October 1st

17th September 2018Bremmers Audio Design release MultitrackStudio for iPad v3.0

17th September 2018Klevgränd releases Degrader - Resampler and bit crusher effect

16th September 2018BicubicAudio releases Neuro Kits - Drum & Bass Sample-Pack

16th September 2018The FXB Project releases "Impacts & Drones" sound bank for TAL-Mod with 50% discount

16th September 2018HY-Plugins updates HY-MPS2 and HY-Slicer

16th September 2018Bakuage launches AI Mastering Referral Program

15th September 2018Youlean releases Youlean Loudness Meter V2 - with Free and PRO versions

15th September 2018Audiolounge Big Bundle Sale: 50% Off Drum Machine Bundle / Rhodes Affair

15th September 2018Beatskillz Valvesque $25 until September 30th (Reg. $149)

14th September 2018AudioThing releases miniVerb, an 8-bit/Chiptune LoFi Reverb, and updates miniBit to v1.5.1

14th September 2018MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MAutoAlign, MHarmonizerMB, MStereoGenerator and MFilter

14th September 2018Sonic Academy releases 'How To make Timelapse' tutorial with Jerome Isma-Ae along with exclusive remix contest

14th September 2018Time+Space Music Production News & Offers (September 14th)

14th September 2018Nammick unveils Boowm.com - Free Browser-based Online Mastering Service

14th September 2018Signum Audio releases BUTE Loudness Normaliser for Automated Loudness Compliance

14th September 20182getheraudio releases RE4ORM and RE4ORM FX

14th September 2018Zero-G Autumn Sale - Save up to 60%

14th September 2018Puremagnetik releases Mimik - Variable Pitch & Time Repeater Plug-in for Mac & Win VST & AU

14th September 2018GG Audio releases Spin - Vintage Rotary Speaker Simulation Plug-in for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

14th September 2018Overloud Classic Analogue Bundle 60% off at Time+Space (Exclusive)

14th September 2018THEPHONOLOOP releases Cassette Toy Piano for Kontakt 5, Ableton Live, Logic and SFZ

14th September 2018Channel Robot release Folio Bass for Kontakt 5.7+

13th September 2018PreSonus updates Studio One to v4.1

13th September 2018Bolder Sounds releases fiddle! for Kontakt

13th September 2018Black Octopus Sound releases 'Souls' - Vocal sample pack with intro offer

13th September 2018Strezov Sampling releases "Framedrum X3M" for Kontakt 5

13th September 2018Resonance Sound releases Tropical House for Serum Vol.3

13th September 2018ADSR Sound releases Future Wave: Live 10 - Wavetable Presets + Free Wavetable Course

12th September 2018Syntheway releases Chordophonet Virtual Harp and Hammered Dulcimer v2.0 for Windows

12th September 2018Devil Soundz updates Devil (v1.8.4.1), Devil Reverb (v1.6.2.1) and Vocal Reverb (v1.8.3.1) for Windows

12th September 2018Igor Vasiliev updates SynthScaper - Soundscapes synthesizer for iPad and iPhone to v1.6

12th September 2018HoRNet updates ElliptiQ to v1.0.1

12th September 2018New Sonic Arts updates Vice to v1.36

12th September 2018SPC Plugins updates ArcSyn to v2.1.5

12th September 2018Sample Logic Sale: 66% Off Xosphere

11th September 2018Wusik Premium Upgrade $59.95 USD until November 1st (Reg. $79.95)

11th September 2018GG Audio updates Blue3 to v2.0

11th September 2018Bogus Noise updates Compère to v1.1.0

11th September 2018W. A. Production releases "Melodic Dragon" Sample Pack

11th September 2018Lakeside Audio September Deals: Groovestar €49 / Isola Pro FX €79 (+ free upgrade to v2.0)

11th September 2018SZCZ releases Sawmill for Kontakt

11th September 2018Systematic Sounds releases 102 Signature Kick Drums

11th September 2018Physical Audio releases PA3 Derailer v2.0

11th September 2018D16 Group releases Fazortan 2 (Win & Mac, VST & AU) introducing AAX format

10th September 2018Zenhiser releases "Let There Be Techno" Sample Pack

10th September 2018Seaweed Audio updates Fathom to v2.19

10th September 2018Monocasual Laboratories release Giada 0.15.2 "Smith Machine" for Linux, Windows, and macOS

10th September 2018Synth-Presets releases "Professional Toolkit" for u-he Colour Copy

10th September 2018iZotope Ozone 8 Elements free with any purchase at Plugin Boutique (from $1)

10th September 2018Studio Toolz Flash Sale - All Plugins £1 Each

10th September 2018MusicDevelopments RapidComposer Autumn Sale (30% Off Until September 24th)

10th September 2018MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v3.52 - 30% off until September 24th

10th September 2018Creative Intent updates Tantrum to v1.1.1 - Dark GUI, Presets, and More

10th September 2018HoRNet 40% Sale

10th September 2018Autodafe releases MeeBlip Triode MIDI Editor

10th September 2018Sample Fuel releases 1.5 update for Poly, Wave and The Hybrid Bundle powered by the CRE8 Engine

9th September 2018Tone Empire plugins 50% off until 24th September

9th September 2018Mystery Islands Music updates Novation SNX AudioUnit & VST Editor / Librarian to v0.9.9

9th September 2018Pulseha releases "Vintage Toy Grand" for Kontakt with intro offer

9th September 2018Sample Magic releases "Progressive & Melodic Tech" Sample Pack

9th September 2018A.O.M. updates their plug-ins to v1.9.4

8th September 2018RF Music updates Comp87 and Comp87 MB compressor plug-ins to v2.0.3 - AAX Support

7th September 2018MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MPowerSynth, MLimiterMB, MRhythmizerMB and MTransient

7th September 2018Mirax Labs SmartMetronome 75% Off Until September 15th

7th September 2018Mercuriall Audio announces "SS-11X" tube preamp sim for Mac & Win VST, AU and AAX

7th September 2018Blue Cat Audio updates "Blue Cat's PatchWork" to v2.2

7th September 2018Tone2 releases the Atmos Infinity Soundset for Icarus

7th September 2018It Might Get Loud Productions releases Assault Drums - 80s Heavy Metal Drum Instrument

7th September 2018eaReckon updates EARevolve to v1.0.2

7th September 2018The Unfinished releases "Uno LX Protozoa"

7th September 2018KV331 Synthmaster Player 86% Sale (£2.95 / $4.00 Plugin Boutique Exclusive)

7th September 2018eXtream Software Development updates Audio Evolution Mobile Studio to v2.0.3

7th September 2018Function Loops releases "Progressive Psytrance Empire" and "Future Pop & Rnb Worldwide"

7th September 2018Cmusic Production updates the SOLO series for Kontakt

6th September 2018Universal Audio announces Apollo X Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interfaces

6th September 2018Bakuage publishes AI Mastering API - Open API of the automated audio mastering service

6th September 2018forward audio updates free beta Phase Alignment Plug-in faSampleDelay

6th September 2018Thomas Mundt updates free LoudMax to v1.23 for Win, Mac, Linux and Winamp

6th September 2018Native Instruments unveils 9 new products including Komplete 12, Kontakt 6, and Massive X, plus major updates to online platforms

6th September 2018Digital Brain Instruments releases Transformer - Audio morphing and performing tool

6th September 2018FeelYourSound updates Sundog Song Studio to v3.4.0

6th September 2018Audio Plugin Deals Offer: 79% Off Sonible Smart Bundle - 2 AI Equalizers

5th September 2018Kazrog updates True Iron to v1.1

5th September 2018Soundiron releases Cylindrum v3.0 for Kontakt

5th September 2018Diginoiz releases Digi Drum Loops 4 - Trap

5th September 2018Gothic Instruments releases DRONAR Master Edition

5th September 2018Magix updates Vegas Pro 16 to build 261

5th September 2018GSi updates VB3-II to v1.0.3

5th September 2018Gothic Instruments DRONAR Master Edition - 20% Off Intro Offer (+upgrade discounts)

5th September 2018Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9760

5th September 2018QuikQuak releases Crowd Chamber 4 - AAX & Resizable

5th September 2018Kenneth Rundt updates VSTSynthFont to v3.100

5th September 2018Mastering The Mix releases 'Animate' Plugin

5th September 2018Ableton updates Live to v10.0.3

5th September 2018BlueLab | AudioPlugins releases Ghost-X - Spectrogram Editor

5th September 2018New Sonic Arts updates Nuance to v2.0111

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Tilt Audio Mono Repeater - Delay Plug-in for Mac & Win

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Karoryfer Gogodze Phu Vol II - Acoustic Drum Samples (SFZ / WAV)

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Ocean Swift Synthesis Sounds Of Life - Sample Library (WAV)

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Zoned Busta - Sample Player for Windows VST

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Red Rock Sound EQ560 - 10-Band Graphic Equalizer Plug-in for Windows VST

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Autodafe UNO Synth Editor for Mac & Win

4th September 2018KVRDC18: PhonicsAudio HardWired - Guitar & Drum Synth/Controller for Windows VST

4th September 2018KVRDC18: make some music now! The Haunted Toy - Spooky Instrument Plug-in for Mac & Win

4th September 2018KVRDC18: beatassist.eu MSDevil - Mid/Side Delay Plug-in for Mac & Win

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Mathieu Carre Distortion - Distortion Plug-in for Mac & Win

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Max Project T.Rex 1982 - Vintage Drum Machine Plug-in for Mac & Win

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Ostinato GranuLab.VST - Granular Resampler Plug-in for Mac & Win

4th September 2018Mercuriall Audio "Back to School" Sale

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Himiltungl Labs The Seeker - Analog-style Spectrum Analyzer Plug-in for Mac & Win

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Signal Experiments Ambiguous Guitar Duo - Guitar & Bass Sample Library (SFZ / WAV)

4th September 2018KVRDC18: StrainwaveSCA2018 - Synthesizer Plug-in for Windows

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Dead Duck Deducktion - Synthesizer Plug-in for Windows VST

4th September 2018Devil Soundz updates Devil (1.8.4), Devil Reverb (1.6.2) and Vocal Reverb (1.8.3) for Windows

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Minimal Instruments Minimal Clock - Ticking Clock Instrument Plug-in for Mac & Win

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Digital Systemic Emulations Syncla-X - Synclavier II FM Unit Emulation Plug-in for Mac & Win

4th September 2018KVRDC18: MIDI Mobiles SloTone Ultralite - Sample Player for Windows

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Full Bucket Music MPS - Musical Parameter Synthesizer Plug-in for Mac & Win

4th September 2018KVRDC18: tesselode Flutterbird - Pitch Shift Plug-in for Windows VST

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Ignite Amps ProF.E.T. - Distortion Preamp/Stomp-box Plug-in for Mac & Win

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Beat DRMR - Drum Kit Plug-in for Mac & Win

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Damaged Records Dystroyed - Distortion Plug-in for Mac & Win

4th September 2018KVRDC18: Samplesphere Inspire CC - Synth Plug-in for Windows VST

4th September 2018SubatomicLabs updates Mantis307 VST to v1.9.6.1 - fix for window initialization in some DAWs

4th September 2018KVRDC18: lkjb TinyQ - EQ Plug-in for Mac & Win

4th September 2018New Loops releases u-he Colour Copy Free Presets

4th September 2018Kuassa "Amplifikation Caliburn" Intro Offer ($35)

4th September 2018Spitfire Audio releases "Spitfire Studio Strings" for Kontakt Player

4th September 2018Toontrack celebrates one year anniversary of Superior Drummer 3 with added value offer and 40% off SDX sale

4th September 2018Autumn Sale from CMP – up to 60% off

3rd September 2018Zenhiser releases "Fractals" Sample Pack

3rd September 2018Backpullver updates Vatanator to v1.4

3rd September 2018W. A. Production releases "Dubstep Salvation" Sample Pack

3rd September 2018Triple Spiral Audio updates Empty Fields - F.2 for Omnisphere 2.5

3rd September 2018Photosounder updated to v1.9.5

3rd September 2018Wusik One Released

3rd September 2018Signum Audio release Atmos 7.1.2 support for BUTE Loudness Suite & Analyser

3rd September 2018Sample Magic releases Abstract Hip-Hop 2 - Sample Pack

3rd September 2018discoDSP updates Discovery synth to v4.2 - VST3 Support

3rd September 2018zenAud.io updates looper DAW ALK2 and Solo to v2.2

3rd September 2018Mix Challenge - Competitions in September 2018

2nd September 2018Homegrown Sounds releases "Blue Yonder" for u-he Diva

2nd September 2018Wusik 8008 $29.95 USD until September 10th (Reg. $99.95)

2nd September 2018Neocymatics releases "Simulation Strings" for Kontakt

2nd September 2018HoRNet Sale: 50% off most plugins

1st September 2018HY-Plugins updates HY-MPS2, HY-Slicer and HY-SeqCollection

1st September 2018Tesselode updates Cocoa Delay v1.0 stable for Windows

1st September 2018Tracktion 50% Sitewide Labor Day Sale