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News Archive for May 2017

31st May 2017Audio Plugin Deals: 76% Off Wavesfactory 6-in-1 Bundle

31st May 2017sonicLAB offers Cosmosf v4LE to students freely during June 2017

31st May 2017Klysoft updates ITVL Sequencer to v1.5.0

31st May 2017ISM and Ploytec update Aroma Harmonic Processor to v1.1.1

31st May 2017Felt Tip updates "Sound Studio" Mac Audio Editor to v4.8.9

31st May 2017MeldaProduction updates all effects and MPowerSynth to 11.01

31st May 2017Cycling '74 updates Max to v7.3.4

31st May 2017ModeAudio Offer: Up To 15% Off Massive Presets Packs

31st May 2017ModeAudio releases 'Scatter - Ambient Glitch Loops'

31st May 2017TASCAM updates MiNiStudio Series Drivers/Firmware to v2.1

31st May 2017DDMF NYCompressor now available in AU format for iOS

31st May 2017Monocasual Laboratories updates Giada to v0.14.0 for Linux, Windows and OS X

31st May 2017Synthblitz Audio updates VA RAXS Mastering Rack for Windows to v1.91 - 50% off until June 7

31st May 2017Synth Presets releases "Ultra Space" for Eventide UltraReverb

31st May 2017Audio Damage releases "Grind" Distortion Plug-in and updates free "FuzzPlus 3" to v1.0.1 (incl. AAX)

30th May 2017Quiet Art offers 40% off Defaulter and WaveRider during June

30th May 2017Aviram Dayan Production | DreaMelodiC: 20% Off + Offers & Coupons

30th May 2017VSTBuzz: 60% off Hats by Audiothing

30th May 2017Native Instruments releases "Thrill" for Kontakt Player – Play Cinematic, Spine-chilling Scores in Real Time

30th May 2017NuSpace Audio releases Muze - Binaural Reverb/3D Panner-Mixer with Intro Offer

30th May 2017Propellerhead releases free Reason 9.5 update with VST Support

30th May 2017Matthieu Brucher releases ATKGuitarPreamp - Free VST2, VST3 & AU for Mac & Win

30th May 2017Ariescode updates AriesVerb to v0.7.7 - incl. 64-bit

30th May 2017Bitwig Studio updated to v2.1.1

30th May 2017Tritik releases Echorus v1.0 for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

30th May 2017LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v2.200

30th May 2017Sonic Visualiser for Mac, Win & Lin updated to v3.0.3

30th May 2017CMP Summer Sale: 50% off for Brass and Woodwinds

30th May 2017Gregor Quendel releases "Designed Circuits" Sample Pack with Intro Offer ($20)

30th May 2017HandheldSound releases "MAD - RocknFunk" for Kontakt with Intro Offer

30th May 2017Lucidsamples releases "SeqTech Loops", "Complete Hands Up Vol. 2" and "EDM Risers and Falls"

30th May 2017Chicken Systems updates Translator 6 to 6.1b14 and also entire product line

30th May 2017Igor Vasiliev updates Master Record - Tape simulation recorder, player and effect for iOS to v2.1

29th May 2017Zenhiser releases "Organic Chill" Sample Pack

29th May 2017Track Spark May Bundle: Last few days to get DigitD by Tek'it Audio with free trial

29th May 2017ISM updates BazzISM Drum Synth to v2.5.2

29th May 2017Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Workstation to v1.3 for Windows

29th May 2017SPC Plugins updates ArcSyn to v1.7.4

29th May 2017Loopmasters release Maribou State Sample Pack

29th May 2017ProducerLoops releases 'Uplifting Psy Trance Vol 1' Sample Pack

27th May 2017Gregor Quendel "Designed Circuits" Intro Offer ($20)

27th May 2017ProduceRNB releases Dark Minor Chord Engine for Cthulhu and Chordz

27th May 2017HoRNet Weekend Deals: 40% off almost every plugin

26th May 2017UVI offers up to 50% off all BeatHawk's Sound Expansions (through May 30th, 2017)

26th May 2017D16 Group updates Decimort 2 and Devastor 2 to v2.1.1, Tekturon to v1.0.1, Repeater to v1.1.1

26th May 2017Beatskillz Plugins 25% Off Until May 30th 2017

26th May 2017Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes releases CGC Shaker - Free Sample Library

26th May 2017Xhun Audio updates LittleOne Analogue Modeling Synthesizer to v3.0.5

26th May 2017Rigid Audio updates Kontakt GUI Maker to v1.1

26th May 2017Sonic Academy releases 'How To Make One Thousand & One Nights' Tutorial with Darin Epsilon (+remix contest with 'Perspectives Digital')

26th May 2017It Might Get Loud Productions Memorial Day Sale

26th May 2017RF Music releases Chord Player - MIDI processor plug-in for Windows and Mac

26th May 2017Dance MIDI Samples & Elevated Trance Remix Contest

26th May 2017AIR Sale: Save 60% on all products

26th May 2017Black Octopus Sound Offer: 25% Off IL Maximus + get 3 free sample packs and $20 in points to use towards sample packs & presets

26th May 2017MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MUnison, MReverb, MDelayMB & MTurboComp

26th May 2017The Unfinished releases Zebra Vellum

26th May 2017Klevgränd starts releasing AAX versions of their plugins with Gaffel and launches 33% off sale

26th May 2017Sonarworks Systemwide now usable Standalone

26th May 2017KORG updates Gadget for Mac to v1.1.0 and releases free version - KORG Gadget Le for Mac

26th May 2017eaReckon updates EARebound to v1.1.0 (AAX, VST3, New GUI)

26th May 2017Le Sound by AudioGaming updates AudioElec, AudioSpace, AudioFire and Reshape/ReshapeFX

25th May 2017Function Loops releases Lazer Pop, Mello Future Bass and Deep Tech Spire

25th May 2017EARebound by eaReckon: 30% off until June 11th 2017

25th May 2017Full Bucket Music updates free Mono/Fury to v2.0.0 for Windows

25th May 2017Hidenori Matsuoka updates Chord NOTE to v6.8 and Piano Kit to v3.7.5 for iOS

25th May 2017Sonarworks Spring Sale - Up To 40% off

25th May 2017Synthogy releases Ivory II Studio Grands (+v2.5 Ivory engine update)

25th May 2017Dada Life releases "Endless Smile" Plug-in

25th May 2017New Loops releases Deadly Trap (WAV and Reason ReFill)

25th May 2017Novation updates Circuit firmware to v1.5

25th May 2017IK Multimedia announces Syntronik Hybrid Synthesizer with 50% Off Preorder Offer

25th May 2017Tokyo Dawn Labs release OD DeEdger for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX

25th May 2017MixVibes releases Remixvideo v1.2 - Windows & syncing with any piece of gear

25th May 2017Sound Ex Machina releases "UI Sounds: Futuristic" Sound Library

25th May 2017AngelicVibes releases "Blxck Nxise" MIDI & Loop Pack

24th May 2017blortblort releases "pickled beats" for Stutter Edit with 25% off intro offer

24th May 2017HY-Plugins updates HY-SEQ16x3 to v1.3, HY-MPS to v1.1, HY-Phaser to v2.0.1

24th May 2017Waves releases F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ

24th May 2017Diginoiz releases Sylenth Animals 2 - Future R&B

24th May 2017UVI updates UVI Workstation to v2.6.11 and Falcon to v1.3.0

24th May 2017PSP preQursor2 Introductory Offer: Save 40%

24th May 2017VSP releases "Wired" for u-he Repro-1

24th May 2017Samples From Mars releases "SK1 From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit WAV

24th May 2017SampleTraxx Offer: Buy 1 Get 1 Free

23rd May 2017VSTBuzz: 67% off Emulation II by UVI (VST/AU/AAX)

23rd May 2017Orange Tree Samples releases "Evolution Hollowbody Blues" for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer

23rd May 2017Presonus updates Studio One to v3.5 with major new features

23rd May 2017Ilya Efimov releases Rock Bass - Sample library for Kontakt

23rd May 2017Toontrack releases New Wave EZkeys MIDI

23rd May 2017Le Sound By AudioGaming Custom Bundle Special Sale: More than 50% off all sound design plugins

23rd May 2017PSPaudioware releases PSP preQursor2 EQ Plug-in

23rd May 2017Matthieu Brucher releases ATKBassPreamp 1.0.0 - Free VST2, VST3 & AU for Mac & Win

23rd May 2017Leap Into The Void - Bazille and Serum Preset Discounts

23rd May 2017D16 Group updates Antresol to v1.1.0

23rd May 2017M-Audio Comp: Win a Code 25 + $4000 AIR/Sonivox Software

23rd May 2017[BEN/SCHULZ] releases "Spectrum" - Free Spectrum Analyser Plugin

23rd May 2017EastWest releases MIDI Guitar Instruments for TriplePlay Wireless MIDI Guitar Controller with Intro Offer

23rd May 2017Native Instruments updates Kontakt and Kontakt Player to v5.6.8

23rd May 2017SynthFont2 updated to v2.0.6.1

23rd May 2017Image Line updates FL Studio Mobile for iOS, Android and Windows

23rd May 2017Sonoma Wire Works updates DrumCore to v4.2.0 - UI Zooming

22nd May 2017Audiolounge Spring Sale: 50% Off Vintage Drum Machine Bundle

22nd May 2017Zenhiser releases "Majestic" Sample Pack

22nd May 2017HeadlessBuddha Samples announces Casiomojo MT-100 for Kontakt

22nd May 2017MeldaProduction updates all effects and MPowerSynth to v11 and releases MTurboReverb

22nd May 201730% off Kazrog plugins

22nd May 2017Drumforge releases DF-BUNDLE

22nd May 2017Audiomodern releases "Biologic" - WAV Sample Pack

22nd May 2017Sonimus Burnley 73 EQ - $20 Off

22nd May 2017MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v3.23

22nd May 2017Overloud releases EQ84 - British EQ Plug-in for Mac & Win with Intro Offer

22nd May 2017Aciddose releases Xhip Synthesizer v8.0 for Windows

22nd May 2017zenAud.io releases ALK - Sequenceable Looper for Mac

22nd May 2017HelloSamples releases Sweet Chords Vol.4: Organic Modular Chords

22nd May 2017Wagsrfm releases sound library for u-he Hive

22nd May 2017ProducerLoops releases 'Trance Elevation Vol 5' Sample Pack

22nd May 2017Eventide 2016 Stereo Room - $47 until May 31st

21st May 2017PlugInGuru releases Percussa Vol 1 - Epic Cinematic Percussion Grooves for Omnisphere 2

21st May 2017AudioThing updates Fog Convolver to v1.5.0 - True Stereo

21st May 2017Arturia releases V Collection 5.3

21st May 2017MolecularBytes updates AtomicTransient to v1.0.1 and AtomicReverb to v1.4.1

20th May 2017HoRNet Plugins releases Multicomp Plus MK2 - Visual Compressor Plug-in

20th May 2017Skrivarna Software updates Fakebook Pro to v2.10 - New gestures for font size, zoom and pan

19th May 2017Westgatesounds releases Dreamlands Absynth Preset Pack

19th May 2017Loopmasters Deal Of The Week - 50% off Blu Mar Ten

19th May 2017Track Spark Competition: 5 chances to win Gauge ECM-87 microphones

19th May 2017MeterPlugs Dynameter on sale for $69 - save $30

19th May 2017Mildon Studios releases Overhead - Headphone Calibration VST Plugin for Windows

19th May 2017Sonic Academy releases a new course on mixing and mastering - High-End Vs Stock Plugins with Ian Bland

19th May 2017Plugin Boutique KLEVGR Introductory Sale - 30% Off

19th May 2017Bjulin Waves Full Bloom Sale - Up To 50% Off

19th May 2017MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MXXX, MDynamics, MMultiBandReverb & MMultiBandWaveShaper

19th May 2017Klevgrand releases Syndt for iPad and desktop (AU/VST)

19th May 2017Native Instruments updates Maschine Software to v2.6.5

19th May 2017EastWest updates PLAY to v5.0.4

19th May 2017Momo releases Korg MicroKorg, Korg MiniLogue, Roland Boutique JP-08 & Roland Boutique JX-03 MIDI Editor / Remote Controller Plug-ins

19th May 2017New Loops releases Serum Pads - Presets for Xfer Serum

19th May 2017Leap Into The Void releases "Crystalline Textures 2" soundset for u-he Bazille

18th May 2017Sonus Dept. releases Percussion Arkitect - Percussive sounds designer for Kontakt

18th May 2017MuTools updates MuLab and MUX Modular VST to v7.4.8

18th May 2017Touch The Universe Offers 50% Off Northern Lights Soundset For Rapid Until June 2017

18th May 2017Sounds and Effects Sale: 33% off Ethnic Instruments

18th May 2017Strezov Sampling Offer: Rhodope 2 Ethnic Bulgarian Choir Intro Price - 16% Off

18th May 2017audioD3CK Offer: o-clip Advanced Clipper Plug-in - 40% off

18th May 2017Befaco releases Jumpskiff DIY Eurorack Skiff & Power Solution

18th May 2017Pro Sound Effects releases Master Library 2017 with Intro Offer

18th May 2017UVI updates Relayer to v1.5

18th May 2017Rogue Amoeba updates Audio Hijack to v3.3.3

18th May 2017Beatskillz releases MAX1 - Free VST, AU & AAX Compressor Plugin for Mac & Win

17th May 2017Audio Plugin Deals: 76% Off AcousticSamples 3-in-1 Guitar Bundle

17th May 2017PulseSetter Sounds releases "Disruptor" Omnisphere Soundset for Film & Video Game Composers

17th May 2017Audio Helper Project releases Samplism - Audio file organizer for MacOS

17th May 2017SampleTraxx Offer: "Electronic Drain" Kontakt+WAV - €9

17th May 2017ModeAudio releases 'Desert Highway - Serum Downtempo Presets'

17th May 2017Rob Papen releases RP-Spec Free Rack Extension for Reason

17th May 2017HoRNet HTS9 40% Off For 48 Hours

17th May 2017BoB SwanS Prophet 12 Patches now available as a discounted bundle

16th May 2017VSTBuzz: 75% off Complete Drums Bundle by Wave Alchemy

16th May 2017Universal Audio releases UAD Software v9.2 - SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection and Pure Plate Reverb

16th May 2017SKnote releases STA-limit as AAX Native and DSP for Avid HDX and Venue Systems

16th May 2017Standalone-Music releases Destiny - Future Bass for Xfer Serum

16th May 2017Deplike Software releases Deplike 3 for Android (formerly known as Andrig)

16th May 2017Ardour updated to v5.9

16th May 2017Bitwig Studio updated to v2.1

16th May 2017123creative Offer: Mixcraft 8 DAW Software + Bonus VST Plugin + Samples

16th May 2017FXpansion BFD3 50% Off

16th May 2017TC Electronic releases Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle for Mac & Win VST, AU & AAX with Intro Offer

16th May 2017Imaginando updates DRC to v1.1.4

16th May 2017TrustedAudio Now Free To Use

16th May 2017Audio Damage updates Eos to v2.0.2 - incl. AAX support

16th May 2017Zenhiser releases "Trap Dynamite" Sample Pack

15th May 2017Lucidsamples releases Ultra Dance Leads Bundle - 2GB of multisamples with 70% off

15th May 2017Magix releases Sound Forge Pro Mac 3 and announces new versions of Sound Forge Audio Studio and Sound Forge Pro

15th May 2017zplane.development updates élastiqueAAX v1.1.0

15th May 2017Sinevibes updates Fraction Audio Slicer for Mac to v1.3.1 - On Sale For 30% Off

15th May 2017SoundGym announces The EQ Challenge

15th May 2017Audified STA Effects: 50% Off For Limited Time

15th May 2017D16 Group releases "Tekturon" Multitap Sequenced Delay for Mac OS X and Windows (incl. 64-bit)

15th May 2017Inear Display 5 Years Sale: 50% off any purchase

15th May 2017Sanford Sound Design releases Cobalt v2.0

15th May 2017ProducerLoops releases 'Moombahton Anthems' Sample Pack

15th May 2017Eventide Tverb - $97 until May 21st

14th May 2017MOK updates Waverazor to v1.0.2

13th May 2017Black Octopus Sound releases Hip Hop Strings - 2GB sample pack containing live recorded strings and hip hop drums

13th May 2017ISM updates Aroma Harmonic Processor to v1.1.0

13th May 2017Ignite VST releases Hip Hop Legends Expansion for Heat Up 2

13th May 2017sonicLAB releases Cosmosf FX4 - Live Audio Processing Plugin

12th May 2017Deskew Technologies updates Gig Performer to v1.6 - Audio plug-in host for live performers

12th May 2017SampleSoundBank 40% Off Sale

12th May 2017Future Loops releases Dub Logics King Zion

12th May 2017LennarDigital releases Sylenth1 v3.031

12th May 2017Origins of Audio Offer: Dark Kalimba - 70% Off

12th May 2017Function Loops releases Trance Vocal Hooks and 500+ Techno Vocal Hooks

12th May 2017Acousticsamples releases B-5 Organ V2

12th May 2017Lucidsamples and Planet-h collaborate on free multi-sampled instrument packs for G-Stomper Studio & VA-Beast for Android

12th May 2017HoRNet updates LU Meter to v1.1.0

12th May 2017audioD3CK updates o-clip to v1.9 - incl. AAX Support

12th May 2017New Sonic Arts updates Vice to v1.33

12th May 2017Rast Sound releases World Vocals Bundle V2 for Kontakt

12th May 2017MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MBassador, MTransformer, MPolySaturator & MFilter

12th May 2017ZenSound releases "Dreamwaves" for Diva

12th May 2017FXpansion releases 3 Geist Expanders: "Trash Percussion", "Classic House" and "Analogue FX"

12th May 2017BOOM Library releases Medieval Life SFX collection

12th May 2017Soundemote releases Spiral Generator - Free 3D Fractal Synth for Mac & Win

12th May 2017Daniel Stawczyk (Status) releases "Analog Freegures" Free Soundbank for LittleOne v3.0

11th May 2017Radium Audio updates Radium Music Editor to v4.8.2

11th May 20174drX updates LoopRecorder to v1.4 for Win & Mac - incl. Standalone Version

11th May 2017Sonic Academy releases 'How To Make Nu Bounce' Tutorial with AHEE along with exclusive remix contest with Play Me Records

11th May 2017Dance MIDI Samples releases 'DMS Psytrance Loop Kits Vol 1'

11th May 2017apulSoft updates apQualizr to v2.1.0

11th May 2017Chocolate Audio releases Uproar RAW 8-String Baritone Guitar for Kontakt with Intro Pricing

11th May 2017Toontrack releases Reggae EZkeys MIDI

11th May 2017PinkNoise Studio releases EVOLVER 2 Kontakt Edition

11th May 2017Psychic Modulation releases EchoMelt - Audio Melting Multi-FX Unit for Mac & Win VST & AU with Intro Offer

11th May 2017Waves Audio releases Grand Rhapsody Piano Plugin

11th May 2017Touch The Universe releases The Celestial Spheres Sound Library for HALion 6 / Sonic / SE

11th May 2017Samplesphere releases ROO Didgeridoo v3.0

10th May 2017Nucleus SoundLab releases Luminosity for Propellerhead Parsec

10th May 2017Nucleus SoundLab Offer: Pay-What-You-Want for "Kinetic Energy" Reason ReFill for Antidote

10th May 2017rncbc.org updates Qtractor to v0.8.2 - A "Stickier Tauon" beta release for Linux

10th May 2017Chocolate Audio Offer: 33% Off Uproar RAW Baritone Guitar (Intro Offer)

10th May 2017Liqube Audio updates Resonic Pro Sample Manager to v0.8.8b for Windows - Now REX support

10th May 2017Diginoiz releases Piano Resource 3

10th May 2017Electronisounds releases "Bass Music Drums"

10th May 2017HoRNet 24 Hours 40% Flash Sale

10th May 2017Zero-G releases Ethera Soundscapes for Kontakt

10th May 2017Valhalla DSP updates ValhallaVintageVerb to v1.7.1 and ValhallaRoom to v1.5.1

10th May 2017App Sound releases "Spheric Motion" for Synapse Audio DUNE 2 with Intro Offer

10th May 2017KV331 Audio updates SynthMaster One to v1.0.4 - Adds UI Scaling and Retina Support

10th May 2017AngelicVibes releases Trap Massive Presets Bundle Pack

10th May 2017Spring Sale at Digital Brain Instruments - 50% Off

9th May 2017VSTBuzz: 75% off The Hybrid Scoring Bundle by The Last Haven

9th May 2017IK Multimedia T-RackS Group Buy

9th May 2017Thomas Mundt updates free LoudMax to v1.17 for Mac, Win & Winamp

9th May 2017Gothic Instruments release SCULPTOR Epic Risers for Kontakt

9th May 2017iraisynn attinom releases ommarunn for Windows VST

9th May 2017Wagsrfm releases sound library for LuSH-101

9th May 2017Auddict Offer: 50% Off United Strings of Europe - First Violins

9th May 2017Sample Magic releases "Raw Grime" Multi-Format Sample Pack

9th May 2017Impact Soundworks releases Super Audio Boy - Free Kontakt Instrument

9th May 2017Wave Arts Spring Sale: 35% Off

9th May 2017Cmusic Production Offer: Up to 60% off SAXBAND Kontakt Instruments

9th May 2017Audio Damage releases Eos 2 Algorithmic Reverb Plugin

9th May 2017Wave Arts updates Tube Saturator to v2.11 and launches 35% off Spring Sale

9th May 2017EastWest updates PLAY to v5.0.3

9th May 2017Cmusic Production updates the SAXBAND series for Kontakt

8th May 2017Zenhiser releases "Tropical House" Sample Pack

8th May 2017Samples From Mars releases "SID From Mars" and "727 From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit WAV

8th May 2017GuDa Audio updates EnvelopR to v1.1

8th May 2017HeadlessBuddha Samples Flash Sale: Full Bundle from $110 to $30

8th May 2017Ample Sound releases Ample Ethno Ukulele with intro offer

8th May 2017Toontrack announces MIDI Month campaign with 20% off all titles through May

8th May 2017Zynaptiq updates WORMHOLE to v1.0.1

8th May 2017ProducerLoops releases 'Future RnB Vol 3' Sample Pack

8th May 2017Drumdrops releases 60s Motown Drops - Multi-tracks, Stems and Loops packs

8th May 2017Eventide Blackhole - $47 until May 14th

7th May 20172nd Sense Audio updates ReSample to v1.1.5 with Noise Generation and Limiter

7th May 2017Burzukh Studios MegaRock and MegaMetal Drumkits Bundle for Windows 40%+ off

7th May 2017Black Octopus Sound releases Leviathan 2 - 6GB+ / 5000 samples for Electronic Music Producers

5th May 2017LoopLords releases Modalities - Inspired by Depeche Mode

5th May 2017Parawave Audio releases Tropical Delight for Rapid Synthesizer

5th May 2017Win Sample Logic RHYTHMOLOGY at KVR Audio

5th May 2017Tone2 releases Ascension soundset for Icarus

5th May 2017HoRNet updates FilterSolo to v1.1.3

5th May 2017Ivosight Soundop Audio Editor 54% Off Until 31 May 2017

5th May 2017Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Workstation to v1.2.4 for Windows

5th May 2017Xhun Audio releases LittleOne v3.0 for Mac and Windows in VST2, VST3, AU formats with Intro Offer

5th May 2017rncbc.org updates Vee One Suite for Linux to v0.8.2

5th May 2017MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MDrummer Large, MRhythmizer, MEqualizerLinearPhase & MMultiBandDistortion

5th May 2017Synthblitz Audio updates "Deep One" FM synth VSTi for Windows to v1.3

5th May 2017Synthmorph releases Virus FM Power for Access Virus

5th May 2017SampleScience discontinues "EA-1 Synthesis" with 50% discount

4th May 2017String Audio updates Alchemist to v1.1 and Dark Matter to v1.6

4th May 2017Tek'it Audio updates "Oru" Wavefolder Distortion Plug-in to v1.0.1

4th May 2017Diginoiz Anniversary Mega Deal: €59.90 For All Products

4th May 2017Harrison Consoles releases Mixbus32C v4

4th May 2017Studio Major7th updates "Yu's Vocalise" for Kontakt to v2.0

4th May 2017New Sonic Arts updates Freestyle to v1.1

4th May 2017Best Service updates Engine to v2.5.0.100

4th May 2017Bingoshakerz releases Variavision: Classic House and launches limited time 5$ Item Sale

4th May 2017Overloud releases TAPEDESK Analog Mixing Workflow Plug-in with Intro Offer

4th May 2017Kenton releases Merge-8 - Eight-Input Intelligent MIDI Merge Unit

4th May 2017Hidenori Matsuoka updates all apps for iOS

4th May 2017Audiofile updates Triumph to v2.5.10

4th May 2017PreSonus updates Notion for iOS to v2.0.177

4th May 2017Softube Unlock Your Keys Promo - Summit Audio Grand Channel, TSAR-1 Reverb & Vintage Amp Room Discounted

4th May 2017UVI offers 50% off EGP (through May 8th)

4th May 2017Rast Sound releases Artsy Beats for Kontakt, EXS24 & WAV

3rd May 2017Audio Plugin Deals AudioThing Bundle: 39 Products for $99

3rd May 2017Autodafe releases Casio VL-1 AU/VST for Mac and Windows

3rd May 2017babylonwaves updates Art Conductor for Logic to 1.8 - Script for changing orchestra articulation supports new libraries

3rd May 2017Plughugger offers 35% off Twilight 2 for u-he Diva

3rd May 2017123creative releases Darker Sounds Sample Pack Vol.6

3rd May 2017Strezov Sampling releases Rhodope 2 - Ethnic Bulgarian Choir for Kontakt 5

3rd May 2017Sugar Bytes updates Egoist to v1.5.0

3rd May 2017Akai Pro releases MPC 2.0 (DAW) Public Beta

3rd May 2017Soundslates updates Moody sampler to v0.5 for Mac & Win - incl. Multiple samples import and improved slicing

3rd May 2017£5 Coupon to Spend at NewLoops.com

3rd May 2017shaduzLABS releases Throb v1.1.1 - Free Clock/Reset Generator Plugin

3rd May 2017ESI announces U168 XT and U86 XT USB Audio Interfaces

3rd May 2017Beatskillz updates Valvesque and Slam Pro Plug-ins to v1.2

3rd May 2017VSTBuzz: 50% off Desert Winds by Eduardo Tarilonte

2nd May 2017Focusrite gives customers free Positive Grid BIAS Amp LE Plug-in

2nd May 2017Buy Fujiya Instruments Organic Fingered Bass for Kontakt, Get Organic Slapped Bass for Kontakt Free

2nd May 20174drX updates VirtualKeyboard to v1.3 for Win & Mac - incl. Standalone Version

2nd May 2017Win Toontrack New York Studios Collection at KVR - Last Few Days

2nd May 2017Eventide UltraReverb - $47 until May 7th

2nd May 2017D16 Group updates Decimort 2 and Devastor 2 to v2.1.0

2nd May 2017HoRNet Plugins May 40% sale

2nd May 2017Function Loops releases Trapical and Strictly G-House 2

2nd May 2017Best Service releases "Ancient ERA Persia" by Eduardo Tarilonte

2nd May 2017Waves Audio releases Smack Attack Transient Shaper Plugin

2nd May 2017Vengeance Sound updates VPS Avenger to v1.1.2

2nd May 2017Native Instruments Maximum Maschine Sales Special - 7 free Maschine Expansions if you buy Maschine Jam, Maschine Studio, Maschine or Maschine Mikro

2nd May 2017AudioThing updates Outer Space to v1.0.5

2nd May 2017Soundemote releases PrettyScope - Analog-inspired Oscilloscope; Win a free copy

2nd May 2017AngelicVibes releases "Stargaze" - Presets for Spire

2nd May 2017Synth-Presets releases "Revolutionary Rooms Vol.2" for ValhallaRoom with 50% intro discount

1st May 2017Zenhiser releases "Tech Explorer" Sample Pack

1st May 2017Sound.Artenuovo releases Divine for Diva

1st May 2017App Sound releases "Synth Arp Essentials" for Apple Logic X with Intro Offer

1st May 2017Kush Audio updates Electra to v1.0.5

1st May 2017Drumforge releases DF-CLARIFY Audio Mixing Plug-in

1st May 201751% off deal on Samuel Bereczky soundbanks

1st May 2017ProducerLoops releases 'Tropical Chillout: Vocal Edition' Sample Pack

1st May 2017Join Plugin Alliance and get Brainworx bx_greenscreamer for $9 (81% off)

1st May 2017MV's Plugins updates MIDI Choir to v2.0 for Windows

UAD Essentials Edition
by Universal Audio
A KVR Interview with Hans Zimmer