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News Archive for April 2020

30th April 2020Mix Challenge Competitions in May 2020

30th April 2020Datacode releases FOCUS: Serum Melodic Techno (Serum Preset Pack)

30th April 2020UVI offers 40% off String Machines 2 through May 4th, 2020

30th April 2020Soundiron release Principessa Organ for Kontakt with Intro Offer

30th April 2020Ueberschall releases 10 new bundles (Elastik soundbanks)

30th April 2020Bingoshakerz releases Downtown Tech V.2

30th April 2020APD Offer: 69% Off Vocalisa by Impact Soundworks

29th April 2020Function Loops releases "Groove Jackin House", "Memphis Hip-Hop" and "UFO Drumkit - Trap & Hip Hop"

29th April 2020Heavyocity releases #StayHome - Homemade loops to benefit those impacted by COVID-19 (WAV, REX, Kontakt)

29th April 2020AAS releases Kicks and Snares sound pack for Ultra Analog VA-3 and AAS Player plug-ins

29th April 2020Overloud releases Bass Rigs Vol. 1 for TH-U

29th April 2020Rob Papen releases Quad Synthesizer for Mac and Win VST, AU & AAX

29th April 2020Voxengo updates free Tube Amp Valve Amplifier Plugin to v2.7

29th April 2020United Plugins Discounts Firecobra - 60% Off

29th April 2020Audentity Records releases Big Room 2K20 Sample pack

29th April 2020Truality Audio releases TruPressor - Free VST 64-bit Audio Plugin for Windows

29th April 2020UplandToys updates Mutateful live coding add-on for Ableton Live to v1.1

29th April 2020VCV releases Audible Instruments Liquid Filter for VCV Rack

28th April 2020Blue Cat Audio releases Free Updates for Multi-track Audio Analysis Plug-Ins

28th April 2020SampleSciences releases Vaporwaves 2

28th April 2020VSTBuzz: 67% off Dronar Orchestral Bundle by Gothic Instruments

28th April 2020Xenos Soundworks releases Synthwave Volume 2 for Lennar Digital Sylenth

28th April 2020Babylonwaves updates Art Conductor to v6.1 featuring all-new Snapshot presets

28th April 2020Kilohearts updates all software to v1.8.4

28th April 2020Mogwai Audio Tools Reverb Bundle Sale - $24.99 until May 19th

27th April 2020Xhun Audio releases Mono Scapes (expansion for LittleOne) with an Introductory Offer

26th April 2020nuVibrations Spring Sale: 50% off all products (+10% first two days) + nuSpin free Win/Mac VST3 upgrade when available (new customers)

26th April 2020Venomode updates Phrasebox to v1.0.4 - Adding Windows code signing and fixing bugs

26th April 2020Rides in the Storm releases Bombay Sapphire Edition for Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth Synthesizer

25th April 2020Putting in the time: An Interview with Guitarist and Film Composer Lyle Workman

25th April 2020Softrave & Tonebytes Quarantine Half Price Offer on 6 Noise VST plugin Bundle

25th April 2020discoDSP updates Bliss Sampler / VSTi Recorder to v1.8

25th April 2020Kilohearts offers 50% off Trance Gate, Tape Stop, Reverser, and Resonator (VST/AU/AAX/Snapin)

25th April 2020Audiofier releases Venkatt - 20 x 4 Layers Ambient Machine for Kontakt

25th April 2020Yuri Turov updates Shoom Synthesizer for iPad to v1.2

25th April 2020Samba Godschynski releases Visual Studio Code extension for Werckmeister - Sheet Music MIDI compiler

24th April 2020AudioThing updates Outer Space to v1.2.6

24th April 2020Eplex7 DSP Spring Sale: Up To 50% Off

24th April 2020MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MTurboComp, MLimiterMB, MReverbMB and MAutopanMB

24th April 2020Sound Magic releases Cadenza Cello, updates Cinema Grand and announces Guitar Month Sale Event

24th April 2020Revealed Recordings releases Bass House Kits Vol. 1

24th April 2020Nikolozi updates Mela to v1.5 – adds built-in musical keyboard to the AUv3, MIDI Out

24th April 2020W. A. Production releases "Punchy Worm" Multi FX Plugin with 50% off launch discount

24th April 2020The Unfinished releases Humankind: 12 limited edition, synth soundsets raising money for charity

23rd April 2020IK Spring Strings Krazy Deal

23rd April 2020ADSR Sounds releases hellofi

23rd April 2020beatassist releases Iorwave VST Synth for Windows

23rd April 2020Soundigy updates MIDI Lab to 1.4.4

23rd April 2020VGTrumpet releases "VG Flugelhorn Plus" for Kontakt

23rd April 2020Sugar Bytes releases Looperator for iPad

23rd April 2020Voxengo updates OldSkoolVerb to v2.6 and Marvel GEQ to v1.7

23rd April 2020Toontrack announces EZbass list pricing and new in-depth video

23rd April 2020Ueberschall releases Latin Brasil Beats (Elastik soundbank)

23rd April 2020UJAM releases Beatmaker Vice with 30% Intro Offer until May 3rd

22nd April 2020discoDSP updates OB-Xd synth Mobile to v1.2

22nd April 2020Digital Brain Instruments Stay At Home Sale - Up To 70% Off

22nd April 2020SoundModeler updated to v1.1 for Windows

22nd April 2020UVI releases Key Suite Bundle Edition with introductory and upgrade pricing

22nd April 2020Sounds2Inspire releases "Virtual Vibrations" Sound Banks for Waldorf Largo

22nd April 2020Audiolounge Soft releases E Funk Synth for Mac and Win

22nd April 2020inMusic acquires BFD from FXpansion

22nd April 20204drX updates LoopRecorder to v1.5.3

22nd April 2020JUCE announces acquisition by PACE

22nd April 2020Synchro Arts Offers 90-Day Duplicate Licenses To Users Affected by Studio Closures

22nd April 2020VSP releases "Pure Juno" for TAL-U-NO-LX with intro discount

21st April 2020Syntler releases Bonch-Bruevich Tube Exciter v2.0

21st April 2020VSTBuzz: 95% off Bedroom Producer Essentials by New Nation LLC

21st April 2020A Sound Effect Sound Community SFX Sale (up to 70%+ off)

21st April 2020Sensel and Hugo R.A. Paris release free UVI Falcon and Bitwig Studio Sound Bath Instrument for Morph

21st April 2020Mercuriall Audio updates Reaxis and SS-11X, discounts them by 40% + Euphoria #stayathome pricing

21st April 2020Muze releases Acoustic YC7 Grand Piano for Kontakt with 80% release discount

21st April 2020Audentity Records releases Hard trap Bundle with intro offer

21st April 2020Korg releases Korg Collection 2 - Up To 60% Off

21st April 2020Function Loops releases "Lofi Hiphop & Future Soul" and "Kings Of Afro" sample libraries

21st April 2020Eventide releases CrushStation with $39 Intro Offer

21st April 2020Wavosaur updated to v1.5 for Windows

21st April 2020Sound Dust release Saxomaphonium for Kontakt with 40% off intro offer

21st April 2020Resonance Sound Giveaway 2020 - Win Accusonus All Bundle, zplane reTune and more

21st April 2020Audiomodern Offers 30% Off All Software

20th April 2020Zenhiser releases "Outline - Melodic Techno" Sample Pack

20th April 2020App Sound releases "Recreation" sound pack for the Korg Wavestate with an introductory price (30%)

20th April 2020Soniccouture releases All Saints Choir - 32 Voice Chamber Choir for Kontakt Player

20th April 2020AudioKit announces Limited Edition Apps & Bass 808 Synth for iPhone & iPad

20th April 2020Soundiron 2020 Spring Sale - 33% Off All Virtual Instruments

20th April 2020Best Service COVID19 Giveaway - 250 products worth ~$60,000

20th April 2020ROLI updates Equator to v1.13.0

20th April 2020Ample Sound updates Metal series to v3.1

20th April 2020ModeAudio releases 'Orbiter - Serum Synthwave Presets'

20th April 2020sonicLAB releases PaSSBot Stochastic Filter Bank Plugin v2.0

20th April 2020WaveShaper releases VCO Drums Vol. 1-3 Drum Sample Packs

20th April 2020IK releases ARC System 3 - Studio Acoustic Correction

19th April 2020NUGEN Audio offers replacement licenses and resources to support users

19th April 2020MeldaProduction releases MSuperLooper and updates all plugins to 14.05

19th April 2020TBProAudio releases DSEQ - Dynamic Spectral Equalizer for Windows and Mac OS X

18th April 2020A.O.M. updates plugins to v1.10.3

18th April 2020BABY Audio releases "Magic Switch" freebie

18th April 2020Pablo Lopez updates XYZ Synth to v1.1 - Universal and BLE MIDI

18th April 2020HoRNet Spring Sale: up to 50% off on plugins, 20% off on bundles

17th April 2020Resonance Sound releases Soulful Vocals by Kasha

17th April 2020Oberheim 8000 releases simple MIDI arpeggiator Arpegissimo Module Lite - VST3 and standalone

17th April 2020EVAbeat updates Melody Sauce with new algorithms

17th April 2020Output Offers 35% Off All Software

17th April 2020STL Tones releases STL ToneHub with special offer

17th April 2020W. A. Production releases Trap & Hip Hop 10 For 10 Bundle with 95% Discount

17th April 2020MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MAutoDynamicEq, MXXX, MReverb and MSoundFactory

17th April 2020UVI offers 60% off Gypsy Jazzy through April 20th, 2020

17th April 2020Revealed Recordings releases Spire Leads Vol. 8

17th April 2020Sound Magic releases Classical Guitar and updates Supreme Piano 4 and Cadenza Violin

17th April 2020accSone updates crusher-X to v8.57

17th April 2020[BEN/SCHULZ] updates Oszillos Mega Scope to v1.12

17th April 2020Rast Sound releases RIG Rhythmic Inspiration Generator for Kontakt with intro offer

17th April 2020Gregor Quendel 'Creative Sound Design' Spring Sale - Up to 40% off all sound design libraries

17th April 2020Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio for iPad to v3.7

17th April 2020Black Octopus Sound releases Cristina Soto - Vocal Atmospheres

17th April 2020Fuse Audio Labs releases VCL-515 Vintage Tube Limiter with Intro Offer

16th April 2020Vienna Symphonic Library releases SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings library of six string instruments

16th April 2020AudioThing updates Springs to v1.2

16th April 2020Xhun Audio Home Sweet Home Special Offer: Time-Extended 50% Off

16th April 2020Rides in the Storm releases Berlin Collection Presets for DSI Prophet 12 Synthesizer

16th April 2020Winners of KVR Guitar Effects Software Chosen

16th April 2020Sound Ex Machina releases Construction Zone SFX library with Intro Offer

16th April 2020IK Total Studio Spectacular - Save up to 75% on Total Studio 2 MAX

16th April 2020HoRNet Plugins updates Hatefish RhyGenerator to v1.1.3

16th April 2020APD Offer: 80% Off Aquamarine by Muze

15th April 2020Plughugger releases “Bass Invaders 2” for Elektron Analog Rytm

15th April 2020Plughugger offers 66% off “Bass Invaders 2” for Elektron Analog Rytm

15th April 2020Elektron announces release of Overbridge 2

15th April 2020Youlean updates Youlean Loudness Meter 2 to v2.4.0

15th April 2020NatLife Sounds Easter Sale: 30% off presets, templates and samples

15th April 2020Nembrini Audio releases Cali Reverb High Gain Guitar Amplifier - with Intro Offer

15th April 2020Quiet Art releases WaveRider v4 with Catalina compatibility

15th April 2020Klevgränd releases Ting - Percussion Instrument for macOS, Windows and iOS

15th April 2020ModeAudio releases Cartography - Trip Hop Loops

14th April 2020NUSofting Strings Dream 2.0 VST2 x64 for Windows released as free/donationware

14th April 2020VSTBuzz: 70% off MFreeformAnalogEq by MeldaProduction

14th April 2020The WiMN announces debut of She Rocks Spotlight Series

14th April 2020Klangfreund updates Multimeter to v1.1.0 and LUFS Meter to v2.1.0

14th April 2020Arturia releases Keystep Pro - 37-Key MIDI Controller and Multi-Channel Polyphonic Sequencer

14th April 2020Xhun Audio releases Lone Raiders (expansion for LittleOne) with an Introductory Offer

14th April 2020TimbresAndTones releases Ableton Drum Racks EZX MEGA Bundle 2020 for Superior Drummer 3

14th April 2020Arturia releases AudioFuse Studio Desktop Interface

14th April 2020Cmusic Production SAXBAND Vol.2 Sales – Up To 75% Off

14th April 2020Audentity Records releases Lexicon Future House

14th April 2020Noizebusters releases Timbre Drums - Drum Rack for Bitwig Studio

14th April 2020Abc Sound Design releases Tone Adventure - free Soundbank for Arturia Mini V Virtual Synthesizer

14th April 2020App Sound releases "Argonism" sound pack for Modal Electronics Argon8 with Intro Offer

14th April 2020Accusonus Audio Repair & Improvement Plug-ins Sale - Up To 60% Off

14th April 2020BVKER releases 100 free Serum Wavetables

13th April 2020Zenhiser releases "Focus - Progressive House" Sample Pack

13th April 2020Realitone Hip Hop Creator 50% Off - $99 Until April 30th

13th April 2020forward audio releases faIRmageddon - Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Designer Plug-in

13th April 2020forward audio Easter Sale - New Plug-in up to 60% off, all other up to 39% off

13th April 2020KV331 Audio updates SynthMaster One and SynthMaster One iOS to v1.3.9

13th April 2020Cherry Audio releases four new Voltage Modular Video Tutorials

13th April 2020sonible Spring Sale: 50% Off Plug-ins / 30% Off Hardware

13th April 2020Ends April 15th - Last chance to enter to win one of 16 Guitar Effects Software Packages from KVR Marketplace

13th April 2020MIDIssonance releases "Omnisphere Mondo" and "Omnisphere Signalo" for Omnisphere 2.6

13th April 2020Wholegrain Digital Systems updates DynPEQ Plugins with Native Support and Special Discounts

13th April 2020Musical Entropy releases The Great Escape - freeware emulation of Thrilltone dynamic tremolo

13th April 2020United Plugins updates Royal Compressor and puts it on sale (60% off)

12th April 2020Audio Assault Sigma & RV20 Amp Sims 60% Off

12th April 2020Bolder Sounds releases Buffalo Drum V2 for Kontakt

12th April 2020J74 updates the free Max for Live HarmoTools device set to v2.0

12th April 2020Sampleson, LalalandAudio, Librewave and Studio427 release CollaB3 - Free Tonewheel B3 Organ

12th April 2020Venomode updates Phrasebox to v1.0.3 - Adding MIDI file drag and drop, and multi-channel support

11th April 2020Incognet releases Progressive & Melodic House Vol.2 Samples

11th April 2020SampleScience releases Resonance and VHS Waves

11th April 2020mzuther updates Squeezer to v2.5.3 for Windows and Linux

11th April 2020discoDSP updates OB-Xd synth Mobile to v1.1

11th April 2020Beatskillz Spring Sale: 40% Off

10th April 2020Sugar Audio Easter Sale - 20% Off All Products

10th April 2020Soundwoofer releases updated information pages and custom samples for their impulse response library

10th April 2020AudioThing Anniversary Sale - 35% off plugins, 10% off bundles

10th April 2020Function Loops releases "Vocal Synthpop", "Drill Money" and "Trap'd in Space" sample libraries

10th April 2020Audentity Records Easter Offer: 6 Vocal Packs for $19.95

10th April 2020Revealed Recordings releases Sylenth1 Hardstyle Vol. 1

10th April 2020Audiaire Sale: 25% Off Everything

10th April 2020Sound Magic releases Hybrid Harpsichord 2.0 Baroque Harpsichord

10th April 2020MeldaProduction offers 3 months of free subscription

10th April 2020Sounds2Inspire releases “Cosmic Archetypes” Cinematic soundset for Waldorf Largo (+free version)

10th April 2020Sounds And Effects Sale: 50% Off Drums and Perc of Ancient Mexico

10th April 2020Muletone Audio releases "Brazilian Series: Pandeiro 2" for Kontakt

10th April 2020Dark Silence releases Dark Grand Piano LE Virtual Instrument

10th April 2020W. A. Production and KSHMR release "KSHMR Essentials" Multi-FX plugin as Rent-To-Own ($4.99 / Month) on Splice

10th April 2020Fuse Audio Labs Easter Sale 2020 - 33% off all plugins

10th April 2020Cut Through Recordings releases Convergence Multiband Compressor for macOS, Windows & Linux (incl. Free version)

10th April 2020Cluster Sound Stay Safe Deal: 55 Ableton Live Packs for 50€

10th April 2020Sugar Bytes Easter Sale

9th April 2020Red Room Audio Saga Acoustic Trailer Percussion 55% off at Time+Space

9th April 2020Black Octopus Spring Sale - 50% off sample packs and presets until April 20th

9th April 2020Square & line releases free Piano Tape pack for Ableton Live (+WAV)

9th April 2020mzuther releases Squeezer for Windows and Linux

9th April 2020Tone2 updates Saurus to v2.6

9th April 2020Ueberschall updates Elastik player to v3.5

9th April 2020Puremagnetik releases Nighthawk - Synthesizer Inspired by '80s Sci-fi

9th April 2020Soundethers releases Free Caleidoscope for Kontakt 5

9th April 2020LVC-Audio Sale - 50% off until the end of April

9th April 2020Adam Szabo updates Viper to v1.0.6 for Windows

9th April 2020HoRNet updates ChannelStrip MK3 to v3.1.4

9th April 2020Pablo Lopez releases XYZ Synth - Accelerometer iOS synthesiser

9th April 2020LVC-Audio releases free LVC-Meter metering plugin and announces sale

9th April 2020Synth-Presets Easter Sale - Save 30% on 16 preset expansions for all Valhalla plugins

8th April 2020Sensel Morph Team To Work With Artists And Offer Educational Live Streams In Face Of Shelter In Place

8th April 2020NatLife Sounds "True Trance Sounds Vol.3" for Sylenth1 40% Off

8th April 2020Soundiron releases Kazoo 2.0 upgrade for Kontakt with Intro Offer

8th April 2020Universal Audio releases LUNA Recording System

8th April 2020Earthmoments releases Sultan Qanun Library

8th April 2020Cinematique Instruments releases Pandrum for Kontakt and HALion

8th April 2020Audient Morale Boosting Gear Giveaway: Just Create

8th April 2020discoDSP updates Discovery synthesizer to v4.3

8th April 2020ADSRSounds Exclusive Easter Offers

8th April 2020UVI celebrates Easter with up to $100/100€ off through April 13th

8th April 2020VSP releases "The Atmosphere Vault" for TAL-Sampler with intro special

7th April 2020VSTBuzz: Up to 91% off "Indie Kontakt Gems" Week

7th April 2020Sender Spike releases free Modul 8 bi-mode chorus for Windows

7th April 2020Xhun Audio updates LittleOne to v3.2.1 and launches the Home Sweet Home initiative

7th April 2020PSPaudioware releases PSP InfiniStrip with Intro Offer

7th April 2020Eplex7 DSP releases Possitive Psy Pads 1 soundscapes plug-in instrument for Win & Mac

7th April 2020ModeAudio releases 'Amber - Ambient Loops'

6th April 2020Zenhiser releases "Cello" Sample Pack

6th April 2020Linda Audio releases free Rock Amp for Mac OS

6th April 2020Temporary price reduction

6th April 2020Sample Logic Guitar Fury Intro Offer

6th April 2020denise releases Punisher plugin - free with any purchase at denise.io

6th April 2020Sample Logic releases Guitar Fury for Kontakt

6th April 2020Beatskillz releases RetroVOLT for Mac & Win with Intro Offer

6th April 2020Intimate Noise: 2 Free Packs / Extended Sale / Supporting Hard-hit Artists

6th April 2020NatLife Sounds releases True Trance Sounds V2 for Sylenth1

6th April 2020Noisebud releases 64-bit VST and macOS AU version of Fletchy-Muncher

6th April 2020Thenatan Tape Piano + Free Expansion Flash Sale ($12.50 / 75% off)

6th April 2020Bela D Media releases V Choir by design for Kontakt

6th April 2020Sound Response releases '8-Bit Retro' - Retro-Sounding Video Game Sound Effects Sample Pack

6th April 2020Trackbout adds automatic preset generation from MIDI files to Ripchord

6th April 2020ProducerLoops releases 'Classic Melodic Trance Vol 2' Sample Pack

5th April 2020Initial Audio releases 808 Studio 2

5th April 2020Rides in the Storm releases Moldau Collection Presets for Korg Prologue 8/16 Synthesizer

5th April 2020Mercuriall Audio Euphoria intro price is back

5th April 2020TimbresAndTones releases Toontrack drum integration product ranges for Maschine

5th April 2020Full Bucket Music updates FB-3300 to v1.1.0

4th April 2020Patchpool - Stay At Home Easter Sale 2020

4th April 2020Soundtrack Loops releases Free or Name-Your-Price Guitar Pack by Grammy nominated composer

4th April 2020Future Loops releases Synth Trap Worx

4th April 20202getheraudio releases Rich, a Mastering Processor for Correcting and Enhancing Audio Tracks

4th April 2020Strix Instruments Spring Sale - Up To 92% Off

4th April 2020Soundmanufacture releases "Scale O Mat 4" - Scale correction & Scale Library Max for Live Device

4th April 2020Sonus Dept. libraries up to 50% off at Sampleism

4th April 2020MeldaProduction offers 50% Off MBassador, MCharacter, MRhythmizerMB and MFreqShifterMB

4th April 2020HoRNet Easter Sale: plugins up to 60% off, bundles 40% off

3rd April 2020Harvest Plugins updates Harvest and Harvest Mini MIDI Generators to v1.0.5 - Support for Audio Units

3rd April 2020Enter to win a guitar effects software package from KVR Marketplace

3rd April 2020Softube announces full Console 1 compatibility with Ableton Live

3rd April 2020Mixcraft Student @Home License Free During School Closures

3rd April 2020Zero-G releases Fraktale Fragmente Sound Library

3rd April 2020Audentity Records releases: Lush Future Soul 5

3rd April 2020Nikolozi updates Mela to v1.4 – adds Foldback distortion, UI improvements

3rd April 2020Vienna Symphonic Library releases "Big Bang Orchestra: Fornax" - Pitched Percussion Library

3rd April 2020Revealed Recordings releases Spire Plucks Vol. 9

3rd April 2020Plughugger offers 60% off “Distorted Evolution 4 Movement” for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

3rd April 2020Room Sound releases Beau Burchell Signature Series Drums

3rd April 2020BltWorks FilterOrgan $19 until April 13th

3rd April 2020Rast Sound releases Rare Winds Collection for Kontakt & WAV with Intro Offer

3rd April 2020KV331 Audio gives away SynthMaster One iOS (universal) synth app for free until April 15

3rd April 2020Rast Sound Stuck @ Home deals - up to 66% off until April 27

3rd April 2020Sound Magic releases Cadenza Viola - Hybrid Modelling Solo Viola

3rd April 2020W. A. Production Mixing Bundle 93% Off Sale - $19.90

3rd April 2020Toontrack Music EZbass to be released on May 19, 2020

3rd April 2020Human Touch Technology offers 2 free libraries and a 50% indefinite sale

3rd April 2020Cluster Sound releases KB-800 - Free Synth & Drum Pack for Ableton Live

3rd April 2020Plughugger releases “Distorted Evolution 4 Movement” for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

3rd April 2020SampleScience releases "80s TV Drums" plug-in for Mac & Win VST & AU

2nd April 2020UVI releases Drum Designer 1.5 with special promo, free for existing users

2nd April 2020sonible offers plug-in Balancer free of charge until May 4th and revives Arcade Game

2nd April 2020forward audio releases "faIR - Post Grunge" - Free Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Pack

2nd April 2020Ueberschall releases The Resource - Lost Tapes (Elastik soundbank)

2nd April 2020Nembrini Audio Deal: 75% Off Guitar Amplifier

2nd April 2020Tone Projects releases Unisum Mastering Compressor

2nd April 2020Diginoiz Spring Sale and Free Bundle Pack

2nd April 2020Encounters Media releases "Analogue Classics Prophet" a Prophet-inspired expansion for VPS Avenger

2nd April 2020Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v9.6

2nd April 2020HoRNet updates TotalEQ to v1.1.0

2nd April 2020Encounters Media discounts 50% to make quarantine life easier

2nd April 2020Replika Sound releases RSCI01 Audition Player for Kontakt

1st April 2020Lurker releases Cave Echo - Free Plugin for Windows

1st April 2020Fujiya Instruments Organic Bass Suite for Kontakt - $100 off sale has been extended until April 30

1st April 2020Soundiron releases "Cacophony" for Kontakt

1st April 2020Cinematique Instruments releases free April Klang instrument - Geiger Counter

1st April 2020Resonance Sound launches "Care Package for Musicians" - over 400 free synth presets for all in lockdown mode

1st April 2020Syntheway releases AmpVibe - Stereo Rotary Speaker Effect for Windows and macOS

1st April 2020Tom Wolfe releases 'Atomos' dark cinematic sound bank for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

1st April 2020Mixanalog adds elysia karacter

1st April 2020Human Touch Technology releases "Darbukator 4 Live" audio pack for Ableton Live

1st April 2020Nembrini Audio releases MRH810 Guitar Amplifier and Delay3000 in iOS AUv3 format with intro price

1st April 2020RapidComposer 10th Anniversary Sale (40% Off Until April 15)

1st April 2020FeelYourSound Sundog Song Studio Deal: 10% Off

1st April 2020FeelYourSound updates Sundog Song Studio to v3.6.0, adds MIDI chord progression import with scale detection

1st April 2020Internet Co. 2020 Spring Sale - 50% Off MS EQ COMP

61% Off
by Zynaptiq
Was $359.00; Save $220.00 until 02 Oct 2023
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